LATEST: ArcheAge: A Guide to Naval Warfare – Introduction
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This is the first of a series of guides that will look at one of my favorite aspects of ArcheAge: naval warfare. We’ll start by getting some general tips out there for those of you who want to learn more about and be more effective on the sea. The next guide will look closely at tools and weapons of ships, followed by one on player gear that can enhance your seafaring experience. Then we’ll wrap it up with a few that will help you get to know the various ships on the seas and what’s available to players to own and captain (and plunder).

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Before hopping on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s gathering wagon, ask yourselves whether you like farming or not. Are you the type of player who can mindlessly click your mouse while staring at the monitor like a zombie for hours? If that applies to you, then hop on– let’s start a gathering class.

Disclaimer: This is not a detailed guide of how you should level your class, you can find those guides from many other sites in our Ultimate Linkage guide. This article will, however, give you some ideas about what to expect when you level your gathering classes, based solely on my experience and opinion.

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Is it worthwhile to level crafting in Final Fantasy XIV? The answer is both yes and no. Crafting enables you to repair your gear anywhere– anytime you want to. You can also earn a bit of gil from crafted goods. Crafting also means you don’t have to look for people to meld materia in your gear for you. And finally, yes, crafting in FFXIV can be a fun game in itself if you’re into that sort of thing.

However, it costs a lot of gil and takes a lot of time to level crafting. Crafting only starts to become effective when you have a few cross-class skills and crafting is not the only way to make gil anyway. On top of that, the only good thing about level 50 crafted gear is that you can meld it with the materia of your choice, but the ilvl of most crafted gear is lower than the ilvl of items that can be picked up with with Tomes or that drop in dungeons.

If, after considering all of the options, you still want to be a crafter, here’s a basic guide to get you started:

Disclaimer: This article’s written from a personal point of view and includes quite a few of my own opinions. Your experiences may vary. Realm economy and population are also large factors when it comes to the given success of any crafting trade.

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Trade runs are an integral part of ArcheAge– driving the economy, providing unique materials, and encouraging small and medium scale PvP. Whether you’re a farmer, a crafter, or a pirate, trade packs and the potentially perilous paths their carriers traverse help shape your game.

At its heart, a trade run is exactly what it sounds like: Making and moving unique goods across the world. Supply and demand affect payouts, and the riskier the route, the higher the rewards. Each zone of the Nuia and Haranya continents has specialty goods that can be crafted at a regional specialty workbench, and most zones have special traders ready to take those goods off your hands. The only requirement is to trade the goods in a zone other than where they were made. How far you travel is up to you.

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Guardians have seen a lot of play in WvW for quite a while now, especially among commanders. While builds have changed over the past few years, the fact that they remain vital to group play both as anchors, healers, and all-around team support hasn’t changed. They’re still some of the best all-around team players. I’ve written a number of builds for guardians for people that have already played them. This is directed more towards players that are new to guardian, or just new to group playstyle.

Before you read: These builds are put together with large scale fights and specific team situations (small and large) in mind, both open field and close quarters. I will include (later down the line) a build for roamers, but this is primarily focused on teamplay. These builds are not flexible, nor is there room for substitution unless otherwise stated. The first build relies on other builds being present and may not be the best in solo situations.

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So I mentioned at the end of my review that I might make you guys a map for Hyrule Warriors. It’s pretty much the same as the original Zelda’s map, but without the same baddies. I sadly have a day job that competes with my gameplaying duties (I have to pay the bills somehow!), so it’s not complete, but I do have enough information that should really help you guys get started.

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During my 2 years of playing World of Warcraft, I never realized why my friends got so pissed at me, why they blamed me for wiping raids, or why they compared other failing raiders to me as though the comparison was something to be ashamed of. The blame my friends tossed around was meant to be only be a game– playful teasing at best, but I didn’t enjoy any of it.

When I switched to Final Fantasy XIV, it came to my attention that I might have done things horribly wrong in WoW. Compared to WoW, FFXIV is definitely more relaxing so I had no problem adapting. I have time during fights to observe, to learn, to gain experience as I go. I was never able to do that in WoW, so half the time I didn’t even know what I was doing wrong– I just did what I was told without even knowing why. And not knowing was exactly what I did wrong in WoW. I simply lacked common sense in WoW.

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So you’re level 50. Congratulations, you have come a long way. But what’s next? Whether you are a fresh adventurer or a returner, at this point, there are a lot of things to catch up on currently in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. You might want to go back to level another class or hurry up to hop on the raiding wagon. If you choose the latter, then here’s a list of things you would want to do in Patch 2.35.


1. Complete Main Scenario Quests and Job Quests:

This will open the doors to most endgame content.


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Greetings, Junkies, Vitality here. In this article we’re taking a look at the Harani starting zone focusing on rushing through to level 10 and obtaining our small farm with enough gold to plant stuff all in under an hour and a half. If you aren’t leveling a Harani, you can also check out my speed leveling guides for the Firran starting zone, the Elf starting zone, and the Nui starting zone.

Let’s jump in with the setup:

  •  Load previously saved character customization data file
  •  Choose Battlerage for its intrinsic area of effect (AoE) attack built into its starting ability Triple Slash
  •  Re-bind UI assets most notably to have the bow attack hotkeyed, and optionally set your strafe keys up if you’re used to them being A and D (Pro Tip: Set Shift+A and Shift+D up too if you use a shift modifier for other things like attacks and stuff like I do. If you don’t your character will not respond to your movement commands while shift is held down).
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Yo, Junkies, Vitality here. In this article we’re taking a look at the Elf starting zone and how to blast through it in an hour and keep our pockets stuffed full of gold at the same time. With all the closed Beta action going on, knowing how to get out of the newbie zone as fast as possible is critical. If you aren’t leveling an Elf, you can also check out my speed leveling guides for the Firran starting zone and the Nui starting zone.

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