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So I mentioned at the end of my review that I might make you guys a map for Hyrule Warriors. It’s pretty much the same as the original Zelda’s map, but without the same baddies. I sadly have a day job that competes with my gameplaying duties (I have to pay the bills somehow!), so it’s not complete, but I do have enough information that should really help you guys get started.

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Massively’s Richie Procopio sat down with Creative Director Paul Sage to have discussion about endgame, crafting and PVP. Here’s one quote we found interesting:

The last pillar in ESO’s endgame is the Alliance War, which is designed with the PvP player in mind. Players of all three factions will meet in Cyrodiil (a zone roughly nine times the size of a normal map) to wrestle over keeps, resources, and bragging rights.

Can the PVP world really be that big? Are maps that size counter productive to PVP gaming where you spend more time looking for a fight that actually fighting? Will it take forever to travel around?

It’s hard to argue with that logic. I was able to witness a live demonstration of a keep assault in Cyrodiil, and it looked incredible. Trebuchets launched huge boulders at the fortress while defenders scurried along its walls in an attempt to pour boiling oil down upon the manned battering rams. The Q&A team was engaged in a 30v30 skirmish that ran with smooth frame rates, and we got to see the carnage that ensues once a keep wall is breached.

While keep sieges can involve hundreds of players, Sage stressed that there were also activities in the Alliance War geared toward small groups or even solo players. Smaller parties can snipe any enemies that lag behind or wander too far from larger battles. There are also small goals like overtaking enemy farms and mines to secure resources for your alliance.

What we’d like to see is how TESO counteracts player’s tendencies to glob up and attack at main focal points. We’ve seen in SWTOR’s Illum and in GW2’s WvWvW that, while you can say you can have small groups snipe at larger groups or roam around, it often is the case where that rarely happens.

We can’t wait to see the PVP maps in action! Check out the rest of the interview at Massively.

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After the harsh, arid zones of Ardent Domain and Morban, Kingsward may seem like a perfect little vacation spot. Except for, of course, the rampant beasts, invading planar forces, and undead armies. Once a royal kingdom, Kingsward has now fallen. The zone’s story continues from the breadcrumb quest received in Ardent Domain.

Kingsward is ideal for players starting at around levels 56 to 59, and is a good zone to explore when approaching level 60, since it’s part of the Shards of Infinity weekly quest, which is obtained in Tempest Bay and will give you a headstart in collecting Infinity Stones. Completing quests and Carnage quests in Kingsward will reward players with Eternal City Survivors notoriety. To travel to Kingsward, head to either Soros Estate or Turnis Rive Bunker in Ardent Domain.

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There are a couple advantages to questing in Morban. One– you get to kill lots of undead stuff, two– you gain plenty of Necropolis Caretakers notoriety, and three– you get to wander around and guess what? Kill more undead stuff! Members of the Storm Legion also make their way in the mix. Morban, which is the zone following Seratos on the Dusken continent, pretty much follows the same exploratory vibe Seratos has. The zone has a central quest line, but there are plenty of non-scripted areas to explore, random quests to find, and a great deal of Carnage killing to take part in.

Morban is ideal for players starting at around levels 55-59. There’s a fairly large level jump between Seratos and Morban, so it becomes helpful at this point to hop back and forth between both continents a bit. Some ideal Brevane zones for these levels would be Ardent Domain, Kingsward, and Ashora. Like Seratos, Morban is rather dark and desolate in appearance, with a landscape full of ominous trees and looming piles of bones. It’s also the zone where both Tower of the Shattered and Archive of Flesh are located.

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After visiting Seratos, Eastern Holdings, or some combination of either zone, one option for questing in Storm Legion is Ardent Domain, the fourth zone on the Brevane continent. Ardent Domain is ideal for players starting at around levels 55-58. The easiest way to get there is by traveling to either the Vaud Tower or Miran Gate porticulum point in City Core then heading west.

