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Before hopping on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s gathering wagon, ask yourselves whether you like farming or not. Are you the type of player who can mindlessly click your mouse while staring at the monitor like a zombie for hours? If that applies to you, then hop on– let’s start a gathering class.

Disclaimer: This is not a detailed guide of how you should level your class, you can find those guides from many other sites in our Ultimate Linkage guide. This article will, however, give you some ideas about what to expect when you level your gathering classes, based solely on my experience and opinion.

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Is it worthwhile to level crafting in Final Fantasy XIV? The answer is both yes and no. Crafting enables you to repair your gear anywhere– anytime you want to. You can also earn a bit of gil from crafted goods. Crafting also means you don’t have to look for people to meld materia in your gear for you. And finally, yes, crafting in FFXIV can be a fun game in itself if you’re into that sort of thing.

However, it costs a lot of gil and takes a lot of time to level crafting. Crafting only starts to become effective when you have a few cross-class skills and crafting is not the only way to make gil anyway. On top of that, the only good thing about level 50 crafted gear is that you can meld it with the materia of your choice, but the ilvl of most crafted gear is lower than the ilvl of items that can be picked up with with Tomes or that drop in dungeons.

If, after considering all of the options, you still want to be a crafter, here’s a basic guide to get you started:

Disclaimer: This article’s written from a personal point of view and includes quite a few of my own opinions. Your experiences may vary. Realm economy and population are also large factors when it comes to the given success of any crafting trade.

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If you’ve been playing WildStar for a while as a level 50 player or have recently hit level 50, there’s a good chance you’re already aware that some of the stat and itemization systems in the game could use some adjusting. Assault Power is currently stronger than any other stat by a huge margin for DPS classes. This makes most other stats– and a great percentage of possible alternative gear choices– practically unusable for many classes.

The random nature of runecrafting is also not working out quite as intended. Runes are next to useless while leveling, and during endgame the random nature of the runecrafting system makes runes more of an annoyance than anything.

There is some good news, however. Carbine is well aware of the itemization issues players are facing. The team’s looking to adjust AP/SP as well as completely rework the runecrafting system. Here’s what was said regarding both on the official forums:

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rift dream weaving header RJ

We won’t be seeing RIFT 2.6 on live shards until February of 2014, but for now there are some pretty nifty additions previewing on the PTS that we’ll be able to explore fully when the update goes live. The most exciting new feature might be Dream Weaving– the completely new crafting tradeskill being added in 2.6. Dream Weaving will allow players to break down artifacts and craft all sorts of cool dimension furnishings and features, BoE dimension keys of new dimensions to explore, and new item enchants called Dream Orbs that will stack with runes.

Want to learn more? Take a peek at our writeup and screenshot-filled preview over on Junkies Nation. There’s a reason why all the dimensioneers are clamoring on the forums for 2.6 to come quicker. There will soon be more to love about our favorite homes away from Telara!

