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By on Aug 15, 2012 at 10:00 am, in Buzz, News, RIFT  |  Comments: 6 comments

Big things are headed our way. Elrar announced yesterday that RIFT Patch 1.10 will include some major changes to our two-faction system. Defiants and Guardians will be able to join groups and work together to defeat common enemies, whether that enemy is a raid boss, expert dungeon boss, team of warfront players, IA stage, or zone event invasion. Guilds will house players of both factions, some quests will be shareable between factions, and we will finally be able to communicate (and even marry!) cross-faction. Some of these changes are currently available on the PTS, with others on the way.

The lore for such a change is being explained through the risks of Telara becoming more and more severe as the denizens from the planes weigh heavily on both factions. As Storm Legion approaches, Guardians and Defiants must place aside their differences and seek out the more dangerous foe. Meridian and Sanctum will, for now, be separate to our own factions still, and the communication and grouping mechanics on PvP shards will be handled a little differently. Keep reading for Elrar’s announcement and the full details.

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Introduction Movies

Check out the introduction movies to both the Guardian and Defiant factions over at ZAM.

Trion Worlds has sent us an early holiday gift: the complete introduction movies for Rift’s Guardian and Defiant factions! These cinematics are the lore pieces that players will see just after they create their characters, before jumping into the starting zones.

Are you trying to decide whether to make your first character a Guardian or Defiant? Do you want to know more about the story behind this upcoming fantasy MMO? Do you just want to watch some epic videos?

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We’re getting closer to Beta, and we’re starting to get a clearer picture of PvP in Rift and the two factions meant to be the center of all of that Player vs Player entertainment.

Most of that entertainment will be focused around what Trion calls Warfronts. Warfronts are going to be cross server battlegrounds that allow players from across all servers to battle each other. Teams will be comprised of players from the Guardian and Defiant factions. There will to be several different themes for these Warfronts, like capture the flag, control the territory, or defend/defeat the baton carrier. I’m sure there will be more themes than these but these are the ones I’ve read about so far

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Today, from, we get a preview of the Defiant Capitol of Meridian.

Welcome, Defiant, to Meridian. Enlightenment waits within these graceful walls, atop the towers of the learned.

I am Orphiel Farwind. I haven’t the time to show you everything personally, but I shall tell you of some of our city’s wonders. I do appreciate scholarly questions, but please keep them in mind for later.

As you may have noticed, refugees from the Kelari Isles make camp at the base of the great stairway. Oh, don’t fear for the Kelari Elves. An adaptive people, if perhaps foolhardy, they are our welcome guests and allies.

From those stairs you can see majestic Meridian herself. Telara has not seen such deceptively sturdy walls of polished sandstone since the ancient Eth city-states. The sweeping towers crowned with twirling machines, the arabesques adorning the walls… it almost transports you back to the ancient Eth Empire! Listen, and you’ll hear the chanting of the Sorcerer Kings.

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Run over to the Official Forums and take part in a poll that asks whether you will side with the Defiant or the Guardians.

Originally posted by Amary (Source)

Now that more details have come out about the Guardians and the Defiants, we’re curious to see how people have chosen to align themselves!

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Morgan Lockhart or missdoomcookie, the Lore Lead for the Defiant at Rift: Planes of Telara, jumped into a Paladin thread on the official forums to discuss the source of divinity, or lack-there-of, to the powers of the Paladin Class. The original question proposed in the thread:

In today’s podcast, Joshua Kurtz mentioned that Paladins are not holy warriors, but simply protectors of the weak, and that their power is not from the Vigil. This is fair enough, since this seems like a way to leave the soul open for the Defiant, one day. […] This simply appears as though the one hand does not know what the other is doing, which happens in development. I imagine the lore writers and such do not always know what the class designers are doing, and vice versa. Still, which is it? Do Paladins derive their powers from the gods, or do they not?

With that question, Morgan gives a bit of information regarding the Bahmi, Defiant and a few other souls that we may see down the line.