LATEST: RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide and ArcheAge Launch Dates Revealed– Plus More!
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By on Aug 19, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 11 comments

hartsman live stream title

Things are a-changin’ over at Trion Worlds. Over a week ago, Scott Hartsman announced his return to the company as CEO. We also heard about the closure of Trion’s San Diego studio as well as the closure of the European Trion branch. This week– last Friday, specifically– the RIFT community suffered a pretty big bombshell when we found out that Elrar is with Trion no longer.

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed any of Trion’s TwitchTV live streams couldn’t help but instantly fall in love with James “Elrar” Nichols, former Community Manager. The guy’s just got one of those goofy, fun-loving personalities that showcased his love for the RIFT community and for the game perfectly. He was professional, quick about providing updates, and was always a pleasure to work with. He’ll be missed– there’s no question about it.

After the news of Elrar’s departure was announced, Elizabeth “dahanese” Tobey, Director of Community, explained that Trion is in the middle of going through some major restructuring. She’ll be taking over being our RIFT community spokesperson, main forum representative, and will head the community teams for all Trion games. During Friday’s live stream extravaganza, we found out a little more information and were also reassured that while Trion is going through major restructuring, any changes made to RIFT will be improvements.

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RJ Dev Tracker

There’s no doubt that a large amount of RIFT players, both new and veteran, were enjoying taking down zone event baddies in Freemarch and Silverwood these last few days since the addition of Trion’s mini siege event that let participants collect extra special RIFT Store items and bonus at-level currency. Zone events have always been more fun in large numbers, and mentoring is kind of perfect for events like this. Unfortunately, the event came to an early close for some yesterday evening when issues started arising with rewards granted. The achievement items, especially, were not always being rewarded.

Trion wasn’t able to fix the issue, but they will be bringing down the shards today for a hotfix that will hopefully fix it. If so, we may just see a reprisal of the event in order to let players grab those last few achievement items.

Here’s the latest bit of info from the forums:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

We’re updating tomorrow [Ed. note: 7/2/13] instead of Wednesday to give us an additional work day between the Hot Fix and the Holiday weekend.

Taking a look to see if there’s anything we can do to get it running again – but we’re on the shorter time-table this week & it might not be possible.

As I said above, we’ll be doing this again soon and take some extra time to make it shine.

Events like these that seem kind of last minute (and thus fairly simple to code) but encourage players to explore areas they may not visit much anymore are actually kind of cool in a game like RIFT, since they bring dynamic content back to the forefront. For those of you also playing Defiance, this event seemed quite similar to the episodic content updates in that game. Definitely not a bad way to mix up the gameplay options.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Elrar announced a change coming in next week’s hot fix to the amount of Loyalty granted by purchasing in-game Patron Passes through the RIFT Store. Currently, players receive an extra chunk of Loyalty when buying the item from the store compared to the normal bonus Loyalty rewarded to players with recurring subscriptions. Trion is making this amount of bonus Loyalty equal.

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

With next week’s Hot Fix we will be changing the Patron Passes available in the RIFT Store to grant 7,000 Loyalty total (the same for Patron subscribers), including the bonus Loyalty from spending the credits you used to purchase the pass.

This means there will no longer be a Loyalty bonus for purchasing a Patron Pass via the store vs. being a recurring subscriber.

We never intended the in-game Patron Pass to provide a bonus, it’s always been intended to offer all players a convenient way to take advantage of the benefits of being a Patron – but feel free to enjoy it while it lasts!

Thanks to all of our Patrons for your continued support, it means a lot to us to see how many have remained and become committed to RIFT – to learn more about the benefits of being a Patron check out our website:

Become a Patron

If you’re really in the market for Loyalty and have some extra Credits laying around, now might not be a bad time to use them!

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ashora travel

After last week’s closure of the Icewatch and Akala European shards, the communities on both shards were left a little shaken as players scrambled to decide between new shards on very short notice. Trion made the announcement during last Friday’s live stream that they would be giving those players affected by the shaky EU closures a few tokens of appreciation for having the patience to see the transfer process through and keep the community going strong.

Elrar announced those tokens of appreciation yesterday in a forum thread as well as expressed the team’s gratitude:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

Last week we faced the tough decision to turn Akala & Icewatch into trial shards, requiring their players to relocate to other, active shards. While done for the greater good of all our European players, and to ensure we can properly scale with our growing community, we know that these shards are more than just server hardware.

The memories & relationships you have are real, and we want to remember these communities with a few small tokens of our appreciation for all your contributions to RIFT’s success over the past two years.

To that end, all former players of the Icewatch & Akala communities will receive the following within the next few weeks on all of their characters:

  • Title: “of Icewatch” or “of Akala”
  • Icewatch or Akala Regalia Wardrobe Set
  • +1000 Bonus Loyalty

Thank you to everyone for making this transition as quickly as possible. It’s great to see we now have queue times under control, individual server populations are looking very healthy, and more people than ever can now enjoy RIFT together!

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pelladane end

In one last hurrah before RIFT‘s big conversion to free-to-play on June 12th, Elrar announced yesterday on the forums that until June 12th, RIFT will be free-to-play for everyone who owns the game. This is a continuation of last weekend’s event designed to give previous players of RIFT a chance to check out the expansion and the current state of the game.

