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By on Aug 27, 2013 at 10:15 am, in Article, TESO  |  Comments: 3 comments

new screenshot 1

One of the largest takeaways during this past weekend’s Gamescom coverage was more information regarding ZeniMax Online’s decision to make The Elder Scrolls Online a subscription-only game. We found out that Matt Firor, Game Director, believes very strongly that TESO will provide plenty of quality content to make a monthly subscription worthwhile. In an interview with Eurogamer, he said the following regarding what type of content updates will we see:

“When I talk about new content, I mean, we’re launching with the Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild questlines, but we’re going to launch the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood at some point as part of the regular updates. And those are 15 hours of content a piece. We’re talking major new stuff, which is going to be coming out constantly. And the way to do that the best for us is with a subscription.”

So far, the team is looking to add new, major updates at a rate of “every month or six weeks, for as long as people want to play the game.” While this all sounds good and well, there’s also another little tidbit that was discovered in a different Gamescom interview with, a German-speaking fansite. Keep reading to take a look.

By on Jun 21, 2013 at 2:19 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 10 comments


It’s been just over a week since RIFT went free-to-play, and so far it seems servers are packed with new and returning players.

The biggest feature change to the game is probably the new cash shop interface, which not only sells REX and currency items but has also become the unified vendor system for the entire game. Individual NPC vendors use this new shop system, and items that players used to have to travel around the game world to browse, like pets, are all listed in one location. Loyalty, the new veteran system, is also entirely contained in the shop.

Clearly it’s a huge addition to the game. Want to learn more about the new in-game store features?¬†We’ve made a short video guide to the new interface for you below.

By on Jun 1, 2013 at 10:15 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 18 comments

rex live stream and premium mount preview

During yesterday’s RIFT live stream, the Trion team answered a whole bunch of questions from the community and Elrar showed off a few of the Loyalty rewards we’ll be seeing when RIFT goes free-to-play beginning June 12th. Thanks to the F2P Item Store making its debut on the PTS yesterday evening, players are able to test out the goods themselves by purchasing Credits ahead of time and figuring out which wardrobe items, dimension items, mounts, and other goodies are on their must-have lists. The best part, of course, is the fact that purchasing Credits now gives players a bonus on their returned Credits when the system goes live.

Besides the new mounts obtainable when unlocking Loyalty tiers and the Ice Strider reward mount, there are quite a few new mounts in the Item Store labeled “Premium” mounts as well as an alternate version of one (previewed above). There are also Premium pets! We have a preview for you today of those mounts and pets and of the new items Elrar showed off during yesterday’s live stream. As always, we’ll be sharing a few new bits of information revealed in the live stream as well.

By on May 31, 2013 at 9:20 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 9 comments

item store front page

If you haven’t checked out the Player Test Shard and the preview of RIFT‘s free-to-play Item Store yet, now’s a pretty good time to do so. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even purchase Credits to check out the goods yourself. By purchasing Credits now, you’ll also gain all of the Credits back plus an additional 50-100% Credit bonus when the F2P system moves to our live shards on June 12th. Here’s the official announcement:

First – this test is entirely optional, we welcome anyone to help but don’t feel like you HAVE to use the store. You’ll have plenty of time to check it out too – this test will run all the way to June 11, that’s the day before Free-to-Play Launches.

Now, about the test!

At 5:00PM Pacific Time (12:00AM GMT) today, 5/31 we will be enabling purchases on the RIFT Store.

You will be able to purchase Credits and use those Credits to purchase any of the items available on the store. Any credits you SPEND will be reimbursed to your RIFT Store Wallet on June 12 with an additional 50-100% BONUS credits.

Credits that are not spent will remain in your Wallet & can be used on live after the release of RIFT Free-to-Play.

The Details:

  • To access the in-game store press the shopping cart button on the menu bar or press ‘]’ (default)
  • The actual bonus amount will be at least 50% – up to 100% depending on the amount of Credits you spend.
  • This means you will be reimbursed 150-200% of your total Credits spent on June 12.
  • The items you purchase on PTS are not transferable – that’s why we’re giving you the Reimbursement + Bonus!
  • You must have a valid form of payment associated with your account. If you’re currently a subscriber who uses a credit/debit card, PayPal or another offered payment service you’re good to go!
  • PTS is being updated & will remain locked until we’re ready to begin testing the RIFT Store
  • Currently, REX is not available for sale during this test

Thanks for your help – please feel free to post any questions or feedback below & learn more about RIFT Free-to-Play @!

Currently the system is having issues with players purchasing Credits out of the U.S. Check out this thread for more information and a status update on any and all issues.

