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Before hopping on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s gathering wagon, ask yourselves whether you like farming or not. Are you the type of player who can mindlessly click your mouse while staring at the monitor like a zombie for hours? If that applies to you, then hop on– let’s start a gathering class.

Disclaimer: This is not a detailed guide of how you should level your class, you can find those guides from many other sites in our Ultimate Linkage guide. This article will, however, give you some ideas about what to expect when you level your gathering classes, based solely on my experience and opinion.

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It is finally here and it’s what fans have been waiting for– the first official trailer for the upcoming patch in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Patch 2.4: Dreams Of Ice, was released only 5 hours ago and does it deliver! The trailer itself does a great job at showcasing the new features that are coming to the game such as the Shiva primal, the Rogue and Ninja classes, the Final Coil of Bahamut, and much more. But don’t take my word for it– take a look at the trailer for yourself:

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Is it worthwhile to level crafting in Final Fantasy XIV? The answer is both yes and no. Crafting enables you to repair your gear anywhere– anytime you want to. You can also earn a bit of gil from crafted goods. Crafting also means you don’t have to look for people to meld materia in your gear for you. And finally, yes, crafting in FFXIV can be a fun game in itself if you’re into that sort of thing.

However, it costs a lot of gil and takes a lot of time to level crafting. Crafting only starts to become effective when you have a few cross-class skills and crafting is not the only way to make gil anyway. On top of that, the only good thing about level 50 crafted gear is that you can meld it with the materia of your choice, but the ilvl of most crafted gear is lower than the ilvl of items that can be picked up with with Tomes or that drop in dungeons.

If, after considering all of the options, you still want to be a crafter, here’s a basic guide to get you started:

Disclaimer: This article’s written from a personal point of view and includes quite a few of my own opinions. Your experiences may vary. Realm economy and population are also large factors when it comes to the given success of any crafting trade.

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The other day I did some light reading on Dragoons, and I have to admit that I know nothing about Dragoons despite having a level 37 Dragoon for months (I only leveled it to get Blood for Blood). One reason why I never really got back to Dragoon was because the first 34 levels was painfully boring compared to the experience I had as a Monk. The other reason was because I hated Dragoon for a very silly reason: They can get higher levels of crit than my Monk can ever get. See? It’s covered in lime jelly.

I came across this topic while doing my research, and although the guy was a bit whiny, I agree with the fact that FFXIV is a little unfair toward melee classes. In my personal opinion, the game is more unfair to Monks than Dragoons, but that is totally not the point of this article.

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Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who attended this past weekend’s Tokyo Game Show were treated to a preview of the upcoming patch content coming to live servers. Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida, showed the eager fans the first trailer for the patch as well as some in-game footage of the new dungeon coming. On top of that, he also showed off the upcoming Rogue and Ninja class as well as the arena players will enter when facing off against

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While there is little to no narration to some of these videos, the trailer is only in Japanese which still makes these videos quite accessible if you don’t know the language. So let’s go ahead and take a look as to what we have in store for the upcoming changes in Patch 2.4: Dreams Of Ice!

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During my 2 years of playing World of Warcraft, I never realized why my friends got so pissed at me, why they blamed me for wiping raids, or why they compared other failing raiders to me as though the comparison was something to be ashamed of. The blame my friends tossed around was meant to be only be a game– playful teasing at best, but I didn’t enjoy any of it.

When I switched to Final Fantasy XIV, it came to my attention that I might have done things horribly wrong in WoW. Compared to WoW, FFXIV is definitely more relaxing so I had no problem adapting. I have time during fights to observe, to learn, to gain experience as I go. I was never able to do that in WoW, so half the time I didn’t even know what I was doing wrong– I just did what I was told without even knowing why. And not knowing was exactly what I did wrong in WoW. I simply lacked common sense in WoW.

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Patch 2.38 was released in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a couple of days ago (September 15th to be exact. I got the date wrong in my previous article– sorry about that!). So, what did Patch 2.38 bring us? Here are the Patch Notes if you haven’t checked them out yet. Alternatively, here’s a quick rundown of what new activities there are to do and what notable changes this patch brought us:

Here are some of new features you can take part in until Patch 2.4 comes out:

  • New chapter of Saga of the Zodiac weapons came out, allowing you to modify your Relic weapon further and upgrade it to ilvl 115.
  • More Delivery Moogle quests. Hopefully they give us something better than a Mini Mole this time (I doubt it, though).
  • If you’re fed up with FC people taking all the spots in the garden, or shuffling furniture, or you have never liked the location of your FC House in the first place, you can now buy your own land in the Residential Area. It is a bit pricey– 4-5 mil for Small Houses, 30-37.5 mil for Medium Houses, and 70-87.5 mil for Large Houses– but you can have it all for yourself. Most Small Houses, if not all, were gone as soon as the servers went up, however.
  • Ramuh Extreme no longer requires a pre-made 8-man party to enter. Enjoy your new ilvl 110 accessories, if you can beat the old man, of course. The fight still needs a lot of communication to win.
  • Syrcus Tower will drop Sand of Time. Unidentified Allagan Tomes and Oil of Time will be dropped from both Amon and Xande. So, enjoy the grind for ilvl 110 gears.

