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By on Jan 9, 2014 at 12:20 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 18 comments

dream destination celebration top 20 header RJ

2014 may be plunging ahead in full swing, but that doesn’t mean the New Year’s celebrations have to come to an end! In RIFT, dimensioneers have been busy celebrating and creating lavish getaways, nightclubs, and retreats for one special event– the Dream Dimension Celebration Contest. This contest, held by Kiwi and her team over at Rift Dream Dimensions, will award dimension creators for piecing together some of the coolest celebrations and party houses around. And believe me– we’re talking much more than houses here! RIFT‘s dimension system is home to some of the most creative minds around when it comes to building in-game works of art.

The final date for entries to be accepted was January 3rd, and since then Kiwi and her team of dimension experts have been narrowing down a staggering 202 entries down into a mere 20. The public hasn’t known which entries made it to the top 20– until today! As one of the honored members of this phase’s judging panel, I have been given permission to showcase the final 20 and share screenshots with the RIFT community.

After we narrow down the top 20 into the top 10, the top 10 will be announced on Rift Dream Dimensions (via live stream) on Sunday, January 12th. After that point, Kiwi and her team will combine the results, showcase those entries in a video and choose the top three winners– first, second, and third place– from there.

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rift dream weaving header RJ

We won’t be seeing RIFT 2.6 on live shards until February of 2014, but for now there are some pretty nifty additions previewing on the PTS that we’ll be able to explore fully when the update goes live. The most exciting new feature might be Dream Weaving– the completely new crafting tradeskill being added in 2.6. Dream Weaving will allow players to break down artifacts and craft all sorts of cool dimension furnishings and features, BoE dimension keys of new dimensions to explore, and new item enchants called Dream Orbs that will stack with runes.

Want to learn more? Take a peek at our writeup and screenshot-filled preview over on Junkies Nation. There’s a reason why all the dimensioneers are clamoring on the forums for 2.6 to come quicker. There will soon be more to love about our favorite homes away from Telara!

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rift 2.5 song of dreams preview RJ header

With RIFT‘s next major patch update– RIFT 2.5– coming Wednesday, November 6th, there’s a ton of new content on the horizon including underwater content just off the shores of Ember Isle complete with new quests, carnage quests, daily quests, rifts, rewards, and a zone event. We’ll also be seeing a level 60 version of the Drowned Halls sliver and an updated, overhauled level 60 version of Deepstrike Mines with new encounters. Four additional level 60 chronicles will also become accessible. One of which is a new Planebreaker Bastion chronicle while the other three are “Intrepid” versions of level 50 chronicles that have been updated for level 60 players. Players who are currently maxed out on Planar Attunement will also be able to explore the three new PA trees– Storm, Cinder, and Nature.

While the developers have announced that not all of the new 2.5 content will be launching when the update goes live and will instead be released as the weeks unfold, most of the new content is currently previewing on the Player Test Shard for players to explore.

Interested in a preview? Head on over to Junkies Nation and take a look at all the details.

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autumn harvest 2013 RJ header

Edit 10/10/13: Trion announced a date for when Autumn Harvest will begin this year. The fun starts October 17th!

Ready to get your Halloween on? RIFT has plenty of new goodies headed our way for Autumn Harvest this year, and an early preview of many items and achievements is currently previewing on the Public Test Shard. If you’ll remember from last year, RIFT‘s first introduction of Autumn Harvest offered some nifty rewards (and a whole bunch of artifact chasing!), but it was rather bare-bones as far as achievements and Halloween-themed items went. That has all changed this year, and Trion’s upped the the fun in a lot of ways. For starters, we’re going to be seeing new costumes, masks, pets, mounts, activities, achievements, and some rather fun potions and serums.

If you’ll recall from an official live stream a little while ago, we’re going to be getting a very cool Reaper mount and a collection of unique Halloween masks. Neither are on the PTS just yet (except for the pumpkin masks), but many of the other new Autumn Harvest items including new pets, achievements, novelty items, fun consumables, and dimension items are.

For a detailed preview and a whole bunch of screenshots, follow this link to Junkies Nation.

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RJ Dev Tracker

In case you were hoping Trion would be able to further increase the maximum item limit allowed in dimensions, Faratha confirmed on the forums yesterday that the current max item limits, sadly, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. They’re at the maximum amount currently allowed. Here’s what she had to say:

Originally posted by Faratha (Source)

Hey, everybody.

We understand your plight, and we want higher dimension item limits just as much as you do. Not only do we want to let your creativity shine, but from a business standpoint, you might buy more dimension items if you could put more in your dimensions.

This means that every time we’ve been able to up the item limit in dimensions, we have done so. We did this once when Storm Legion was in beta, once after it launched, and again recently when we added the last level that doubled every dimension’s potential item capacity.