By on May 30, 2013 at 10:10 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 13 comments

trade skill extension

There’s a new item previewing on the PTS version of RIFT‘s Item Store, and it’s going to make it a wee bit easier to cover all of the crafting professions in RIFT without having to resort to a healthy supply of alts. A couple of weeks ago, Daglar hinted that Trion was going to be adding an item to the store that allows players to unlock one additional profession slot per character. Yesterday that item showed up on the PTS. It’s called a Trade Skill Extension and costs 1200 Credits at the moment. Credits are the only way to purchase these.

There has been a slight change to how they work, however. Instead of only allowing players to unlock one additional profession slot, these Extensions can be purchased multiple times and will even allow players to unlock all nine main crafting professions on the same character. Presumably, these unlocks will only work on the character the item is purchased on and aren’t account-wide, but we’re still waiting to hear official confirmation on that assumption.

By on May 24, 2013 at 9:20 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

greater token tablet

Thanks to the recent release of the RIFT free-to-play store on the PTS, players made the discovery earlier this week that Greater Token Tablets were being sold in the Boosts category of the store that gave players a 100% bonus to currency marks– including top-tier raid marks– from all sources for two hours. Quite a large stir was caused on the forums after this discovery, and the Trion team was quick to reduce that 100% bonus down to 80% as well as look into making further adjustments to the tablets. Daglar announced the main adjustment yesterday: None of the Token Tablet boosts will now apply to Frozen Eclipse Stones. Good news all around.

Daglar also had a few words to share with the raiding community regarding the F2P changes. Keep reading to take a look at his post as well as a handful of other interesting posts.

By on May 22, 2013 at 11:46 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

loyalty dev blog

During last Friday’s official RIFT live stream, we found out a little more about the Loyalty system that will be a major part of the new free-to-play system beginning June 12th. Yesterday Bill “Daglar” Fisher continued delving into the explanations of the system in a new developer blog. The Loyalty system will be replacing our current Veteran Rewards program, and instead of being able to purchase goodies after having been a subscriber for so long, we’ll be able to automatically pick up rewards as we reach certain Loyalty tiers.

As was discussed during the live stream, Loyalty will be granted to players who subscribe as a Patron, purchase or spend Credits, and consume REX. Veteran players will also be receiving a one-time stipend of 7000 Loyalty per past month of subscription when the F2P system goes live. This will mean that for most of us, we should log in on June 12th with some goodies to pick up right off the bat.

The title image above, which is a sampling of an in-progress Loyalty tier reward, shows an interesting variety of items available. Currently on the PTS the Loyalty tiers aren’t fully implemented, but most other parts of the item store are available for preview.

By on May 22, 2013 at 11:37 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

item store pts title

A large portion of the content headed our way in RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault is now on the Public Test Shard for player testing. The item store isn’t completely functional yet and is still very much in progress, which is evident by many of the items and prices, but the store itself is there for our previewing pleasures. Dendrome is also in place along with some of the zone events, new dynamic content, Strongholds, and Queen’s Gambit, which is the new Chronicle.

MikeD shared some details in a forum post as far as what to expect in the dynamic content within Dendrome. Keep reading to take a look.

By on May 18, 2013 at 10:30 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 14 comments

f2p live stream title

The RIFT portion of yesterday’s Trion Friday live stream extravaganza was, unsurprisingly, focused on RIFT’s big move to a free-to-play system beginning on June 12th. Daglar joined Simon and Elrar and explained how some of the systems will work in greater detail as well as updated the RIFT community on some promising changes to the current Patron reward system. The team has been listening to all of our feedback and has made a few changes that, overall, make being a RIFT veteran a little more appealing.

Elrar also showed off the in-game shop in its current state and let Daglar talk a little bit about the different categories of items, the Loyalty tiers, and a whole lot more. To catch a replay of the live stream, you can see it here. Alternatively, keep reading to see our detailed highlights roundup.

By on Sep 13, 2012 at 12:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

So, now we have our convenient, in-game RIFT store, also known as Deeps’ Depot. In response to the tinfoil-wearing buzz surrounding the discovery of the shopping cart icon during PAX Prime, Trion was quick to announce their immediate goal for the store, which is to merely give players an easy way to pick up Storm Legion and time cards, CE extras, etc. This quick response was a good sign. It was also a good sign that the team then turned around and added it to the live game, reinforcing their announcement.

Also added to Deeps’ Depot yesterday was the addition of paid name changes and guild name changes. The service will undoubtedly be useful for players who wish to change their names yet don’t want to hassle with server transferring and being away from their server for a week (upon returning, they would be given the option to change their name). This may also help a few guilds out there.

Now, there’s no denying the fact that the entire setup of Deeps’ Depot looks, well, a lot like a typical free-to-play cash shop. There’s room for plenty of other categories. With any luck we won’t need too many of them, but Trion definitely has some options here, even standing strong within the game’s current subscription model.