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At a time like this, when Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn starts getting dull, especially for people like me who are unable to devote time on a static group for raids and Ramuh EX, a Letter from the Producer is like rain in the desert, bringing us something to look forward to before we decide to unsubscribe. Only that… the rain wasn’t quite enough to rouse that adventurous soul that is fading away since patch 2.3 was launched.

First things first– we found out that 2.38 is coming out in a month. However, judging from what happened in 2.35, one wouldn’t expect much. Personal housing is definitely the star feature in 2.38, but what does Square Enix think we play FFXIV for? Sims 4 is out with more furniture readily available and things to do, plus you can build your own house in your own style.

The next chapter of the Relic Weapon saga will also be introduced. If you manage to get your Novus or are nearly getting there, then this is good news. Some more grinding is to be expected. If you had chosen the Soldiery weapon, then well… Coil T9 is coming to Duty Finder in 2.4.

Patch 2.4 is more promising with the coming of the Ninja class and and Shiva. Many of those who have already unsubscribed will be back for this. If there is one thing more enjoyable than raids in this game, to me at least, it’s getting to level a new class. And Patch 2.4 is bringing both a new class and a raid.

ffxiv producer ninja

According to Yoshi-P, Binding Coil of Bahamut will conclude in 2.4 and a new raid is on the way. Both Second Coil of Bahamut and Second Coil of Bahamut (Savage) will be made available via Duty Finder in Patch 2.4, so that is the more reason for me to happily spend some money on a subscription again for sure.

More achievements and possible rewards are on their way for people who are loved by others (a.k.a. those with lots of Commendation). They will be out in 2.38 or 2.4, so if you are one of those people who loves to collect achievement rewards, you can start hopping back on the Loving Wagon now.

The LIVE Letter also revealed bits and pieces of the new expansion. A new race is coming (betcha it’s Lady Yugiri’s race). Although it’s a little disappointing that there seems to be only one new race coming out, I’m still excited. Question is, would the new race be worth my Potion of Fantasia and to replace my sexy Highlander body? (Probably not, Yugiri has the body of a normal Midlander).

The level cap will be raised in the new expansion. A whole new raid will be introduced, and you don’t need to complete The Binding Coil series to undertake this new one. More information about the new expansion will be released around October 17th so stay tuned.

Although it is unknown as of when Square Enix will introduce Gold Saucer, it is confirmed that there will be a Gold Saucer. Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad will certainly be there as well. Yoshi-P also said they have plans for other mini games. Let’s hope they will be more exciting than the long forgotten Toy Box mini game at the inn.

On the darker side, there will be no Ultima Weapon (Extreme) in the near future, which is kind of disappointing. Ultima Weapon (Hard) was one of my most favourite fights in the whole endgame business.

Also, more bad news for casual players who love serious fights like me– Square Enix is not going to lift the one-run-per-week restriction on raids. Not now, maybe not ever. According to Yoshi-P, they’re concerned about item level inflation. But seriously, after introducing The Hunt and Syrcus Tower in patch 2.3 which gave people the opportunity to get ilvl 110 items with just a little grinding, they’re worrying about ilvl inflation? That is funny, Yoshi-P.

Last but not least, Fan Festival is coming and I’m nowhere near any locations to attend one. There will be FATEs popping on the ground, a party of people Behemoth mounts… FOR REAL! Imagine me cosplaying my sexy Paladin… riding Behemoth like a boss… Although I might get some retribution from “a certain someone” for exposing too much skin in public afterwards, the Behemoth ride alone is worth it. But I’m not able to go *sighs*.

ffxiv producer letter mount
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So you’re level 50. Congratulations, you have come a long way. But what’s next? Whether you are a fresh adventurer or a returner, at this point, there are a lot of things to catch up on currently in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. You might want to go back to level another class or hurry up to hop on the raiding wagon. If you choose the latter, then here’s a list of things you would want to do in Patch 2.35.


1. Complete Main Scenario Quests and Job Quests:

This will open the doors to most endgame content.


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Hello and welcome to the very first edition of Everything Eorzea, Junkies Nation’s weekly column on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that will be out every Wednesday. For this week’s column, I decided to go a non-discussion route and take a look at how I got into the Final Fantasy franchise.

