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By on Mar 10, 2014 at 9:10 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 7 comments

oracle header

In quite a surprising move, Trion announced late last week that our four new souls that were originally slotted for 3.0– the Arbiter, Liberator, Oracle, and Physician– will be going live in RIFT‘s next major update, which will be 2.7. The team revealed a teeny bit about both the new Warrior soul and the new Cleric soul. The Oracle, which was originally dubbed ‘Crusader’, is a support-based Cleric soul armed with magical spells originating from the Death and the Water planes and is both a fierce ally and a force to be reckoned with. The Liberator is a healing Warrior who excels in raid/group healing and absorption shields.

We’ll find out more info about the other two souls– the Arbiter, the Mage tank, and the Physician, the Rogue healer– in the next couple of days. Trion has already stated that these new souls will be purchasable in a bundle on the RIFT Store, but we don’t know the exact price details yet. We also know that there will be at least two major content updates before 3.0, which means that aspiring Arbiters, Liberators, Oracles, and Physicians will have plenty of time to discover awesome soul setups before the level cap is extended.

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rift new mounts

This past Friday afternoon, Trion hosted a playtest of the new Steppes of Infinity Conquest map on the Public Test Shard. Much fun and bug discovery was to be had as even Daglar and Vladd showed up to enjoy a bit of action. During the playtest, the team also previewed a couple of cool new goodies that will be added to RIFT in the future. Kiwi showed off a few screenshots over at Rift Dream Dimensions, and they’re far too awesome to not share. Here’s a brief preview!

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conquest power title

During last Friday’s live stream, Daglar talked a bit about the fact that Trion is finally considering getting rid of Conquest Power altogether. The idea originally popped up in this forum thread earlier in the week asking for player feedback. So far, the feedback seems to be leaning in favor of nuking Conquest Power into orbit.

Daglar shared his thoughts on what this would mean, exactly, and stated that on the PvP side of things, the loss of the stat bonuses shouldn’t harm PvP whatsoever. For raiding content, however, some groups may feel the loss of the stat bonuses provided through Conquest Power. He said that for Tier 1 and 2 raids, the plan is to automatically provide the extra stats for all groups that enter the raids while Tier 3 raids will be tuned without them. This will let guilds continue progressing without feeling as though they are going backwards.

So, what do you think? Is this is a good move?

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During last Friday’s Trion live stream, we finally got an update of sorts about PvP dimensions, which we first heard about quite a few months ago initially (back in July 2013, in fact). Earlier this year, we were told that they were still in development but had to be pushed back in priority. Now we finally heard some good news!

OverloadUT and dahanese said that PvP dimensions will not be coming with RIFT 2.6, but they will be coming shortly after. Specifically, they hinted that we’re talking about a time frame of weeks rather than months, but weeks could also mean 5+ weeks. In all likeliness, this hints to a time period of somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks.

Now, as to what PvP dimensions are exactly. Greg went into some detail. PvP dimensions take place in normal dimensions, but they have to be set up as such. They can be set up to either be a 2-team battle or a 3-team battle. The items that can be placed within the dimension are how rules and designated fighting areas are decided upon. As we know from before, this includes the areas where players zone in and choose their team. The scoreboard dimension item, as one example, will allow players to interact with it and set the time limits for matches.

By on Oct 15, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

RJ Dev Tracker

Last week, Daglar announced that a new Conquest PvP map was going to make a debut on the Public Test Server for player testing. The new map will take place in Steppes of Infinity and scoring will consist of teams taking charges from Fort Brevo to Fort Antapo and vice versa. Daglar followed up the news yesterday with an announcement that Conquest: Steppes of Infinity will be playable this Friday, October 18th on the PTS beginning at 2:30 PM PST. And yes, there are rewards for players who take part in this early phase of testing.

Here are the details:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

The rough draft for the new game mode is up on PTS and needs its tires kicked this coming Friday at 2:30 PM PST.

Those that come out and participate will be eligible to receive the PvP testing title: Savage Tester.

Testers will also receive a moderate amount of loyalty if they have already passed the minimum loyalty threshold.

Everyone that shows up in the testing logs during the allotted time will also be entered in a random drawing where 5 lucky winners will receive either a Ruby Ki-Rin or a Hellbug of their choice.

Reminder: This is a rough draft / first playable so things are very likely to change!


• Capture charges in Fort Brevo and use them on extractors in Fort Antapo to gain points (And the reverse!)
• Use your planar upgrading abilities on a variety of randomly spawning Foci to gain points for your team.

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steppes of infinity angry sky

During one of Daglar’s recent forum posts regarding changes he’d like to see made for PvP in RIFT, he mentioned the fact that the team is planning to add another map for Conquest. Yesterday he announced what map we’re going to be seeing as well as some details regarding its arrival. It seems the angry skies of Steppes of Infinity will be our next Conquest playground. This new mode is likely to arrive on the Player Test Shard for us to check out this Thursday. The team is shooting for Conquest: Steppes of Infinity to reach live shards sometime after the 2.5 update, but this date hasn’t been set in stone yet.

