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Yesterday, BioWare provided some much-needed information as to what we’ll be seeing in Game Update 1.7 with the galactic reputation feature the team revealed a couple of weeks ago. There will be four reputation organizations to start with in Game Update 1.7: The Voss, The Gree Enclave, Republic Hyperspace Armada/Imperial First Mobile Fleet (Heroic Space Missions reward reputation for these), and two separate factions for Section X.

“The Reputation track for each organization is divided into six ranks – Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion, and Legend. You will start with no rank at all, but as you earn Reputation Points, your rank will increase. When you’ve earned the top rank in a particular organization (i.e. Legend), you will no longer earn Reputation Points with that particular organization. You will have become a living legend among those represented by that organization; an avatar of their cause.

As your Reputation Rank increases, new rewards will become available to you. Throughout the galaxy, you will find Reputation Vendors associated with each organization. Special rewards with Reputation Rank requirements can be purchased from these vendors. Items and equipment with a Reputation Rank requirement can only be purchased, used, or equipped if you meet or exceed the rank requirement.”

Galactic reputation will be an account-wide feature that isn’t restricted by whether your characters are Republic or Imperial. Reputation will be gained by using special trophies that will be offered as mission completion rewards. These trophies will have a weekly cap attached to how many a player can use (earning trophies will not have a cap). For more information, please see the full developer blog.

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space mission

Over the weekend, some players noticed a bug with the weekly mission for completing Heroic Space Missions. This issue doesn’t seem to be affecting all players, nor every set of missions, but for those who have experienced the bug, the repeatable missions simply stop becoming available. BioWare issued a response on the official forums yesterday afternoon:

Originally posted by AmberGreen (Source)

Hello there folks! We are aware of issues with the new Heroic Space Combat missions, and we are currently researching the problem. Because we’re still collecting information, it’s not yet been included on the Known Issues list. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

With any luck, the issue will be fixed quickly.

Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, BioWare released a new Free-to-Play video on Friday, in which the team showed off the Cartel Market’s Life Day goodies, and discussed recent changes being made thanks to player feedback.