The one thing I have never really been able to speak up about is how much the franchise actually saved my life and got me to where I am today. But I figured with this being the first of many columns, why not have story time with Uncle Val and give you guys a glance at how I got into gaming as a whole and how Final Fantasy saved my life?

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Housing in MMORPGs is starting to become less “the next best thing” and more “what we’ve come to expect”. With RIFT‘s successful dimension system, WildStar‘s housing buzz, FFXIV‘s recent launch of FC housing, the explosion of voxel games, and World of Warcraft‘s news regarding garrisons in the next expansion, custom houses, building blocks, and cute shrubbery seem to be trending. Let’s face it– character customization is important, but being able to customize a cool-looking home away from home in a game world that you can kinda call your own? That’s why we all play MMORPGs, after all, to escape the mundane. Being able to take the non-mundane and build a bright magenta house surrounded in blue picket fences and skull-covered windows is pretty cool. Well, okay. It’s creative at least.

When it comes down to it, MMORPGs have two types of content essentially– content that’s available to everyone at all level ranges, skill levels, playtime levels, and in-game cash levels, and content that’s gated in some way. Endgame raiding, of course, is generally gated to some degree at least. Often with multiple gates and difficulties.

This makes sense given the teamwork requirement (okay, except when it comes to LFR raiding in WoW) as well as the playtime requirement, level requirement, and gear requirement. That’s why games with raiding endgames have hit caps, item level systems, lengthy entrance quests, and gear tiers. All that streamlines players toward surmounting the raiding gates. Most games also have some sort of gated “fluffier” content such as hard-to-obtain achievements and ridiculously rare and/or expensive mounts in order to keep all types of players busy and happy.

rift housing

On the other hand we have content like small group dungeons, group instanced PvP, collectible items such as pets and mounts, world/holiday events, achievements, wardrobe systems, solo/group quests, and the multitude of other nifty features games are coming out with that aren’t considered gated. You gain 10 levels, run a few quests, grab some new abilities, and bam– you’re generally good to hop in a dungeon. A player of any level or gear level can enjoy features like achievements, pet collecting, world events, and a wardrobe system. This type of content is designed for everyone to enjoy even if they can only pop on once a month. This type of content, interestingly enough, is also the content that tends to generate the most money in F2P MMORPGs. We all love fluff, it turns out.

So, back to those picket fences. Where’s housing fit in? Is it a gated feature or one that’s naturally available to everyone as long as they gain a few levels and maybe do some quests and hand over 100 coins? Most games with housing tend to go the fluffy route. RIFT‘s probably one of the best examples, as you can pick up a dimension in RIFT the moment you enter the main town and pick up a quest. You even get your first tiny dimension for free. Some RIFT players avoid the dimension system like the plague, but others play just for dimensions. It’s kind of an odd phenomenon. Add an extremely customizable housing system to a seemingly normal MMORPG and suddenly there’s a whole new stock of RIFT players these days– the ultra-creative dimensioneers.

It also helps that RIFT‘s housing system has a ton of freedom and creative possibilities. Folks can create whatever they can dream up, basically. Take a look at this Star Wars dimension, for example. Pretty cool, right? This is the same reason creative builders tend to flock towards Minecraft and the like. Housing is best when it encourages socialization, but also creativity. That’s part of the reason it works so well in MMORPGs.

wildstar housing

WildStar is following in RIFT‘s footsteps here and allowing players to build their own house almost right away in the leveling process. Again, it makes sense. Not everyone’s going to enjoy housing, so it’s best to let players try it out early on and see what they think. They can approach it later on in the game, but for those wishing to purely test out the waters, they can do so without being stuck behind a looming gate that generally consists of in-game cash. For players who love and adore housing in WildStar, they can spend all kinds of money on it, and that’s perfectly cool. A housing system is what you make of it, after all.

Housing also works well as a method in which to bump up the level of a game’s immersion factor. In a game like WildStar, your housing plot not only serves as your home away from home, but also a place to store all the goofy-looking goodies you’ve collected on your adventures. A place to brag to your buddies and hang out when it’s late at night and there’s not much going on. For roleplayers, housing is the perfect location for a great deal of activities.

