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Hype has been building for RIFT 3.0– our next expansion, also known as RIFT: Nightmare Tide– across the internet since Hotfix 2.7. This week our levels of hype took a giant leap forward with the announcement of 2.8′s arrival on August 6th! RIFT: 2.8 is being called RIFT: Madness Wakes and it’s the last big stop before the watery depths of Nightmare Tide.

Tales of the Deep: Infinity Theft


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Let’s be honest, of all the things going for The Elder Scrolls Online, it’s the lore behind the gameworld that is probably it’s biggest card to play. There are quite literally millions of Elder Scrolls fans out there, and many of them would be quite happy with any form of new instalment in the franchise, online or not. For those fans, it sounds like, judging from this latest Q&A, Zenimax is doing a very thorough job of not only adhering to established lore, but expanding it as well. For example:

I am a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls games and I have played a Breton since Morrowind, so I’m definitely joining the Daggerfall Covenant. My question has to deal with the Forsworn faction. Will they be implemented in the game, either as a faction or through quests? I always thought that their story was very interesting and wanted to know if it will be explored in ESO, since they have been around at least since the First Era, well within the time the game takes place. – By Jason McKinney

Though the Reachmen are related to the Bretons, they consider themselves a separate race (and so do the Bretons). The Reachmen are not a playable race, as they’re basically enemies to everyone (and like it that way), but you will see them causing trouble in High Rock, Hammerfell, Skyrim, and even Cyrodiil. The Forsworn are a Fourth-Era faction of the Reachmen that actually hearkens back to the Reach culture of ESO’s era, so they don’t appear as such, but the Reachmen of our time resemble them.

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Dev Tracker, Star Wars: The Old Republic

…sometimes they say yes!

Originally posted by Eric Musco(Source)

I emplore you Bioware, please let us dye the Lore outfits. | 09.24.2013, 10:05 PM
I come to this thread with some interesting news! Today I learned of a fun, new thing we are adding in Game Update 2.4… the ability to dye lore outfits!

Very handy that this thread was still active in GD so I could deliver this news 


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Some things are inseparable. Milk and cookies. Cake and ice cream. Gamers (and writers!) and caffeine. Oh, and Chua and explosions. Mondo Zax shows off the race’s love for all things explosive, shiny, and inherently evil in yesterday’s WildStar Wednesday blog. Continuing from this week’s earlier character interview with Victor Lazarin, Mondo Zax is interviewed about his past, his future, hostile plans and well, let’s just say he has a bit of fun at the expense of the interview. After all, what’s an interview without a few explosions?

Q: Thanks for finding the time to speak with us today, Mondo Zax. I know you don’t usually do interviews.
A: Don’t like interviews. Questions annoy Mondo. Things die when Mondo gets annoyed.

Q: Good to know. You’re a Chua, right? Tell me about that.
A: Chua best inventors in galaxy. Make stuff to make empire more powerful. Using science!

Q: You Chua are also quite notorious for your… sense of humor?
A: Yes! Chua like making people laugh.

Q: Really? I’ve heard that victims of your pranks suffer a 68% fatality rate.
A: Lies! Fatality rates for pranks NEVER less than 79%!

Read the rest of the interview here.

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The peek inside the newly-revealed Chua and Mordesh WildStar races continues this week with a character interview with the alchemy mastermind Victor Lazarin. Carbine lets us glimpse a bit of Victor’s personality through the interview, and as always– humor’s brought to the forefront in an awesome way that’s uniquely WildStar. Here’s a sample:

Q: What about the zombie part?
A: Do I appear to you an abomination with an appetite for the living?

Q: Well…yes?
A: My proclivities do not run in that vein, I assure you. Any interests I have in removing your skull and applying my attentions to your brain are purely clinical.

Q: Whew! That’s a load off of my mind. But just to be clear, you guys weren’t always this…hideous and disgusting? If you’ll pardon the expression.
A: We are no longer quite as majestic as we once were.

Q: So what happened?
A: We were formerly a more visually advantageous race. But although we enjoyed long lifespans, we were fervently fascinated by the figure of death, flagrantly flaunting its finality. My goal was to forever free us from its yoke. To preserve those dear to us who might still be saved.

Q: And your solution?
A: I created the Everlife Elixir.

Q: Which was supposed to grant you eternal life?
A: Your power to perceive the obvious is truly impressive.

Fun stuff. Check out the full interview here.

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Last week Carbine Studios continued sharing all the things involving the cute, cuddly, and world-dominating Chua and the cool yet almost-slightly-too calm Mordesh on WildStar Wednesday with a nifty behind-the-scenes blog featuring two iconic faces that will play a big role on Nexus. Mondo Zax is a Chua Chief Technologist who rose from a rough childhood and takes everything out on the whole galaxy with his brilliant mind and crazy gadgets that head the DRED– the Dominion’s Research and Experimentation Division. He’s now built an impressive space station orbiting Nexus. Look out, fluffy wildlife.

