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Racing to make sure all of my ArcheAge foundations were in place before the original release date of RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide on October 8th has been head down, Ferrin cat tail up, but yesterday Trion Worlds Senior Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver announced the postponing of Nightmare Tide to October 22nd. Ah, a breather. I figured I’d jump on here to share updates and the latest in ArcheAge news.

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I sat down with Michael Miller. He is an independent game developer who has created mobile and browser based games on his website Every one of the games are puzzle type games with a very classic feel and a “cute” appearance.

I’m not the biggest fan of puzzle games, but I found myself addicted to the game Cheer Cubes. The bright colors and fast paced game play kept me occupied for awhile. I found Cheer Cubes to be a nice break from working and a welcome addition on my phone too. After spending too much time on the games, I talked to Michael about his games and the development process.

Candace: So you make mobile games but they are available on browsers too, right?

Michael: Yes they are. I try to make all my games free and available to as many people as possible.

Candace: How come you wanted to make free games?

Michael: I’ve always enjoyed creating games, and making as many as I can free of charge helps to remove the barrier so that I can reach a wider audience. I enjoy downloading free games myself as I find that most of them have a lot of charm and that adds to the experience.

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In a recent podcast interview with Amanda “Amary” Fry and Victoria “FireCait” Voss at Trion Worlds, our very own Kiwi Dream asked some great questions and found out a few interesting tidbits about ArcheAge. Not all of this information is new, but some is. Here are the highlights of what we found out:

  • The queues are improving, and Trion’s being cautious about adding new servers due to ArcheAge‘s population needs.
  • The factions on each server are being kept close watch on as far as population balances go (since they can be turned off to help encourage natural re-balance).
  • Server transfers are being looked at, but Trion anticipates that server transfers won’t be as popular in AA as they are in RIFT, for example, due to AA‘s focus on land/farm permanence. No hint as to whether transfers will be free or paid at the moment.
  • Auroria will be released before Patch 1.7. Trion’s looking to release the zone within the next couple of weeks– not months. They will announce the exact date ASAP since this allows guilds/players to prepare to storm the castle so to speak. The release time will be region-specific.
  • Patch 1.7 is currently being translated. No ETA.
  • In regards to players being scammed by other players for APEX/gold, Trion recommends that players simply approach trading in AA as they would in real life. They caution players to be careful, trade with trusted players, use a third party to help trade, or split the trade into multiple parts. For the most part, scamming and similar player activities are largely left up the players to police themselves. Trion will offer support in cases of player harassment, etc., but overall there’s only so much the team can do in ArcheAge as opposed to a more closed, world-compressed game like RIFT.
  • In regards to the recent complaints about the comparative value between the founder’s packs and the starter packs, Trion is of the opinion that the two types of packs are comparative in value. The Alpha/Beta/Head Start access is what made the founder’s packs valuable, of course, although this value is hard to place in monetary terms.
  • Players who are currently without land or would like a better plot may find that the opening of Auroria frees up quite a bit of land as well as offers them 4 new zones to grab land from.
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This week, I sat down with Nick Robalik, the creator of Sombrero. Nick is a one-man show, doing all of the development and art work for the game. Sombrero is a 2-4 player multiplayer platformer for Windows, OSX and Linux. Players can choose different game play styles like a classic “capture the flag” or a free for all “deathmatch”.
You can find Sombrero at

Candace: I’ll start with basics. Tell me a little about Sombrero and what it is for people who don’t read websites?

Nick: Sombrero is a competitive local multiplayer game with a bit of a spaghetti western-tinged theme. I say “tinged” because, while it’s mostly western, there’s also some odd characters that pop up, like aliens, robots and the like.

It has the usual deathmatch mode, but also some interesting twists on capture the flag-style gameplay as well as what I’m calling “loot”-style so far, where the player has to grab as many bags of cash on the map as possible, while capturing campsites that act as score multipliers, and the player with the most loot at the end of the round wins. So far, people have been getting pretty pumped up playing that one.


Candace: How are players able to play Sombrero together? Do they need something like Hamachi or is the multiplayer support already in the game?

Nick: It’s local or “couch” multiplayer as of now. I suppose it COULD work over hamachi, but I haven’t tried that yet. In the long run I do plan on looking more deeply into internet-based multiplayer, but as a single developer doing all of the art, animation, sound effects and development – the music is being done by Nathaniel Chambers of Bubble Pipe Media – I need to pick my battles carefully so I don’t get end up working on the game for the next 10 years.