Part of the reason World of Warcraft is handling housing right, in my opinion, is because garrisons are going to be much more than a simple house. WoW players have been playing for years upon years, and it’s only natural that immersion-wise they’ve become popular enough to populate an entire instanced map with buildings, personal blacksmiths, etc., and amassed a following of NPCs that will eagerly run off and kill that old raid boss who will refuse to drop its mount yet again. Garrisons simply make sense in the game world.

While we don’t know how exactly Blizzard will handle the costs and restrictions of garrisons in Warlords of Draenor, it’s probably safe to say that they will work similar to the current farm feature in Mists of Pandaria. Players are able to grab a farm while leveling from 85-90 by doing simple quests. By working on the farm, raising reputation with the various Panda people, and by reaching level 90 in order to unlock dailies, players can quickly gain full access to all of the features of the farm. It’s not gated by anything more than quests and a few levels. This made perfect sense for a brand new feature Blizzard was testing out, and I would expect that garrisons will be handled in a similar manner.

wow to the farm

New features shouldn’t be too gated. All that does is discourage the playerbase from taking part. New features need to be thoroughly tested and thoroughly tried in order for developers to really figure out if that feature was worth the time of the development team. When new features have wide access, this also allows the development team to figure out what next to do with that feature. New features all boil down to metrics. When World of Warcraft launched Pandaria with ten thousand daily quests, the steep decline of players taking part in said dailies told them enough information they needed– they’d taken things one step too far.

Now, in order to get that data and information, developers need to make new features accessible. In some cases, this means lowering the gating on new features and allowing new, low-level players to take part in order to really get a good sense of the big picture. This is partially why housing tends to be made available to players of all level ranges and in-game cash totals. The other reason, as mentioned, boils down to player choice. Not everyone enjoys housing, but for those that do, it tends to be a very social activity– one that needn’t revolve around endgame gating, cash gating, or any other type of gating.

There’s one more game to talk about, and that’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I’ve been a pretty harsh judge about the game to be fair, but with the game’s recent release of 2.1 and the highly anticipated Free Company housing feature, there are a lot of dissatisfied players in the game currently. Scroll down the huge list of patch notes and take a look at the pricing for housing. The prices vary based on the overall population of your realm, but most prices start at anywhere from 4 million gil to over 40 million– and that’s for a small plot. A large plot on the more populated Legacy servers can cost more than 500 million gil. That’s a lot of gil for a new feature to be gated behind.

ffxiv housing

The reasoning behind these prices boils down to the fact that SE felt there was a surplus of gil on many servers and that players would be able to come up with that much money if they so chose. Essentially, Square Enix decided to gate FC housing. Now, given that this is guild housing and not personal housing, it’s expected that it be gated slightly due to the fact that guilds/FCs naturally have more players to help contribute, but personally, I feel this is too large of a gate for casual FCs to surmount– at least at this point and time in the game’s livelihood. Honestly, it would have been better for SE to release personal housing before FC housing in order to get a solid amount of feedback and metrics on costs, interest, and economical impact.

Housing was one of those features FFXIV players were looking forward to most, which makes sense given the large amount of immersion in the game, but gating it heavily right as it came out of the arena wasn’t the best of moves. Money isn’t extremely difficult to come by in the game, but unless a Free Company is fairly large and has the majority of its players at endgame and doing a large amount of dungeons/raids and/or crafting endgame items and selling them on the market board, most casual FCs simply don’t have that cash. It’s kind of a shame, really, especially considering housing is largely a social feature that casual players often are drawn to most.

Square Enix went in the opposite direction of RIFT here. Instead of encouraging players of all levels to poke around with housing and see what they enjoy, they’ve gated it. It’s completely possible that FFXIV‘s personal housing will be much more accessible, and I truly hope that’s the case, but for now there are some important lessons to be found here: There’s a time and place for gated features, but housing shouldn’t be one of them. Housing should focus on figuring out what players enjoy. Optional houses/furnishings that cost a lot more are perfectly fine, but the basic feature of housing should be enjoyable by anyone who wishes to take part– for both the game and its players.

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World events in MMORPGs that aren’t related to real life holidays and the ever-accompanying candy canes, Santa hats, and teeny ghosts are pretty difficult to pull off. They’re also, arguably, a drain on developer resources since they will only happen one time for a period of a few weeks or so. Repeatable events are more cost-efficient which is generally the reason we get stuck with Santa hats and hovering bats year after year. They’re also a little more recognizable and thus easier (sometimes a little too easy) for developers to create content for.

