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Guide Cleric Tank

If you’re looking to try your hand at tanking on a Cleric, you’re in luck. Justicars are pretty damn awesome. As full tanks, Justicars are capable of tanking anything and everything that RIFT has to offer. They’re also the healing tanks of the game, which means you’ll be able to help raid heal a bit as well as use your multitude of AoE healing tricks in order to help grab aggro on mobs that are running loose. Justicars excel at both AoE tanking and single target tanking. There are many possible Justicar builds out there, but here is one common variation that’s ideal for progression tanking and most other endgame content– the 61 Justicar / 9 Inquisitor / 6 Shaman.

This build gives you the maximum amount of mitigation and Endurance while providing plenty of raid utility and the Shaman’s Ride the Lightning ability, which is a handy mobility boost. For other variations of popular builds, you can check out this Justicar/Cabalist build with added magical mitigation, this Justicar/Inquisitor (+ Purge) build, or this Justicar/Defiler build that gives you a self-cleanse.

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Yesterday both Atrius and Zinbik were hard at work on the official RIFT forums, communicating with the community about upcoming changes to Warrior and Justicar tank mitigation, as well as some changes being made to Riftblade. Here’s a roundup of their posts, starting with Zinbik’s thoughts on tank mitigation and the announcement of a change for Doctrine of Glory:

Originally posted by Zinbik (Source)

As of right now, internally, all tanks have nearly identical health and mitigation. This is already largely true on LIVE.

Nearly all of the changes currently being made to Warrior tanks involve allowing them to establish their mitigation more easily or passively against all monsters involved in the fight. Justicars already have the advantage there, because the only active mitigation factor we have to establish during the fight is Precept of Refuge. Everything else is passive or a lengthy buff, meaning we get the full benefits against all monsters right from the start of the fight.

The only real changes to the math behind Warrior mitigation are largely minor to help establish better internal Warrior equivalency. I’m not going to completely discount the possibility of some crazy new hybrid popping up that we haven’t considered that comes out ahead, because that happens sometimes in a system like this. However, that possibility has been at the forefront of our thoughts throughout the process.

As far as Soul Coalescence equivalents go, yes, Doctrine of Glory will soon reduce your damage taken by 2.86% per Conviction consumed for 4s. It will no longer heal at all, because it was unloved and no longer wishes to help anyone.

Continue reading to see the other dev tracker posts.

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Being new to the world of Telara is a daunting experience, looking at all those high level Clerics with their shiny armour wandering around on fantastic mounts bristling with weapons and virtually aglow with magic can be enough to cause the new Cleric  to think they can never be that good.

Fear not the challenge, for here is a way to beat the levelling woe’s and become one of those Clerics you first looked up to.

This guide is set out to make the transition from level 10 to level 60 as painless as possible if you have to do it Solo or with a friend. So the first thing you need to do is get out of the starting zone by following the quest line and get to today’s Telara, you should be around level 8 when you emerge, I’d suggest following the quest line till you get to level 10 then you can reset your souls to take advantage of this guide.

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Ever since Trion updated the Storm Legion official site with a placeholder page for the new souls, RIFT players have been speculating about the class silhouettes. The Warrior figure looks to be holding a bow, which seems to imply the new soul will be at least partially ranged (and have a teleportation/stealth ability as seen in the dev diary). The Rogue figure seems to be holding two daggers, which supports the melee theory (healer/support perhaps?). And the Cleric… has a shield and one-handed mace. This caught a few Cleric players by surprise.

Why, exactly? Well, we’re pretty accustomed to only seeing shields on Justicar tanking Clerics, and although we could maybe use a second tanking soul, Justicar is actually in a very solid spot right now. Adding a second viable tanking option may result in some odd rebalancing issues. Most players feel that Clerics, overall, would gain much more use from a soul that provides overall synergy to our DPS and healing souls (DPS especially).

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Originally posted by Zinbik (Source)

Stalwart Citadel: Now adds 30-90% of your Wisdom to Block.
Devout Deflection: Now adds 25-75% of your Wisdom to Parry and 25-75% of your Intelligence to Dodge.
Sovereignty: Now deals Life damage and stuns the enemy for 2 seconds.
Supremacy: Now reduces Physical damage taken by 9-18%.
Thorvin’s Law: Now causes Mien of Leadership to reduce non-Physical damage taken by 2-4% plus an additional 1.2% per point spent in Justicar above 26. No longer has an additional Spell damage reduction.

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Healing in PvP can be stressful at times, especially if you’re using an incorrect build. This article is going to discuss and analyze healing souls for PvP, and discuss the synergy between different souls. We will also touch briefly on how to counter healing, as well as avoiding these counters as a healer. In a later blog I will discuss the PvP soul for each class, but for the time being, we will just be talking about soul specific PvP talents.

By on Oct 19, 2010 at 1:28 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet reveals the latest soul, in detail, and this time is a Cleric Soul called the Justicar.


Justicars are healing clerics who fight shoulder-to-shoulder with their allies in close combat. Conviction builds with each swing of their weapon, bolstering nearby comrades and powering the Justicar’s potent healing magic.

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Ciovala is a machine isn’t she? More footage from her time at GamesCom and this time it’s the Justicar soul tree. Find out more information at Rift Nexus.

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<img src=""

Straight from Kalbuir’s camera, we see some of the new souls for the Cleric calling. These include the Warden, Justicar, Shaman and Druid. We also can see the list of Rogue callings, the newest being the Marksman.