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By on Nov 9, 2011 at 1:00 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

* Inquisitor Garau: Fixed some cases where Garau’s golems could be aggroed prior to him releasing them.
* Matron Zamira: Increased the range of Matron Zamira’s basic melee attack.

* Thinned out and spread around the NPC population at Death’s Approach.

By on Nov 2, 2011 at 1:25 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

* Guardian Phase: Now gives the Riftstalker a chance to Deflect attacks, reducing their damage taken by the Riftstalker’s Deflect rating. Deflect rating is increased by Dexterity.

* Players with old Sourcestone vouchers in their inventory can once again use them to create Sourcestone tokens.
* Iron Pine Peaks: If you completed the quest ‘The Missing Link’ in Dayblind Hollows without immediately accepting the followup, ‘Collecting Threads’, you can now resume that quest chain.
* All pre-existing Harbinger of Regulos items that haven’t yet been added to your Companion list are no longer Soulbound (much like newly acquired Harbingers of Regulos).
* Achievements: King’s Breach [Expert]: Dogs of War should properly trigger once again. Hunter Suleng’s Ethereal Warhounds are back to spawning at the correct level.

* Hammer and Flame (level 45+) is now considered a Major zone event and has increased Inscribed Sourcestone and Crystallized Insight payouts.
* Corrected an issue with certain Earth and Fire Rift creatures that weren’t awarding experience though they were at least green to your character.
* Resolved some lingering issues with Wardstones not appearing in some spots.

By on Oct 27, 2011 at 1:52 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

* Planar Lure items that open specific Rifts are once again working!
* PVP: Increased the experience payout on world kill quests and weekly quests.

By on Oct 26, 2011 at 4:18 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

* Marksman: Rapid Fire Shot: Fixed a bug where Rapid Fire Shot was doing more damage than normal when two or more Marksman characters used it on the same target at the same time.
* Personal Bankers are now friendly to both Guardian and Defiant characters.
* Updated the item description on Heroic and Veteran’s Experience Vials to indicate that they only increase experience gained from killing creatures and players.
* Increased the experience reward from the weekly Zone Event quests.
* Fixed a case where sometimes invisible footholds would try to take over wardstones.
* Optimized a number of visual effects.
* Fixed a bug where the ‘Copy to PTS’ function would periodically show as disabled.

* Notoriety in all leveling zones has been heavily revised. Many equipment items are easier to obtain, and there are multiple paths for gaining Notoriety outside of just doing dungeons.
* The Planarite reward vendors in leveling zones have been overhauled.
– All Sourceshard (rare) planar currencies have been converted into Sourcestone (epic).
– Rare Planar Merchant gear in all leveling zones has been re-evaluated so it is easier to obtain for leveling characters.
– Some items have had their minimum usage requirements lowered to match the usage requirements of other items from the same vendor.
* Gloamwood: The Hag’s curse will now be removed if the cursed player logs out of the game.
* Hammerknell: The Achievement ‘Vengeance is Mine’ now requires seven Runic Vengeances to be active when the King and Prince are defeated, down from nine.

By on Oct 20, 2011 at 1:32 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

* Rifts will now drop Sourceshards and Inscribed Sourcestones based on their opened level, preventing some Rifts opened with the Planar Attunement lures from dropping incorrectly low-level Sourceshard items.
* Due to the above change, Inscribed Sourcestones now drop from level 40+ Rifts (lowered from level 45+).
* Zone events have been updated to allow for any Rift or Invasion of a specified planar type to count toward the event objectives.
* Increased the rate at which Invasions scale in high-level zones; the Invasions should be somewhat beefier when the zones are highly populated.

* Hammerknell: Taught certain NPCs why killstealing is bad, to fix a case where raids could kill Akylios without getting credit.
* Hammerknell: Grugonim: Corrosive Bile and Unstable Spores have had their projectile speeds reduced, damage lowered, time between uses increased, and a new warning message.
* Fixed the Mathosian version of the Exponent’s Hauberk so it looks like the version everyone else got!
* The Harbinger of Regulos companion pet item is now tradable.
* Nightblade: Blackout: No longer causes spell-based attacks to miss. Duration has been reduced to 5 seconds from 6 seconds.
* Gloamwood: A Woman Scorned: Seriously, the Hag’s Curse shouldn’t get stuck on people anymore.
* Quests in instances containing cross-shard LFG members (ex: dungeons) now work properly with quests that require you to use a quest item in a specific location.
* Dark Pulsing Crystals are now available for purchase with Inscribed Sourcestone.
* Fixed a bug with selecting targets for abilities cast through the /cast slash command.

* Slightly reduced the difficulty of the first unstable stage of Ashes of History Rifts, ‘Gold Tenders’ and ‘Forged Menace’.
* The World Event quest sticky has less blank space around the on-screen text.

* The client should now be able to log back in properly after recovering from a crash!

By on Oct 15, 2011 at 4:06 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

* Fixed an issue with Dissonance of Harmony removing all of your Travel Stones.
* Ashes of History daily quests are now correctly available.

* Fixed a bug with Smart Targeting that could cause you to attack enemies without actually targeting them.
* Un-broke the spawning of PvP Rifts and other special Rift types that we broke with hotfix #7. Oops.
* Pets set on Aggressive should no longer chase after enemies they can’t see.
* Hammerknell: Grugonim: Grugonim will now stay in combat even if he punts your main tank off of a cliff.
* Runecrafting: All epic runecrafter recipes should now cost Master’s Marks.
* Adjusted Planar Advancement experience token drop from high level zone events.