In the games that do feature non-repeatable events, these events often get saved for huge storyline shifts such as pre-expansion content and even post-patch content. One of the most successful non-holiday world events and also one of the most controversial has been World of Warcraft‘s pre-WotLK plague event. See, it’s cool to change the world up, but it’s also a fine line. Change the world too much and folks are caught off-guard, but change and world not enough, and boredom settles in. RIFT‘s recent “world events” that celebrate the in-game cash shop are the perfect example. There’s a certain amount of visible new content and changes that should make up a world event. Otherwise, why call it a world event at all?

And then we have Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s Lightning Strikes event that came to an end this morning. In a way, the event wasn’t too unlike an F2P game’s cash shop promotion. Players were given a handful of quests to complete, some cosmetic goodies to collect, and a high dose of marketing. “Hey, we know you like Final Fantasy,” Lightning seemed to whisper. “We also know you like Final Fantasy in your Final Fantasy. How about picking up a new Final Fantasy XIII sequel?” The event was obviously a promotion for Lightning Returns, but Square Enix gave the whole disguise-a-promotion-as-an-event gig a fair try.

ffxiv lightning strikes and misses clones

There were a few things SE got right with the event in FFXIV: ARR. The phasing of the event was actually quite cool, especially since it let players catch up if they fell behind but gave players who were playing from the start something to look forward to. The new “phases” were ridiculously small, of course, but the expanded cutscenes were a nice touch. For as much of a story-based game FFXIV is, the world/holiday event cutscenes are quite welcome. Seeing Lightning’s Odin summon was also awesome.

The cosmetic goodies were pretty neat, and as always, Sqaure Enix’s art department added some cool animations to the event-exclusive weapons, but without a true cosmetic/wardrobe system, vanity goodies like this honestly fall flat. We’ll be getting a wardrobe-type system in 2.2 from the sounds of it, but releasing all kinds of fun costumes before we can really make much use of them outside of socializing and swimsuit WP/AK runs just, well, because– it kind of seems like putting the cart before the horse. We’ll all be pretty happy when we do get that cosmetic system, however.

My major gripe with the event was the fact that it included the one part of the game that really doesn’t add a whole lot to the attempt at making Lightning Strikes a part of the FFXIV world itself– the FATE system. I’ve complained about the game’s FATE system before and I’ve complained about it even more in my review of the game’s re-release, but adding event content through the FATE system and not in the actual game world itself just seems… lazy. There’s nothing wrong in seeing some event-exclusive FATE content. The later FATEs involving the FFXIII-specific enemies were neat since they did look unique, but again– a world event should encompass the whole world, not just a tiny little circle of a zone where a FATE can spawn.

The real problem was with how the FATEs were constructed. A world event should encourage players to travel around the world and not stand in one spot and wait for X FATE to spawn. The second that anything becomes predictable to the point where players have to literally stand in one spot and AFK until something happens is the moment when the words “dynamic” and “dynamism” don’t belong anywhere near that spot.

The FATE system isn’t nearly as dynamic as it could be by itself. Limiting it even further by making particular FATEs spawn in particular spots of particular zones did nothing but cause players to either farm in huge groups during the first few days of the event or complete the FATE once, get bored, and move on to greener pastures after those first few days were over.

It would have better if the FATEs had a random chance of appearing anywhere, in any normal FATE, or at least in certain zones but in any FATE. That would have at least encouraged movement. Square Enix could have even utilized the Guild Leve or dungeon system here, too. It would have been nice to see content that lasted a little longer and encouraged players to actually travel together, group together, or play out the event’s story together. We’re already seeing a phenomenon on most servers where players level via FATE farming in particular zones while ignoring the rest of the zones, leaving multiple zones quite desolate except for the random new player leveling their first class. World events should add life to the world, not add to its stillness.