Keep reading to check out Daglar’s full post.

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If you’re an avid RIFT PvPer who enjoys the lower level brackets especially, you may have noticed a distinct lack of Warfront multiboxers after yesterday’s Hotfix. Trion has decided to disable the /follow command in Warfronts as well as in Conquest.

Now, if you’re unaware, multiboxing is when players load up two or more accounts on the same computer then play all of those characters at once. Utilizing special software, players can control up to five characters in this manner. Generally, the other four characters will follow very scripted action/ability sequences, are armed to do loads of burst damage, and will automatically /follow the main character. Needless to say, it can be pretty painful to face a herd of multiboxers in PvP if you’re caught by yourself.

By on Feb 18, 2013 at 3:00 pm, in Article, Editorial, RIFT  |  Comments: 6 comments

crossing the pve and pvp divide

When Trion added Conquest to RIFT, one of the team’s stated goals was that they wanted to help build a bridge between dedicated PvP players and dedicated PvE players. Conquest was planned as the perfect large-scale playground for players who enjoyed slaying other players, of course, but it was also designed with PvE players in mind. The roles of crafting and objective taking were going to be brought to the forefront, and the developer team hoped that small, organized groups would play a vital part. The plan was to make Conquest’s rewards worthwhile to both PvE players and PvP players.

During the first months of Conquest, this plan went fairly well. Without taking the early catastrophes of Conquest into consideration, everyone at least tried out the new feature, even players who weren’t known to PvP. Despite Trion’s hopes, Conquest quickly delved into a large-scale zerg fest where small groups generally weren’t formed and Conquest became a battle between which side had the most players clumped up. A large portion of PvE players still took part despite the lack of PvE gameplay for two reasons– Conquest Point perks and the stat trinket– both of which were great for PvE purposes.

Now we find ourselves three months into Storm Legion. Our Conquest map hasn’t changed. We’ve seen some quality-of-life updates to Conquest including a better queue system, but for the most part, the three-faction system plays similar to how it played at level 50. It’s a PvP zerg fest, essentially, which is great for players who enjoy that type of PvP action. For other players, those two desirable rewards still stand out. The problem with the perks and trinket this time around, however, is far more pronounced and is beginning to leave a sour taste is many PvE players’ mouths.

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One of the hottest debates within the RIFT community since the addition of Conquest has been whether or not it was a good idea to place perks that benefit both PvP and PvE inside a PvP-only system. Many high-end raiders were frustrated with the Conquest Power perks and the addition of the Conquest trinkets. There were also PvP players who disliked the requirement of Infinity Stones for PvP planar essences. These items and perks that blur the lines between PvP and PvE content were set up this way intentionally. Daglar clarified the team’s stance on cross-content perks and items on the forums yesterday:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

There are going to be portions of the game where content crosses over and it grants benefits. You are not absolutely required by the game to take part in this activity. You feel that you must as you are a high end raider. We absolutely give you an incentive to engage in this content – I will not argue that point.

I have seen these requests before – I will see them again. We will not be removing the PvE benefits from Conquest. We will not be removing the trinkets from working in PvE.

The same holds true of requiring infinity stones for essences from PvP. There are other aspects of the game that we want you to engage in. This is why we create a variety of reward paths.

He also clarified a few other things along the same lines, including whether or not Thunderous Leap will be making a return in instances and raids. The short answer: Nope. Keep reading to see the (slightly) longer answer as well as Daglar’s current thoughts on the development direction of Conquest.

By on Jan 11, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet


Since the recent hotfix, some players have been experiencing an odd bug that would place them into a Conquest queue while queueing up for Warfronts. This bug has been tracked down by Trion, and the team found out that it happens due to internal changes that are being made to the Conquest queue. These changes should make it into the next hotfix. Pithos decided to share these changes with the community yesterday:

Originally posted by Pithos (Source)

The Conquest queue bug some of you have experienced has been tracked down internally. As some of you may suspect, it’s due to some upcoming changes for the Conquest queue, currently planned for the next hotfix.

When joining conquest, you now will only be able to specify which team you prefer. If you don’t care, there’s a random button available to make the choice for you. If a team is full, the button for that team will say “Full” instead of “Join”. You can still attempt to join a “Full” team. After a few seconds, you’ll see the “Would you like to enter conquest?” prompt. If the team you were attempting to join is full at that time, you will be shifted onto another, non-full team. In this case, the prompt will contain additional text explaining that the team you requested was full, and notifying you as to what team you will be playing on.

We hope this change will make Conquest a better experience for everyone, and we’ll be watching to see how things change.

Keep reading for more details and to see a sample screenshot of the updated Conquest queue menu.

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