Victor Lazarin, a once-proclaimed Mordesh alchemist, makes the Exiles his home faction but has one goal and one goal only– to regain the trust of his people that he personally was responsible for infecting with a terrible Contagion. That Contagion? Yep, the reason Mordesh became undead. Luckily, he also devised a concoction that keeps the flesh-eating madness at bay, which is a good thing for the rest of the Exiles about now. And what about Nexus? There’s gotta be a cure somewhere under all those rocks.

Check out the full developer blog for more details and a not-quite-so-goofy writeup.

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wildstar elves

Wildstar Wednesday brings us some lore on the Luminai, who are a race of half bloods that rule the Dominion.

The Luminai are unique Eldan-human hybrids that occupy the highest positions of nobility within the Dominion, set apart from the other races of the empire by the Eldan blood in their veins. Every Luminai is descended directly from Dominus the Half-Blood – first emperor of the Dominion – and are considered by many to be the living proof of the Eldan legacy granted to the empire almost two thousand years ago.

Luminai resemble tall, powerful, idealized versions of their human cousins, but with facial features that clearly delineate their alien ancestry. Often dressed in ornate robes and wearing ornamental masks, they are a formidable and intimidating presence when seen in public.

You can find out more on their story on the official website. They also look like Elves.

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maor lore

In this week’s The Elder Scrolls Online Ask Us Anything feature hosted by the developers behind the game, we received another question and answer session that was brimming full of lore goodies. There were also a couple of interesting PvP questions and answers including this one that’s concerning crowd control (CC) abilities and how important they will be as well as how they can be defended against in PvP situations:

How is crowd control going to be applied in massive PvPs (ie: how often am I going to get pulled/knocked down/staggered/rooted/knocked away)? Are there any crowd control immunities? – By Dara Ghorban

Coordinating crowd control and immunities certainly is a big part of the strategy in massive PvP battles. There are many different types of crowd control (including all the ones you mention), as well as a variety of ways to cope with them. Here are some examples, in no particular order:

  • The heavy armor skill includes an ability called “Immovable” that costs stamina and makes you immune to stuns and knockbacks and staggers for 8 seconds.
  • The CC breaker is a core mechanic available to all players. If you are currently affected by a crowd control ability, you can tap both mouse buttons to break out of it and become immune for 8 seconds. This costs quite a bit of stamina, however, so it’s something you want to do at the right time.
  • A PvP-specific ability allows you to remove negative effects (including crowd control) from nearby allies.
  • …and many more.

For the full list of questions and answers, check it out here.

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lore live

Hey, RIFT lore enthusiasts, remember this Q&A thread from well before the launch of Storm Legion? It was one of threads that we all kind of celebrated because lore, while present in-game in all of its fantastic nooks and corners, does not always make appearances outside of the game. Developers don’t often discuss lore, and lore questions tend to get glossed over during interviews. Well, the poor Q&A thread certainly got glossed over for more than a few months now, but rest assured– the folks at Trion are actually going to dive into that thread this coming Thursday, March 7th during a live stream event starting at 10:00 AM PST.

This live stream will be hosted by Elrar, of course, and Captaincursor, Trion’s appointed loremaster, will be making an appearance and taking a peek at questions players may have regarding lore and sharing some thoughts. Elrar has also invited players to come up with new questions for the loremaster and post them in this thread.

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flame and frost

We received an interesting developer blog from Angel McCoy yesterday, who is a member of the Guild Wars 2 Living Story team. Now, Living Story is the main story content driving our current Flame and Frost world event. What we’ve seen develop in the Living Story updates so far have been teasers, of course, but later in March we’ll be seeing the real meat of the story unfold. We’ll even be meeting two new characters that are going to be central to the story. There’s also a special villain involved. Here’s a hint:

“We’ve had long meetings, with our most colorful thinking caps on, to discuss how we will pay off all your patience during these early months of teaser content, and we’ve come up with some thrilling storylines that we feel will keep you intrigued and get you even more deeply involved in the ongoing progress of the Living Story. Aside from the Living Story main characters, we’ll also be surprising you with interesting villains, one of whom will become your personal nemesis. Again, no spoilers allowed, so I can’t tell you more than that, but you’ll recognize this sassy character when you see…um, him/her/it.”

This promising statement should interest all fans of GW2:

“As designers have come off other projects and joined us, we’ve increased the amount of content we’ll be delivering, starting at the end of March.”

Check out the full developer blog for all the details.

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