As a whole, Lightning Strikes just kind of well, missed the mark completely. I suppose we shouldn’t expect too much as it was obviously an event centered strongly on promotion for Lightning Returns, but I think it’s definitely safe to say that players were hoping for more. I guess we’ll get Miqo’te outfits (previewable below) if we do pick up Lightning Returns. That might count for something, depending on who you ask.

ffxiv lightning strikes and misses costume

Personally, I’d much rather have world events that concentrated on the game I’m currently playing and completed two goals– changed the world, and impacted the world. I’d also much rather see world events that are less frequent but well-developed instead of the opposite. Quality over quantity, I suppose. Maybe 2.1 will have our answer coming up here shortly. In the meantime, we can amuse ourselves with Lightning clones, Snow clones, swimsuits, and ghoul suits.

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During Friday’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s Letter from the Producer live stream, the Square Enix development team answered a whole bunch of questions about the upcoming 2.1 patch. We learned more information specifically regarding Crystal Tower, the new hard mode dungeons, Duty Finder changes, the Duty Roulette system, the extreme mode primal fights, class changes, and a lot more. We even found out the release date for the patch. 2.1 will be hitting servers on December 17th!

Here’s our rundown of the new information that was revealed:

Class Changes

  • The Monk buff “Greased Lightning” will be increased. Monks will also be able to do more damage from behind.
  • The Bard cross-class abilities will be adjusted.
  • Black Mages will have a bug fixed that sometimes enabled them to cast Flare twice in a row.

Crystal Tower

  • The required item level for Crystal Tower will be item level 55.
  • Drops from Crystal Tower are item level 80.
  • Raid groups in Crystal Tower will be split up into three parties of 8 players each. The full group will be called an “alliance” and will be able to communicate using a new alliance chat channel similar to party chat, etc.
  • Full alliances cannot be formed. Instead, each party will have to form up separately and enter.
  • Boss loot will be distributed in Crystal Tower inside chests that each party of 8 players will have access to (each party will get a separate chest). The loot must then be distributed between the 8 party member as normal.
  • There will be a UI feature that lets each group see the health of the full alliance.
  • There will be areas of Crystal Tower where the three parties can help each other, but there will be a large portion where due to mechanics, etc., each group must fight separately.
  • Crystal Tower will release in phases similar to Binding Coil. New phases will be added every other patch. To take on the new phases, the previous ones must be cleared.
  • Philosophy/Mythology tomestones will drop in Crystal Tower to begin with. Eventually, SE plans on adding another type of new currency as well.
crystal tower

Good King Moggle Mog XII

  • The Good King Moggle Mog XII fight is roughly on par with hard mode Garuda or perhaps a little bit more difficult.
  • The fight will drop weapons that are item level 80.
  • The Extreme version of Good King Moggle Mog XII will be added in patch 2.2.
  • There will not be a normal mode of Good King Moggle Mog XII.
  • We’ll probably see some type of cosmetic Moogle gear in the future. A Moogle pet, as well, but this won’t be from Good King Moggle Mog XII.

Duty Finder Changes and the New Duty Roulette Feature

  • The Duty Finder will receive a vote kick system in 2.1. It will have some limitations.
  • There will also be a new Most Impressive Player (MIP) system that players can use to “upvote” players that are helpful and friendly in dungeons. This isn’t a system that’s intended to reward players who are the most geared or do the most DPS, etc., but rather a reward for teamwork and being helpful. It’s more or less considered a way to say “thank you”.
  • A player can only give out a MIP vote if they queue up for a dungeon solo. Likewise, they can only receive MIP votes while queuing solo.
  • The daily Duty Roulette feature will allow players to gain extra tomestones and EXP for taking part in random dungeons. It works randomly across all level ranges.
  • There will be a new large-scale party recruitment feature that players can use to search for groups that are a little more specific as far as objectives are concerned (speed runs, social/story runs, etc.) or groups for non-Duty Finder fights like Hydra and Chimera.
  • The Duty Roulette feature can only be used while solo for now. In a future patch smaller groups will be able to utilize it as well.
  • Characters can enter dungeons that they have not unlocked yet using the Duty Roulette feature.
  • Chimera and Hydra will eventually be added to the Duty Finder list, but not for 2.1.

