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There are a couple advantages to questing in Morban. One– you get to kill lots of undead stuff, two– you gain plenty of Necropolis Caretakers notoriety, and three– you get to wander around and guess what? Kill more undead stuff! Members of the Storm Legion also make their way in the mix. Morban, which is the zone following Seratos on the Dusken continent, pretty much follows the same exploratory vibe Seratos has. The zone has a central quest line, but there are plenty of non-scripted areas to explore, random quests to find, and a great deal of Carnage killing to take part in.

Morban is ideal for players starting at around levels 55-59. There’s a fairly large level jump between Seratos and Morban, so it becomes helpful at this point to hop back and forth between both continents a bit. Some ideal Brevane zones for these levels would be Ardent Domain, Kingsward, and Ashora. Like Seratos, Morban is rather dark and desolate in appearance, with a landscape full of ominous trees and looming piles of bones. It’s also the zone where both Tower of the Shattered and Archive of Flesh are located.

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Continuing our Dusken and Brevane zone tour and point of interest map collection, Seratos is next on the list, which is the second zone on the Dusken continent. Seratos is one of the largest zones in Storm Legion, and is quite a bit more spread out than its level-equivalent zone on Brevane, which is Eastern Holdings. Seratos is ideal for players starting at around levels 52-56, and unless you’re doing quite a few dungeons and Instant Adventures while leveling, it might be advisable around this point to begin questing on both continents if you haven’t already been doing so.

Seratos lives up to Dusken’s dusk-colored reputation, and takes players on a questing journey that’s dark, death-themed (purple galore!), and a little exploratory in nature. While Eastern Holdings has a more prominent story quest line to follow, adventuring through Seratos does follow a central story, but the story paths are more spread out, letting players explore the gloomy countryside and take part in plenty of Carnages and Onslaughts along the way.

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Upon starting out your adventures in Storm Legion, one of the first areas you’ll have access to is the Kingdom of Pelladane, located on the Dusken continent. Dusken is a dark, massive landscape, and Pelladane previews that darkness with quests that are both foreboding in nature yet also hopeful. Crucia’s armies gather in numbers, and her cries can be heard across the zone as she tries to keep her soldiers in check. Luckily, Queen Miela stands strong within the Tuldio Retreat, preparing for war, and doing what she can to slow Crucia’s progress. And that’s where the Ascended come in.

Kingdom of Pelladane is ideal for players around levels 50-53, although the introduction quests can be obtained as low as level 48. The zone is similar to Cape Jule in that it serves as an introduction to Storm Legion. In the main hub of Pelladane, Tuldio Retreat, players will find calling trainers, crafting trainers, a porticulum point, and all types of vendors. This is also where you’ll continue the main story line, grab additional quests, and gain access to a quest that lets you teleport to Tempest Bay, Storm Legion’s main city for both factions.

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This very large map of the Dusken continent comes complete with all points of interest marked and labeled. Hubs and Porticulum areas have names outlined in blue. Other points of interest are outlined in black. This is information taken during Storm Legion’s open beta, so everything’s still subject to change before Tuesday.

Important note: This is also a work in progress on my end. I’m pretty sure I missed a few Porticulum points. After Storm Legion launches, I’ll be sure to update it with a current map, clean it up, and add any points I’ve missed, as well as make a map for the Brevane continent.

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Dusken is one of the two new continents in Storm Legion, and like its name, the land mass seems shrouded in the very essence of dusk itself– an oncoming darkness. The element of Death has worked its way into almost every nook and cranny, and grotesque abominations wait to chomp after any intrepid wanderer. The landscape is dark, full of greys, violets, browns, and blues, yet among the dreary colors there’s a certain kind of beauty. In the skies, thunder rolls. In the shadows, light flickers. As I made my way through the continent during beta, I couldn’t help but capture a series of screenshots depicting some of the beautiful sights of Dusken.

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In between all of the Storm Legion speculation happening in RIFT’s community, a player on the official forums wondered about what approach to leveling Trion has in mind for the expansion. Here is the thread. This is the question asked:

“Hey, so I am wondering what the level path will be? Will both continents be 50-60 or will one be 50-55 then the other 56-60?”

Players then chimed in with their opinions. The general consensus seemed to be that players really want to see more diversity with leveling this time around, and would not only love multiple leveling paths from levels 50-60, but would also love to see new content for levels earlier than 50, as well. If the new continents are large enough, this may very well be a possibility some day, especially if Planetouched Wilds is still on Trion’s road map.