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By on Nov 1, 2013 at 2:18 pm, in Buzz, MMORPG  |  Comments: No comments yet

Brad McQuaid, one of the originators of Everquest, has begun the process of funding a new project. We’ve known for some time that he is working on something and it looks like we should be getting some idea of what he wants to do.

Here’s what we know so far from twitter:

Kickstarter video will be an interview w/ me. We want to include questions from all of you, so this will be a good format. Unused questions will either be used in future interviews and/or be answered in our FAQ on our future web page. Super specific questions will likely be answered later as opposed to sooner. Please email your questions to — we’re excited to start this dialog with our future players! We hope to have our kickstarter page up in the next 3 weeks or so.

The game is high fantasy and if you’ve played EQ 1 and/or Vanguard, you’ve got a general idea of what the game’s about and what kind of questions to ask :)

Later, he clarified what his target audience may be:

I should also add that if you are a younger player & didn’t play EQ or VG, but you want a challenging game & not a game that tries to be all things to all players, then you should feel right at home too, so please send us some questions as well :)

There has been a trend of older game developers from the last century attempting to use Kickstarter to create new visions; Mark Jacobs with Camelot Unchained, Chris Roberts with Star Citizen, Richard Garriot’s Shroud of the Avatar. What’s interesting is as big budget games haven’t had the success they envisioned, the market may be starting to trend to smaller niche MMORPGs. Brad’s quote of players don’t want “a game that tried to be all things to all players” is telling. Can a smaller MMORPG compete with big budget monsters? Even if the content is engaging, can the quality of the overall game match?

By on Sep 10, 2013 at 10:21 pm, in MMORPG  |  Comments: No comments yet

Today, on Everquest Next Junkies, site operator Kyune sat down with some of the staff from Storybricks and SOE and got to ask them a few questions regarding the integration of Storybricks and Everquest Next. From Storybricks we have game writer and designer Stéphane Bura, developer Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green and CEO Rodolfo Rosini. Along with these three we had Terry Michaels, Sr Producer at Sony Online Entertainment, and we got some great answers to the quest we and you the fans wanted to know.

How deep, exactly, can Storybricks get? Where can Storybricks as a technology go?

[Storybricks] It’s all about design choices, really. The technology itself is not revolutionary – we mostly use proven techniques, some of which have existed for decades. But what we bring to the table is our ability to have AI support and enhance a game design. We can help the design and production of features that designers wouldn’t have thought of because they don’t have the technical know-how or don’t understand which AI requirements they necessitate. This means that each application of Storybricks will be unique, because it’s a collaboration with the team. The AI for a changeable world like the one in EQN will not be the same as the one for a game in a different setting. They’ll share a lot but, because the play experiences are different, they’ll diverge.

So, the real question is “What can of gameplay could you imagine if AI was not a constraint?” If you have answers to this question, we’re sure Storybricks can help you. Or even help you come up with your own answers.

Read the rest of the interview over on Everquest Next Junkies.

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So it’s 1999, you are devoid of all cynicism and you take your first step into a 3D online roleplaying game called Everquest. Back then you bright eye’d and bushy-tail’d and eager to explore strange new worlds online with other friends. Cut to fourteen years later and your rose color glasses are sitting prim and proper, you have a mortgage to pay and you think Warcraft is easy-mode and only mean for pre-pubescents. What’s this? The father of Everuqest Brad McQuaid is declaring that he is embarked on a brand new project? Horray!

Follow @Aradune on twitter we get the following messages:

Brad has been quoted before about working on smaller projects that reach out to niche markets. We’ve see some funding success with these kind of games with Mark Jacob’s Camelot Unchained and Chris Robert’s Star Citizen. Brad hasn’t published anything since Vanguard. What should we expect from him this go around?

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By on Apr 5, 2013 at 10:14 am, in Article, WildStar  |  Comments: 4 comments

dungeon design title copy

The one thing I find lacking in today’s MMORPG design is the lack of interesting dungeons. The current trend is to create a series of hallways and rooms that house trash mobs, then bosses, then more trash, then a final boss. There is a lack of creativity these days that is really depressing. Ever since WOW’s most popular dungeon, Scarlet Monastery, development studios have used more and more science and data points in their design. Since then dungeons have been more about efficiency of time and increasing the ratio of rewards and time.

So what should we expect from Wildstar? Are we going to go old school in dungeon design, dungeons design to occupy your afternoon? Or are we going to get dungeons design for the person who had 30 minutes to burn? Keep reading as we go over the evolution of dungeon design.