New Level 60 Dungeon Content

  • Pharos Sirius is a 4-man dungeon with the difficulty of WP roughly but with all-new mechanics.
  • Drops in Pharos Sirius will be of item level 60. Tomestones will also be rewarded, of course.
  • Pharos Sirius is part of the Isles of Umbra storyline.
  • Pharos Sirius has a very iconic Final Fantasy boss, but the team didn’t want to spoil which boss that is.
  • Haukke Manor and Copperbell Mines are the two hard mode dungeons being added. These are level 60 versions.
  • Differences include atmospheric changes, partial route changes, boss changes, and mechanic changes.
  • There will be story connected to these hard mode versions.
  • Drops from the hard mode dungeons will be item level 60 and will be unique. Tomestones will also be rewarded, of course.
  • There are a few housing-related items that will drop from these hard mode dungeons.
ffxiv 2.1 insert

Extreme Primal Fights

  • The item level requirement for extreme primal fights will be around item level 70.
  • Extreme primal fights are the next main story step after defeating hard mode Titan.
  • These fights will be quite unforgiving.
  • After clearing extreme Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan players will receive a class-specific item level 90 weapon as a reward.
  • Players will be able to use the Duty Finder for extreme primal battles.
  • Materials for housing items will drop in both hard mode primal fights and extreme mode primal fights. The drop rate for these will be upped in comparison to the current hard mode drop rate.

Beauty Salon

  • The Beauty Salon service will cost 2,000 gil to change a character’s hairstyle.
  • There are no limitations to how often you can use the beauty salon.
  • Hair color, eyebrows, face paint, face paint color, facial hair, facial features, and tattoos can all be changed using this service. The team also wants to add skin color and eye color but this is more tricky due to the different races and will not be a part of 2.1.
  • We’ll see racial cosmetic changes added to the beauty salon as patches continue to roll out.
  • We’ll also eventually be able to choose hairstyles from different races.
  • Only facial changes will be a part of the beauty salon.


  • SE is making some adjustments to help players who are affected by the animation/character position delay that makes endgame fights often challenging. The plan is to increase server response times, but only in endgame content since that’s where it matters most.
  • Forbidden Land, Eureka is planned for a future update.
  • We’ll be seeing an increase to retainer space at some point, but not in 2.1. In 2.1, we will be able to store more in the Armoire, however.
  • The Phial of Fantasia item will eventually be an optional, payable service.
  • All Allagan gear will be increasing from item level 90 to 95.
  • Crafting items will be one of the major rewards for completing treasure hunts.
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Yoshi P made a round of insightful posts on the official Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn forums this evening that detailed some great information about what’s headed our way in 2.1. First off, he told us a rough time frame of when we should expect the patch. Yep, it looks like we’re still on track for December. Yoshi said that 2.1 is “just a few weeks away”.

He talked at length about the fact that the development team considered releasing 2.1 in two patches in order to get content out quicker, but ultimately decided against splitting up the content. Despite the delays to 2.1, he said that the team plans to stick with the plan to release update patches every two and a half to three months moving forward.

Endgame Content and Tomestones

As far as new content goes in 2.1, we’ll be seeing the new PvP Wolves’ Den arena, Free Company housing, an Aesthetician (stylist) NPC, a redefined Duty Finder and group tool, a new section for raiders to tackle in Binding Coil of Bahamut, new side/story quests, and a whole lot of content that will give endgame players additional ways to stock up on tomestones. Yoshi addressed the concerns of the community regarding the current lack of activities to take part in to acquire tomestones by reminding players of all the ways we’ll be able to alternatively seek out tomestones and other endgame gear in 2.1:

  • The new 24-man raid Crystal Tower will drop new gear and tomestones.
  • The new beast tribe daily quests will reward tomestones.
  • The new 4-man treasure hunts will reward crafting materials, consumable items, and tomestones.
  • Joining a random dungeon via the Duty Finder will reward additional tomestones and EXP.
  • The new endgame dungeon, Pharos Sirius, will reward new gear and tomestones.
  • Two dungeons will see hard mode versions that will reward new gear and tomestones.
  • Extreme Primal encounters and Good King Moggle Mog will reward new gear and tomestones.

Yoshi freely admitted that there are not enough endgame progression paths currently, so with the introduction of additional large-group content, small-group content, and solo content, the team is hoping to make a whole lot of level 50 players who may be twiddling their thumbs much happier. He also addressed the possibility of raising the cap on Mythology tomestones before 2.1 launches and stated that he did not think that was the best route to go.