Hopefully that will keep you occupied until next patch.

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At a time like this, when Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn starts getting dull, especially for people like me who are unable to devote time on a static group for raids and Ramuh EX, a Letter from the Producer is like rain in the desert, bringing us something to look forward to before we decide to unsubscribe. Only that… the rain wasn’t quite enough to rouse that adventurous soul that is fading away since patch 2.3 was launched.

First things first– we found out that 2.38 is coming out in a month. However, judging from what happened in 2.35, one wouldn’t expect much. Personal housing is definitely the star feature in 2.38, but what does Square Enix think we play FFXIV for? Sims 4 is out with more furniture readily available and things to do, plus you can build your own house in your own style.

The next chapter of the Relic Weapon saga will also be introduced. If you manage to get your Novus or are nearly getting there, then this is good news. Some more grinding is to be expected. If you had chosen the Soldiery weapon, then well… Coil T9 is coming to Duty Finder in 2.4.

Patch 2.4 is more promising with the coming of the Ninja class and and Shiva. Many of those who have already unsubscribed will be back for this. If there is one thing more enjoyable than raids in this game, to me at least, it’s getting to level a new class. And Patch 2.4 is bringing both a new class and a raid.

ffxiv producer ninja

According to Yoshi-P, Binding Coil of Bahamut will conclude in 2.4 and a new raid is on the way. Both Second Coil of Bahamut and Second Coil of Bahamut (Savage) will be made available via Duty Finder in Patch 2.4, so that is the more reason for me to happily spend some money on a subscription again for sure.

More achievements and possible rewards are on their way for people who are loved by others (a.k.a. those with lots of Commendation). They will be out in 2.38 or 2.4, so if you are one of those people who loves to collect achievement rewards, you can start hopping back on the Loving Wagon now.

The LIVE Letter also revealed bits and pieces of the new expansion. A new race is coming (betcha it’s Lady Yugiri’s race). Although it’s a little disappointing that there seems to be only one new race coming out, I’m still excited. Question is, would the new race be worth my Potion of Fantasia and to replace my sexy Highlander body? (Probably not, Yugiri has the body of a normal Midlander).

The level cap will be raised in the new expansion. A whole new raid will be introduced, and you don’t need to complete The Binding Coil series to undertake this new one. More information about the new expansion will be released around October 17th so stay tuned.

Although it is unknown as of when Square Enix will introduce Gold Saucer, it is confirmed that there will be a Gold Saucer. Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad will certainly be there as well. Yoshi-P also said they have plans for other mini games. Let’s hope they will be more exciting than the long forgotten Toy Box mini game at the inn.

On the darker side, there will be no Ultima Weapon (Extreme) in the near future, which is kind of disappointing. Ultima Weapon (Hard) was one of my most favourite fights in the whole endgame business.

Also, more bad news for casual players who love serious fights like me– Square Enix is not going to lift the one-run-per-week restriction on raids. Not now, maybe not ever. According to Yoshi-P, they’re concerned about item level inflation. But seriously, after introducing The Hunt and Syrcus Tower in patch 2.3 which gave people the opportunity to get ilvl 110 items with just a little grinding, they’re worrying about ilvl inflation? That is funny, Yoshi-P.

Last but not least, Fan Festival is coming and I’m nowhere near any locations to attend one. There will be FATEs popping on the ground, a party of people Behemoth mounts… FOR REAL! Imagine me cosplaying my sexy Paladin… riding Behemoth like a boss… Although I might get some retribution from “a certain someone” for exposing too much skin in public afterwards, the Behemoth ride alone is worth it. But I’m not able to go *sighs*.

ffxiv producer letter mount
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So you’re level 50. Congratulations, you have come a long way. But what’s next? Whether you are a fresh adventurer or a returner, at this point, there are a lot of things to catch up on currently in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. You might want to go back to level another class or hurry up to hop on the raiding wagon. If you choose the latter, then here’s a list of things you would want to do in Patch 2.35.


1. Complete Main Scenario Quests and Job Quests:

This will open the doors to most endgame content.


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Hello and welcome to the very first edition of Everything Eorzea, Junkies Nation’s weekly column on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that will be out every Wednesday. For this week’s column, I decided to go a non-discussion route and take a look at how I got into the Final Fantasy franchise.

The one thing I have never really been able to speak up about is how much the franchise actually saved my life and got me to where I am today. But I figured with this being the first of many columns, why not have story time with Uncle Val and give you guys a glance at how I got into gaming as a whole and how Final Fantasy saved my life?

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