Ardent Domain continues the core theme that makes up much of questing in City Core and Eastern Holdings. What once were large, looming estates now crumble into ruins, and the landscape of Ardent Domain has been transformed into one almost frozen in time. The land is parched and pale. Roots and strange vegetation loom overhead, and dangerous creatures cause what few citizens remain to hide inside a bunker. That bunker, Turnis River Bunker, is where the majority of story quests take place and begin from.

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Continuing our Dusken and Brevane zone tour and point of interest map collection, Seratos is next on the list, which is the second zone on the Dusken continent. Seratos is one of the largest zones in Storm Legion, and is quite a bit more spread out than its level-equivalent zone on Brevane, which is Eastern Holdings. Seratos is ideal for players starting at around levels 52-56, and unless you’re doing quite a few dungeons and Instant Adventures while leveling, it might be advisable around this point to begin questing on both continents if you haven’t already been doing so.

Seratos lives up to Dusken’s dusk-colored reputation, and takes players on a questing journey that’s dark, death-themed (purple galore!), and a little exploratory in nature. While Eastern Holdings has a more prominent story quest line to follow, adventuring through Seratos does follow a central story, but the story paths are more spread out, letting players explore the gloomy countryside and take part in plenty of Carnages and Onslaughts along the way.

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After visiting the Brevane continent and City Core, a story quest takes players right into Eastern Holdings, the next zone of interest in our Storm Legion map and point of interest series. Eastern Holdings is ideal for players starting at around levels 52-56, and is slightly more streamlined in its storyline than the alternative leveling path for these levels, which is Seratos over on the Dusken continent. The atmosphere in Eastern Holdings is also a little more, well, green as opposed to purple.

I won’t delve into storyline spoilers here, but I will say this much– if you’re looking for some of the ways RIFT’s developers have broadened their quest-making wings in Storm Legion, the final quest line in Eastern Holdings is a fantastic example. There’s even a bit of high jumping and investigation-style quests involved!

Keep reading to check out our huge map, complete with point of interest markings, Onslaught information, and more.

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Upon starting out your adventures in Storm Legion, one of the first areas you’ll have access to is the Kingdom of Pelladane, located on the Dusken continent. Dusken is a dark, massive landscape, and Pelladane previews that darkness with quests that are both foreboding in nature yet also hopeful. Crucia’s armies gather in numbers, and her cries can be heard across the zone as she tries to keep her soldiers in check. Luckily, Queen Miela stands strong within the Tuldio Retreat, preparing for war, and doing what she can to slow Crucia’s progress. And that’s where the Ascended come in.

Kingdom of Pelladane is ideal for players around levels 50-53, although the introduction quests can be obtained as low as level 48. The zone is similar to Cape Jule in that it serves as an introduction to Storm Legion. In the main hub of Pelladane, Tuldio Retreat, players will find calling trainers, crafting trainers, a porticulum point, and all types of vendors. This is also where you’ll continue the main story line, grab additional quests, and gain access to a quest that lets you teleport to Tempest Bay, Storm Legion’s main city for both factions.

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Welcome to City Core, the second zone on the Brevane continent in Storm Legion. Once a vast city and now crumbling to ruins, City Core has become overgrown, overtaken, and holds a secret. City Core is ideal for players starting at around levels 51-53, and follows a quest line from Cape Jule. There are two porticulum points which are both marked by the green circles on the map below and the green-bordered text. Hub locations have blue-bordered text, and other points of interest have black-bordered text.

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Here is the first part in our series of Storm Legion zone maps– Cape Jule, the starting zone on the continent of Brevane. The area is ideal for players starting at around levels 50-52. Cape Jule is a rainforest-covered zone, full of lush foliage, waterfalls, and plenty of nasty critters to slay (one common trait for Storm Legion!). There are three porticulum points, which are both marked by the green circles on the map and the green-bordered text. Hub locations have blue-bordered text, and other points of interest have black-bordered text.

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