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The next major RIFT update– RIFT 2.6– is headed to live shards in February 2014, but for now we have an early preview of some of the additions headed our way on the Public Test Shard. The most exciting addition is probably the new profession– Dream Weaving. Dream Weaving grants players the ability to salvage artifacts and create dimension items and other goodies with raw materials. Players can even create new dimension keys that are BoE using Dream Weaving. Also arriving in 2.6 are a couple of new raid rifts, new raid weeklies, new dimensions (as a result of Dream Weaving), new achievements, bounties, and a new Instant Adventure added to the Goboro Reef area. For now, let’s focus on Dream Weaving. Let’s take a look at how the crafting profession will work and a few of the awesome things players can create with it. Note: As always, all information taken from the PTS is completely subject to change at any time. With Dream Weaving, especially, many of the exact item requirements, etc., are merely placeholders. As such, this won’t be a guide for leveling Dream Weaving, but rather a preview for the time being.   Dream Weaving Basics rift dream weaving header To get started with Dream Weaving when it goes live, you’ll need to head to Tempest Bay and talk to Reva Song who can be found in the Canals area next to the NPC who sells dimension keys. You’ll also need a free tradeskill slot. Dream Weaving, unfortunately, takes up one of our non-freebie tradeskill slots. Because of this, Trion will be upping the amount of total extensions players can purchase in the RIFT Store to up to 7, totaling 10. After picking up Dream Weaving, you’ll gain the ability to salvage artifacts. Breaking them down results in Dream Ribbons. Dream Ribbons are the main raw material you’ll need to create the items Dream Weavers can make. Other raw materials that are used include wood, cloth, ore, plants, leather, and fish. As of right now, the only items that can be salvaged from artifacts are the Dream Ribbons. Dimension items cannot be salvaged, but Faratha did mention that the team is trying to think of a way for crafters to break down dimension items. How many Dream Ribbons you get per artifact depends on both your skill level in Dream Weaving as well as the rarity of the artifact you are breaking down. When starting, you will recieve 1 Dream Ribbon for a white artifact, 2 for a green artifact, 5 for a blue artifact, 20 for an epic artifact, and 50 for a relic artifact. As your skill increases, this number roughly doubles. You don’t get skill points in Dream Weaving for breaking down artifacts. There are a few restrcitions for salvaging artifacts. Artifacts that respawn very frequently in the game world such as the Meridian/Sanctum artifacts cannot be salvaged. Trion is also going to be adjusting some of the drop rates for especially common artifacts such as the critter tears. As of 2.6, the fishing artifacts will also be able to be salvaged. To craft items using Dream Weaving, you’ll need to be near a Dream Focus. You can find one directly next to Reva Song. You also get a pretty cool item for completing her first crafting quest– a Dream Focus. This is a dimension item you can use inside a dimension to create a crafting station of your very own. As you gain levels in Dream Weaving, you’ll be able to learn new recipes including ones for tons of new dimension furnishings, new dimension keys, and new item enchants called Dream Orbs. rift dream weaving weather effects Among the coolest created items are the new dimension items. Everything from new, fancy pillows to animated environmental and weather effects such as quicksand, dust motes, fire and lightning effects, ground effects, spotlights, waterfalls, and smoke plumes can be made to add cool effects to your dimensions. Many of these effect-creating items are completely new and use a new type of technology that Faratha detailed in a recent Trion blog post.   New Dimensions There are roughly 15 new dimensions being added to the game with the arrival of 2.6 and the Dream Weaving tradeskill. The keys are crafted by Dream Weavers and they are tradeable. Among the new dimensions include locations such as Tower Meadow, Stone Grove, Faering Woods, Azcu’azg Oasis, Stillmoor Vale, Pus Swamp, Malluma Track, Anywhere (an open sandbox– the same place shown in Extra Life), Edgestone Ridge, Gloamwood Glen, Daazez Wastes, Fetid Plains, Bahralt’s Ascent, Karthan Ponds, and Scarlet Gorge Cliff. Take a look at Kiwi’s latest video where she shows off some of the cool environmental/weather effects as well as a few favorite new dimensions. The dimensions are also currently available for our previewing pleasure on the PTS (thanks to Kiwi and her awesome team!). Care for a preview? Here is a gallery of my favorite screenshots of each of

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the dimensions I previewed (click each image to bring up the full-size versions):

Each screenshot is tagged by the origin dimension’s name. I’ll list the names here as well: First row: Tower Meadow, Stone Grove, Stillmoor Vale, Scarlet Gorge Cliff, Pus Swamp Second row: Malluma Track, Karthan Ponds, Gloamwood Glen, Fetid Plains, Faering Woods Third row: Edgestone Ridge, Daazez Wastes, Bahralt’s Ascent, Azcu’azg Oasis, Anywhere   Other Crafted Items and Recipes Dream Weavers will also be able to create Dream Orbs, which are essentially extra enchantments that can be placed on gear and are specific to your calling. Theses stack with runes. There are three tiers of Dream Orbs that you learn as you level the craft. Gear must be level 40 or higher in order to have a Dream Orb placed on it. All of the recipes for Dream Weavers can be learned from the NPC trainer of bought off the RIFT Store so far. There are no crafting dailies for Dream Weaving nor does Trion intend for there to be. There are only a few recipes purchasable off the RIFT Store at the moment:
rift dream weaving rift store recipes

