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By on Aug 15, 2011 at 4:34 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

Let’s try this again…

No you’re not crazy, you do not have to adjust your monitor.

I said “NEW WARFRONT” and I sure as heck mean it! You might have thought we’d take a break on new content after 1.4, but you would have thought wrong.

No my Ascended friends, we toil ever forward taking RIFT to new heights each day – or in this case…depths!

Hammerknell was a seat of great power in Telara, and in its ruin artifacts remain that can turn the tides of war. The Defiant and Guardians are no fools of the strategic advantage some of this cursed magic could provide and so their leaders have chosen you to battle it out for supremecy.

Join us TODAY, 08/15/11 @ 3:00PM PDT for a battle royale as we take our first stabs at testing this new PvP instance.

Welcome to…. Library of the Runemasters!

Within the depths of Hammerknell, Guardians and Defiants fight to take control of abandoned dwarven rune vessels. Able to bind powerful planar beings, these artifacts could prove invaluable to the armies of Ascended.

You must fight to take control of these powerful vessels. Be warned, the longer one is within your grasp, the more its dark power will eat away your soul.

Earn points for your team by holding onto the relic for as long as possible. However, no one can withstand the power of the relic for long, and the carrier will take an increasing amount of damage until they die. You may also accrue points for your team by defeating enemy players.

More information about characters on the PTS can be found on the Official Forums.