Unfortunately, we are now up against the curb with item limits, and we’re not planning any further increases.

Thanks for understanding!

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RJ Dev Tracker

There’s no doubting the fact that Instant Adventures (IAs) can be great for leveling. With a good group, the Exp just kind of rolls in. The problem, unfortunately, is that without a decent group (or with a whole bunch of AFKers), they can sometimes be a pain to try and complete. This is especially the case during off-peak hours on lower population shards. There’s also the issue, of course, that all leveling zones still don’t have IAs, which lowers the amount of variety available.

What’s the solution? Well, Trion wants to improve on the overall Instant Adventure system for sure, but they also realize that making IAs cross-shard would go a long way to fixing the issue of IAs not being ran in certain zones. This would also give them reasons to expand on the IA system in general since they will inevitably become more popular. Here’s what Tacitus had to say:

Originally posted by Tacitus (Source)

That said, we have been looking at cross-shard IA. Not sure where it is in the pipeline, but certainly more likely to see that soon rather than an overhaul of the larger IA system. Cross-shard IA is good not just for mitigation of the current problems, but also because it allows friends on different servers to actually play together, something we advocate and try to support as we are able, making it an actual improvement of the system no matter what we do with IA in the future.

In other recent news, Daglar also tossed out a hint regarding an update this week that will lower the plat cost of dimensions!

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RJ Dev Tracker

Faratha shared an informative summary on the forums yesterday of how exactly dimensions will be affected when RIFT‘s transition to free-to-play takes place on June 12th. The super-short summary is that dimension enthusiasts will be getting a lot more goodies to have fun with. One look at the RIFT Store on the PTS confirms this. There are a ton of new dimension items (and some achievements finally!). Thankfully, almost all of the dimension items in the store are purchasable with Credits or Plat.

Keep reading to take a look at Faratha’s full post.

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moonshade cove title

In the past we’ve covered Star Wars theme parks and snow-covered Viking villages in our Dimension Spotlight. This time, we’re turning down the exotic locales a notch and taking a look at a perfect weekend getaway underneath a waterfall. As a bonus, our waterfall-enchanted nook just happens to be set in Moonshade Pools, RIFT‘s newest dimension.

Moonshade Cove, which is on the Faeblight shard, comes to us from Ebonrose. Thanks to a very cool contest held by The Artisan’s Guild on Faeblight, Ebonrose’s dimension was the first place winner of the “Hidden Gems of Faeblight” contest, which showcased some of the coolest underdog dimensions among Faeblight’s thriving dimension-making community.

By on Apr 12, 2013 at 10:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments


Elrar announced yesterday that we’ll be seeing the arrival of the new Moonshade Pools dimension next week. This dimension will be one of the largest personal dimensions in-game and will sport a 1000-item limit. It also, of course, features one of the most gorgeous areas of Moonshade Highlands. Elrar also announced that the team will handing out some dimension goodies (two ferns to be exact) for players who are signed up to receive the RIFT newsletter. The team will also be holding a couple of special live stream events for the grand opening of Moonshade Pools:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)


Dimensional Thunderdome – Friday, 4/12 @ 1:30PM Pacific: 3 Teams Enter, 1 Team Leaves. Show off your dimensioneering skills and compete for prizes!

Moonshade Pools Tour – Friday, 4/19 @ 1:30PM Pacific: The two winners of our Joy of Dimensions Contest have been hard at work decorating their own Moonshade Pools. We’ll show you just how awesome it can look!

For an early tour of the empty dimension, check out our Moonshade Pools Dimension Preview.

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odins ravine title

Today we’re taking a peek at a place that’s a little unique. I wanted to find an awesome dimension that made good use of the Kestrel’s Cry Ravine dimension, which is our snowy retreat nestled in Iron Pine Peak. I love snow areas in video games, so I admittedly have a soft spot for all the snow flurries in IPP. I’m also a huge fan of Norse mythology, so taking a look at Embrz’s Odin’s Ravine dimension over on Deepwood was, well, an easy decision. Odin’s Ravine is one of those dimensions where the magic is truly in the details and the unique building blocks used in some of the structures.

Embrz has built up a cozy viking community complete with a welcoming longhouse, outdoor forge, stable, and a few outlaying homes that make the view quite charming. The details inside the longhouse, stable, and forge are pretty amazing if I say so myself. And that pig roast? Nom nom nom.

Enough with the chatter! Keep reading to take a look at our screenshot tour. As with most awesome dimensions, screenshots really don’t do the place justice, however. Take a tour for yourself! You can find Odin’s Ravine on the Deepwood shard.

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