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By on Dec 4, 2012 at 12:26 pm, in Patch Notes, TERA  |  Comments: 1 comment

You’ll see everyone getting in the festive mood when our holiday decorations go up at noon on December 4. We know there’s more to the season than trees and decorations, though, so stay tuned for more details on the rest of the holiday festivities!

  • New items are available that drop from open-world BAMs in Veritas District, Val Tirkai, Helkan District, and Val Kaeli.
    • Semi-Enigmatic Scroll
      • Used to change an item’s bonus options only.
      • Usable only on unenchantable, equippable items:
        • Rings
        • Earrings
        • Unenchantable Weapons
        • Unenchantable Armor
      • To use, move the item you wish to change into inventory, right-click on the scroll, left-click the item, then click the green arrow next to the bonus option you want to change.
      • This item can be traded or stored in a personal or guild bank. You cannot destroy it or sell it to a merchant.
    • Complete Crystalbind Scroll
      • Protects crystals from breaking on any death for 12 hours. Half a day to die is way better than half a day to live!
      • This effect supersedes both crystalbind and Rookie’s crystalbind.
      • The complete crystalbind effect lasts 12 in-game hours. You can activate a complete crystalbind every 12 real hours. If you activate a new complete crystalbind while an existing complete crystalbind has time left, the duration resets to 12 in-game hours.
      • This item can be traded or stored in a personal or guild bank. You can destroy it but cannot sell it to a merchant. Merchants boycott these things because they’re in the crystal-selling business.
  • Three new dungeon rookie buffs have been added (because 25 percent more loot isn’t reason enough to group with some people):
    • Rookie’s Crystalbind
      • Protects crystals from breaking upon death.
      • One-time use; disappears once activated, so keep your dying to a minimum.
      • Does not stack with crystalbind or complete crystalbind.
      • All party members grouped with a rookie receive the buff.
      • Does not apply to Manaya’s Core in hard mode.
    • Rookie’s Oversight
      • Can resurrect at the location of death once. After that, you’ll have to sweet-talk your healer.
      • One-time use; disappears once activated.
      • Does not stack with the mystic’s Vow of Rebirth buff.
      • Applies to only the rookie (or n00b , if you prefer).
      • Does not apply to Manaya’s Core in hard mode.
    • Rookie’s Fervor
      • Attack power increases by 12 percent.
      • Does not stack with canephora potion.
      • Applies to all party members grouped with a rookie.
      • Does not apply to Manaya’s Core in hard mode or Argon Corpus in hard mode. You’ll have to handle Manaya the hard way.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The tier 14 items have been removed from challenger’s aide, the losers’ box from the battlegrounds, and have been replaced by greater charms.
  • Semi-enigmatic scrolls and complete crystalbinds have been added to the possible drops from victor’s spoils, the winners’ box from the battlegrounds.

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed the problem of outlaw-declared characters HP bar being displayed in blue. Blood on their hands, blood red on their HP bar.
  • Account-based mounts can now be discarded.
  • Fixed the problem of Party Disband not functioning while all other party members are offline.