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By on Aug 21, 2012 at 11:41 am, in Patch Notes, TERA  |  Comments: No comments yet

Cool New Stuff

  • Battlegrounds are now available!
  • Access Battleground Matching from anywhere in the game world by clicking on the button in the Social menu or the button under your compass.
  • If you’re part of a 15-person raid group, the game matches you against other 15-person raid groups.
  • If you’re alone or part of a smaller party, the game assembles a 15-person team and matches you against other randomly assembled teams.
  • Your team wins the match by earning 5,000 points or having the most points when time runs out.
  • You earn 5 points for killing an enemy player.
  • You earn 200 points for capturing a base.
  • If you control more bases than the other team, you earn additional points every second:
  • 3 points/second if you control one more base
  • 5 points/second if you control two more bases
  • 7 points/second if you control all three bases
  • You earn 600 points for killing the naga BAM, 50 points for killing the rock BAM, and 10 points for killing a normal monster. The monsters also provide buffs when killed.
  • Become a battleground leader by selecting “Able to lead the battle” during the matching process.
    • Battleground leaders can launch meteors that damage enemies and slow their movement.
    • They can also make location scans that show enemies on the map.
  • Bandages, bombs, campfires, teleport scrolls, and scrolls that provide buffs do not function in battlegrounds. Food and potions that grant HP or MP or improve HP/MP regeneration likewise do not function.
  • Guild-versus-guild/Vanarch GvG is not active while in battlegrounds.
  • Your individual score will be calculated as the match goes.
    • 300 points for a kill
    • 150 points for an assist on a kill
    • 500 for capturing a base
  • At the battle’s end, you earn Bellicarium credits based on victory/loss and your individual score in that battle.
    • Randomly assembled raids earn 80 credits if they won and 30 credits if they lost.
    • Pre-assembled raids earn 35 credits if they won and 15 credits if they lost.
    • You also earn 1 percent of your individual score as credits. This bonus is capped at 50 for randomly assembled raids and 30 for pre-assembled raids.
    • Use the credits to buy useful items from battleground reputation vendors.
  • You can also buy Bounties of the Fray for victories; they randomly provide enchantment-related consumables, battleground gear, and Muhrak Black Label gloves and boots.
  • You must compete in ten battlegrounds to be ranked. Battleground records are reset every 90 days, and the rankings renew every Monday morning at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time.
  • Battlegrounds are always available and have a ten-minute cooldown.