* AddOn API: Fixed a bug with AddonSliders that would sometimes cause the thumb to be invisible.

By on Oct 14, 2011 at 11:33 am, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

* Due to popular demand, the Library of the Runemasters is now a standard warfront available full-time. Achievements and daily quests will come in a future patch.
* Removed the “You cannot preview this item” message that occasionally displayed (occasionally A LOT) when opening the Character Sheet.
* Fixed an issue with incorrect items sometimes appearing in your Off Hand on the Character Sheet.
* It is now possible to fully hatch a second Ash Strider after collecting one.

By on Oct 12, 2011 at 1:42 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

* Marksman: Strafe now correctly enjoys the benefit of the Marksman’s increased range.
* Shimmersand: Ritual Firebrand items are once again quest items and can be stored in the quest bag.
* Achievements: Expert Deepstrike Mines: Fixed a bug where killing Dichrom was not crediting the Expert: Deepstrike Mines achievement.
* Achievements: Gilded Prophecy: Added a speculative fix for a case where achievements would not be granted during the Thalguur fight.
* The Eth Agility racial ability correctly works again when swimming.

* Slightly increased the Planarite reward from zone event encounters.
* Tweaked the level ranges on some NPCs and Invasions during the zone events Army of the Wind and Prince of Earth.
* ‘The Crucible’ zone event in Scarlet Gorge has returned, and the fire colossi Fenkor and Derengal with it! Take on these colossi to earn your Ashes to Ashes and Kiss of the Flame achievements.

* Artifacts collected inside Chronicles now properly count toward the guild quest: Digging Deeper.
* The treasure chest achievements inside the Hammerknell and Greenscale’s Blight chronicles should award more reliably now.
* Fixed a bug in the Hammerknell chronicle that could prevent the Faceless Man or Borrin from assisting you with Murdantix.
* Hammerknell chronicle: The Painstalker Broodmothers should no longer get stuck at low health.

* AddOn API: Fixed a bug when setting the position of a RiftSlider immediately after creating it.

By on Oct 11, 2011 at 11:00 pm, in News, RIFT, Videos  |  Comments: 13 comments

A PVP video with fresh Patch 1.5 gameplay brought to you by Fire of Heaven’s very own master-Mage: Bleeds.

Spec [31 Dominator | 31 Pyromancer | 4 Archmage]

If you love the UI leave a comment. If you hate the UI leave 2.

By on Oct 6, 2011 at 1:26 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

* Fixed an issue causing characters to lose health when mounting.
* Fixed a character sheet bug where unequipped items would continue to be displayed and would overlap equipped items.
* PvP: You can no longer enter a Chronicle or Warfront while in combat.
* Planar Attunement Rift opener abilities now always open a Rift of the correct type.
* Corrected the Genesis Pylon effect so it once again has a cooldown.
* Zone event colossi, now with even greater hit point scaling.
* Tuned down the drop of epic currency from zone events with sub-bosses.
* Fixed a rare case where an ex-LFG tool group would enter a Master mode and receive a replacement group member popup.
* You can once again see experience rewards granted from LFG instance completions in the LFG window.
* Fixed a bug where the LFG UI would occasionally not show any queues to join.

* Killing base population mobs in the Greenscale’s Blight and Hammerknell Chronicles now causes you to be saved to the instance.
* Sanctum: Ceremony of Attunement: You should no longer get occasionally stuck in combat in the courtyard area.
* You can now auto-attack with the flower weapons from the Greenscale’s Blight chronicle. FLOWER POWER.
* Fixed another case in the Greenscale chronicle where Lord Greenscale could get stuck at 1% and not reset properly. Also reduced the length of his flight phase to 20 seconds from 30.
* Meridian: Ceremony of Attunement: Reduced the likelihood of getting stuck after your progress is saved when fighting Kain.

* Changes to the following solo accolades: Killing Spree, Rampage, Unstoppable, Savior, Juggernaut, Invincible, Defender, Double Threat, Sabotage, Massacre.
– Reduced the experience, Favor, and Prestige granted to the player earning the accolade by 10%.
– Teammates now earn roughly 30% of the experience, Favor, and Prestige when others on their team earn these solo accolades.

* Many dungeon terrain shortcuts have been fixed. Please bug report any that are still an issue!
* Instances can once again only be reset 5 times per hour. This was broken with 1.5.
* Darkening Deeps [Master]: Villizar: Break Free type abilities now work against Flame Javelin’s stun.
* Darkening Deeps [Master]: Tegenar: Break Free type abilities no longer work for Cocoon.
* Hammerknell: Akylios: The death region on the dock should properly deactivate on Akylios’ death.
* Hammerknell: Inquisitor Garau’s minions no longer grant experience.

* Recasting buffs like Rogue poisons will now replace the existing buff rather than a random one.
* Dominator: Fixed an issue where Charged Shield [Rank 5] and Mass Charged Shield [Rank 4] would double-proc when triggered.
* Marksman: Vampiric Munitions: Fixed a bug where the healing siphon caused the Marksman to break stealth when the debuffed target was healed.
* Nightblade: Fell Blades: Fixed a bug where the healing siphon caused the Nightblade to break stealth when the debuffed target was healed.
* Pyromancer: Burning Bonds: Fixed an issue with the Unbreakable Bonds ability where Burning Bonds would only root a PvP target for 4 seconds instead of 8, even if the target was not under the effect of diminishing returns.

* Client optimizations!
* The game now tries to work around a bug in AMD Llano CPUs (AMD models A4-3XXX, A6-3XXX and A8-3XXX) that was causing frequent crashes. If you use one of these processors you should notice improved client stability.

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