Leveling Dream Weaving is going to take a lot of artifacts, but it seems like the tradeskill will add some pretty cool items to the economy as well as give dimensioneers plenty to love about 2.6. It’s awesome to see Trion giving dimension lovers some new toys and goodies to play with. I just mentioned this in an editorial the other day, but RIFT‘s dimension system is one of the best examples of housing done extraordinarily well in an MMORPG. Creativity, unlimited potential, availability, accessibility, and new goodies and locales to constantly look forward to? It really doesn’t get any better than that.

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If you’re playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, there’s a good chance you’ve at least tried out crafting in the game. It’s an interesting crafting system, for sure, and one that I must admit is rapidly growing on me. I appreciate its complexities. I think most players tend to either hate crafting in FFXIV or love it. Either way, if you’re interested in leveling up a few crafting classes, it’s best to take the most efficient route possible in order to minimize your downtime and lessen the amount of raw materials you need. There’s definitely a solid strategy to best go about leveling and making the most out of your endgame crafting. Interested in learning more?

Lauren Connally on our sister site FFXIV Junkies wrote up an excellent Crafting 101 guide that touches on general resources, leves, cross-class skills, class skill info, gear, and offers some great tips for maximizing your chances of creating High Quality items.

Here’s a sampling:

“Often times, you’ll find that you won’t be able to get an item to 100% HQ and still have enough steps to finish. This is where Rumination comes in handy: dropping your Inner Quiet levels to recover CP, then turning that CP into durability, then using Manipulation to recover durability. With the remaining durability, you should (and I say should, since we’re dealing with the evil RNG deities here) have enough durability to progress the rest of your craft with the help of a few other skills.”

For the full guide and list of valuable resources, check out her full crafting guide.

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Crafting and gathering are two of the most important things in this game if you’re looking to make some gil. Many people choose to just buy their gear, even if it’s not off the Market Board. If you’re in a large free company, you probably have a go-to for every kind of armor, weapon or resource. They’re also needed (especially at higher levels) for melding materia to your gear. Rather than spending time shouting for someone to do it for you, you can hope to find someone in your FC to meld or, better yet, do it yourself.

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Life is Feudalespecially in full loot PvP games. However, Russia’s BitBox has some interesting ideas for players who actually manage to stay alive in their upcoming PvP sandbox. While the combat displayed in their trailer is a bit mundane at this point, the idea of formations outlined on the ground is something I really wish other games with collision detection would make note of. The trailer also shows off some rather simple mini-games for crafting, like choosing where to strike the tree you’re chopping down, which is simple but seems much more engaging than the gathering and crafting I usually deal with (you know, the drag and click kind). Oh, and then there’s that whole terraforming thing.  It seems almost like a new version of WURM Online. PvPers might want to keep their eyes on this one, especially with some of the features like “double health bars” being difficult to decipher.


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Istaria, AKA Horizons as it was called at launch, has had a rocky life. Yes, it had housing, a real player run economy, a ton of races, and player driven events that helped player unlock even more race, but somethings just didn’t work out. The game has changed hands several times and changed its name but despite being a game that allows you to play as a dragon, as a former player, it was difficult for it to get off the ground. Still, Massively got a developer exclusive about what the 10th anniversary means to the current team, and the official website has added some information about the new content that might be more appropriate for those of us who haven’t been in the game for awhile (or ever).

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heavy armor

There’s not a lot going on in the ESO news world this week, but we have a few snippets here and there. As you can see from our banner, Zenimax has released another concept image of some heavy armor. I’m pleased to see the armor on three different races, and I think it’s telling that each of the heavy armor wearing models has a different type of weapon loudout: some sort of wicked looking 2-handed axe or bladed mace for the Redguard, dual wielding swords for the Wood Elf, and sword and board for the Dark Elf. It speaks to the underlying design of the skill system that any character, wielding any weapon, can wear heavy armor if he or she so chooses.

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