Crafters will have a few new things to look forward to in 2.1, but Yoshi ultimately reassured the crafting community that their skills will be needed in further patches to an even larger degree. So far, the role of crafters has been comparatively small during endgame due to the need for raids and dungeons to be the source of the best endgame gear. As more endgame gear is added and the endgame item level is raised, crafters will be able to help fill in the gaps and be given more ways to contribute to the process of endgame gearing. This is what he said regarding 2.2 and crafting:

“Looking ahead to Patch 2.2, crafters will be able to alter gear designs using a “template” system (official name TBD), giving them yet another role in creating desirable gear. Rest assured that we will not sit idly by as crafters go neglected.

For 2.1, crafters will be able to help gear up PvPers with the addition of PvP gear crafting recipes and also help Free Companies furnish their houses with crafted goods.

Warrior/Marauder Buffs

ffxiv 2.1 warrior pull

2.1 will include a large number of buffs and adjustments to Warriors and Marauders to help bring them inline with Paladin tanks. Here’s a rundown of the changes as found in this post:

Marauder Changes

    Brutal Swing

    • Recast time will be reduced from 30 to 20 seconds, increasing the frequency with which players can stun foes.


    • Enmity generated by this skill has been increased.

    Storm’s Eye

    • TP cost will be reduced from 70 to 60.

    Storm’s Path

    • TP cost will be reduced from 90 to 60.
    • This skill will also reduce damage dealt by enemies for a period of time.


    • Range will be increased from 3 yalms to 6, to make the skill more effective.
    • This skill will now pull enemies toward your character.
    • When using this skill, a player’s HP cannot be reduced lower than 1.
    • The animation for this skill will be revised. (See screenshot above)


    • This skill will also reduce damage taken by 30%.

    Mercy Stroke

    • Recast time will be reduced from 60 to 40 seconds, improving ease of use.

    Thrill of Battle

    • Effect duration will be extended from 10 to 20 seconds.

Warrior Changes


    • Enmity generated by this skill will be increased.
    • This skill will also increase HP recovery via curing magic by 20%.


    • The improved healing effect granted by Wrath will be removed. Instead, the improved healing effect will be granted by Defiance.

    Inner Beast

    • Due to overall balance changes, HP absorbed by damage dealt will be reduced from 300% to 100%
    • Damage taken will be reduced by 20% for 6 seconds.

    Steel Cyclone

    • This skill will generate increased enmity.


    • Recast time will be reduced from 180 to 120 seconds, improving ease of use.
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With tons of things to look forward to in the 2.1 patch coming up in December, Bayohne has given everyone a peek at some of the new goodies from the Good King Moggle Mog XII 8v8 battle. Yes, that includes a pop-up book!

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If you’re playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, there’s a good chance you’ve at least tried out crafting in the game. It’s an interesting crafting system, for sure, and one that I must admit is rapidly growing on me. I appreciate its complexities. I think most players tend to either hate crafting in FFXIV or love it. Either way, if you’re interested in leveling up a few crafting classes, it’s best to take the most efficient route possible in order to minimize your downtime and lessen the amount of raw materials you need. There’s definitely a solid strategy to best go about leveling and making the most out of your endgame crafting. Interested in learning more?

Lauren Connally on our sister site FFXIV Junkies wrote up an excellent Crafting 101 guide that touches on general resources, leves, cross-class skills, class skill info, gear, and offers some great tips for maximizing your chances of creating High Quality items.

Here’s a sampling:

“Often times, you’ll find that you won’t be able to get an item to 100% HQ and still have enough steps to finish. This is where Rumination comes in handy: dropping your Inner Quiet levels to recover CP, then turning that CP into durability, then using Manipulation to recover durability. With the remaining durability, you should (and I say should, since we’re dealing with the evil RNG deities here) have enough durability to progress the rest of your craft with the help of a few other skills.”

For the full guide and list of valuable resources, check out her full crafting guide.

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Crafting and gathering are two of the most important things in this game if you’re looking to make some gil. Many people choose to just buy their gear, even if it’s not off the Market Board. If you’re in a large free company, you probably have a go-to for every kind of armor, weapon or resource. They’re also needed (especially at higher levels) for melding materia to your gear. Rather than spending time shouting for someone to do it for you, you can hope to find someone in your FC to meld or, better yet, do it yourself.

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