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

Since you asked so nicely, I guess we could!

Consider it done. RIFT is now FREE to Play for all owners – everyone else can enjoy RIFT Free-to-Play when it launches with RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault next week, June 12!

Similar to last weekend, returning players will have access to all Storm Legion content except for the four new souls.

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rex live stream and premium mount preview

During yesterday’s RIFT live stream, the Trion team answered a whole bunch of questions from the community and Elrar showed off a few of the Loyalty rewards we’ll be seeing when RIFT goes free-to-play beginning June 12th. Thanks to the F2P Item Store making its debut on the PTS yesterday evening, players are able to test out the goods themselves by purchasing Credits ahead of time and figuring out which wardrobe items, dimension items, mounts, and other goodies are on their must-have lists. The best part, of course, is the fact that purchasing Credits now gives players a bonus on their returned Credits when the system goes live.

Besides the new mounts obtainable when unlocking Loyalty tiers and the Ice Strider reward mount, there are quite a few new mounts in the Item Store labeled “Premium” mounts as well as an alternate version of one (previewed above). There are also Premium pets! We have a preview for you today of those mounts and pets and of the new items Elrar showed off during yesterday’s live stream. As always, we’ll be sharing a few new bits of information revealed in the live stream as well.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Yesterday RIFT‘s forums brought us two interesting updates. One thing that many players are worried about with the coming of free-to-play in patch 2.3 is the fact that F2P games often bring with them an influx of new players who sometimes assist in bringing down the overall maturity and quality levels of in-game chat channels and the community as a whole. It’s an unfortunate fact that more players generally equals a greater chance of more bad apples, so to speak.

Some of our RIFT shards, unfortunately, have already began to see a sharp decline in the quality of discussions held in in-game chat channels, so this worry is something that the Trion team luckily seems to be attempting to keep an eye on.

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

We know more people means more conversation will be occurring in the chats, we also know that not all of this conversation will be good or within the expectations of our Code of Conduct.

This is not a new discussion, but given the influx of players we’re seeing now & anticipating the community will only continue to grow after June 12 we wanted to try and address this with an elegant solution.

For 2.3, or as soon as we can after, we’re currently exploring the implementation of pre-moderation in the form of a Chat Squelch.

Keeping it simple: if a player is reported a certain number of times in a certain period of time they will be prohibited from typing in public chat channels until their chat suspension expires.

We need to work through the details & make sure it cannot be abused – that’s all still being laid out.

Please know – Customer Support does take abuse of Chat Channels and violations of the Code of Conduct very seriously, however, given the nature of chat and the time it could take an agent to respond to a complaint it’s understandable why some perceive that no action is being taken.

Our Game Master’s cannot be in every public chat channel at once, but it’s features like these we hope to develop and use to empower you to help us keep Telara a fun, friendly & safe place for everyone!

We also found out that in 2.3 we’ll be getting Infinity Stone vouchers that can be traded between characters that are on the same account. With all reputation items and gear becoming Bind on Account, the addition of vouchers seems like the logical next step to help players gear up alts a little quicker.

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f2p live stream title

The RIFT portion of yesterday’s Trion Friday live stream extravaganza was, unsurprisingly, focused on RIFT’s big move to a free-to-play system beginning on June 12th. Daglar joined Simon and Elrar and explained how some of the systems will work in greater detail as well as updated the RIFT community on some promising changes to the current Patron reward system. The team has been listening to all of our feedback and has made a few changes that, overall, make being a RIFT veteran a little more appealing.

Elrar also showed off the in-game shop in its current state and let Daglar talk a little bit about the different categories of items, the Loyalty tiers, and a whole lot more. To catch a replay of the live stream, you can see it here. Alternatively, keep reading to see our detailed highlights roundup.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Since this week’s huge bombshell announcement regarding RIFT going free-to-play beginning June 12th, Daglar and the entire Trion RIFT team have been quite diligent in making sure they keep the lines of communication open with the playerbase. Daglar has set a record with the amount of posts he’s made in this official forum thread (hence “Daglar Tracker”) which has been an overall solid source for player feedback.

Keep reading to see a couple of choice quotes that Daglar made yesterday regarding the possibility of additional servers for the F2P transition and thoughts on in-game shop gear, previous raid tiers, and some possible changes we may see to tier mark systems in the future.

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hellbug mount

During last Friday’s official RIFT live stream event, the Trion team showed off some pretty awesome Dendrome goodies. We found out a bit more about the Architects, which is the insectoid race that has helped Crucia build a few of her undertakings. Laethys was the last true master of the Architects. They’re from the Plane of Earth but aren’t greedy for gold and treasures. They do consume the life force and energy from living things, however, which is a process that leaves behind piles of sand as a byproduct of sorts, which is why the Dendrome is half sand and half lush forest. It’s also why Ashora is full desert.

The goal of the Architects? To have another Queen, it would seem. A fair bit of concept art like this image was previewed during the stream. Elrar also showed us the interior of the Infinity Gate, which is pretty huge. We also saw a sneak peek of the new Hellbug rifts (and mounts/pets!) coming to RIFT starting on Wednesday, May 1st.

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