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We recently had the chance to interview Charles Cox, Founder of 4gency. 4gency is the team behind Habitat, an indie orbital strategy/simulation game that was successfully funded thanks to Kickstarter back in May 2014 and is now debuting on Steam in an Early Access stage of development. The game is constantly being updated and improved upon, and the development team has been extremely transparent about their plans for Habitat thus far. During the interview, Charles shared his enthusiasm for Habitat, the fans of Habitat, for the massive amount of updates the team has planned for the game, and for the joys of building Lego creations as a kid that were constructed with “one part real stuff, 30 parts random stuff”. Okay, so that last bit might have been part of my question. I ask serious questions involving stuff and things. The funny part? That really is Habitat in a nutshell. Stuff and things. Dinosaur heads, ferris wheels, igloos, and lunch trucks in space– with jet propulsion! It’s random, it’s zany, but it all forms a very practical and defensive-rigged space station of sorts that houses the remnants of Earth’s citizens. Intrigued yet? Take a peek at the interview:

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Our staff members recently had the opportunity to get some answers to our questions regarding ArcheAge. Much like the experience I’ve had with their support team, Trion Worlds had detailed responses and got back to us very quickly. We got some great information on upcoming game changes, cash shop changes, and a deeper look at some of the challenges with the localization of ArcheAge.

Along with many other players, we also had a chance to play in alpha and the recent beta events. One big thing we’ve all noticed is the “first come, first serve”-type tagging system when it comes to tagging mobs for quest credit (that led to instances like this). Good news– Trion and XLGAMES are considering changing this on a global level. We’re looking forward to more on that! Read on for more information.

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With CBT4 getting closer and closer this week’s Wildstar Wednesday talks about  changes that are coming to leveling, ability loadouts and the quest system in the next update.
We also have a late PAX interview with WildStar’s Lead Scripter from our friends at Xalaga where they get an introduction to the starting zones and basic mechanics of Wildstar.
Jump over the break for more coverage.

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The Geek Link has a new interview with Brian Wheeler in which he talks about some of the design decisions behind The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as makes some allusions to what is coming post-release.

TGL: What influenced the siege style of the PvP battles?

BW: A lot of that comes from my background. I did siege warfare in prior games, and learned not only what works and what doesn’t work, but to push it further. So a lot of the keep walls can be blown up, not just specific keep walls. I am a big fan of “You break it, you bought it.” so you have to be real specific on how you flip a keep from an enemy.

I like that Brian is bringing up his roots here, and admitting that he’s learned a thing or two. Wheeler formerly worked for Mythic and was involved in both Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer. Both games had good points and bad points, and I hope his reference toward learning about what doesn’t work holds true for the actual release version of ESO. He’s alluding to the fact that in ESO when you take an enemy’s keep and it flips ownership, you don’t get a brand spanking new keep; you get the keep as it was when you took it. So, if you smash all the walls, you’re going to have a lot of repair work to do if you want to be able to hold it. A bit more realistic, and I like it.

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Today, on Everquest Next Junkies, site operator Kyune sat down with some of the staff from Storybricks and SOE and got to ask them a few questions regarding the integration of Storybricks and Everquest Next. From Storybricks we have game writer and designer Stéphane Bura, developer Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green and CEO Rodolfo Rosini. Along with these three we had Terry Michaels, Sr Producer at Sony Online Entertainment, and we got some great answers to the quest we and you the fans wanted to know.

How deep, exactly, can Storybricks get? Where can Storybricks as a technology go?

[Storybricks] It’s all about design choices, really. The technology itself is not revolutionary – we mostly use proven techniques, some of which have existed for decades. But what we bring to the table is our ability to have AI support and enhance a game design. We can help the design and production of features that designers wouldn’t have thought of because they don’t have the technical know-how or don’t understand which AI requirements they necessitate. This means that each application of Storybricks will be unique, because it’s a collaboration with the team. The AI for a changeable world like the one in EQN will not be the same as the one for a game in a different setting. They’ll share a lot but, because the play experiences are different, they’ll diverge.

So, the real question is “What can of gameplay could you imagine if AI was not a constraint?” If you have answers to this question, we’re sure Storybricks can help you. Or even help you come up with your own answers.

Read the rest of the interview over on Everquest Next Junkies.

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pax and future updates header

Naoki Yoshida and the Square Enix team showed up at PAX Prime in Seattle this past weekend to offer Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn fans an in-person apology regarding the current state of affairs for the login and character creation servers as well as the not-so-beloved errors we’ve grown quite accustomed to since launch. Yoshi reiterated that the team severely underestimated how many fans would pick up the re-release of the game and said that by Wednesday– after the extended maintenance is over– most login issues should be fixed.

During PAX, the team had a bunch of goodies for fans, of course, most of which coming in the way of new bits of information and interviews. Massively, especially, caught a pretty awesome interview with Naoki Yoshida himself. Let’s take a look at some of those tasty tidbits, shall we? Keep reading to take a look.

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