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During yesterday’s RIFT portion of the Trion Friday live stream extravaganza, Elrar, Dead Simon, and OverloadUT talked a bit about what Trion is working on next for the game and answered questions from the community. Not too much new information was revealed, but here are a new and/or interesting bits we discovered:

  • The new level 60 revamped Expert dungeon coming in 2.4 is being called Twisted Realm of the Fae and will present a nightmare-like version of the original dungeon. The last boss will be an evil-er version of Twyl.
  • One of the new Chronicles coming in 2.4 will be a small-scale version of Infernal Dawn. It should be around as difficult as Queen’s Gambit.
  • The new Chronicles, etc., should be coming up on the PTS relatively soon.
  • Trion will unveil a new mount soon. It sounds pretty awesome.
  • Trion’s working on some performance issue fixes that may be ready for release soon.
  • Simon briefly mentioned another of the PvP dimension items– a 5-minute timer that can be used for deathmatches, etc.
  • They’re thinking about revamping all of the level 50 Experts to shift them into level 60 versions, but nothing is definite so far.
  • As mentioned in earlier hints regarding 2.4, one of the new raids will focus on chasing the Architects into the Earth Plane while the other will concentrate on the opening of the Infinity Gate.
  • Trion is in the process of trying to figure out a better way to showcase vanity pets. There’s talk about letting dimension owners display pets inside their dimensions.
  • The next tier of PA levels will allow players to branch out a bit more.
  • PvP dimensions will probably be enter-able through the dimension interface UI. The dimension owner will have to set the permissions correctly, of course.
  • A separate friend list and ignore list is being worked on for dimensions.
  • If you’ve ever thought about how handy it would be to create a macro that switches between your wardrobe sets, you’re in luck! A suggestion was made in the TwitchTV chat, and before the live stream was done recording, one Trion engineer completed the request and had the macro command ready! It’s not quite in-game yet, but should be available within the next couple of hotfixes.
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Last Friday’s Trion live stream extravaganza was a bit of a quiet one (but with fireworks that kind of made up for it!), but Dead Simon did deluge a few hints about RIFT 2.4 and about other future updates for the game. Some of this information has been hinted at or revealed before, but other tidbits are new. Here’s what we found out:

  • RIFT 3.0‘s a long ways away, which is when we’ll be seeing the new souls revealed a couple weeks ago and lots and lots of water. Currently the team is planning for 2.0 to go up to at least 2.7, which likely means we’re talking many months or perhaps even a year before we see 3.0.
  • RIFT 2.4 is an instance-packed update. The highlight of which, of course, will be the two new 20-man raids.
  • We’ll also see a level 60 version of Realm of the Fae in 2.4.
  • We’ll also be getting at least one (possibly two) new Chronicles in 2.4.
  • Summerfest’s around the corner. Yes, we’re getting swimsuits this year.
  • Fireworks from rifts will stick around for a week or two at least.
  • Gloamwood and Stonefield are next on the list for quest simplification and restructuring (similar to the current leveling experience in Freemarch/Silverwood), which may include some random Carnage quests.
  • Server transfers between NA and EU shards would be quite difficult for the team to pull off, and if Trion ever succeeds in doing so, said transfers may be a paid service.
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I find that people either love Atrophinius for his drunken ways or hate him and wish he would stop talking so they get on with the killing.  The satyr has had a rough journey getting to where he is today, shifting allegiances and even a bad case of death have gotten between him and his precious mead, but now he stands before us, cup of Fae Wassail in hand, a champion of his people. So how did a drunk rise to such prominence within the Fae community and where could this path possibly be leading him?

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For every dungeon you encounter during your journey to the level cap, there is a second, more difficult, version for players at level 50. These dungeons are called “Expert” Dungeons. Ten in all, they are divided into two tiers; the first tier is aimed at players who have just recently hit level 50 and the second tier is geared towards those who have spent time in Tier 1 Expert Dungeons.

For the purpose of this guide, Realm of the Fae is considered a Tier 1 Expert Dungeon. General requirements for all Tier 1 dungeons include a Tank with at least 50 Toughness, a credible healer and an off-healer. The Tank will generally be a Warrior due to the lack of Rogue Tank gear available at the onset of Tier 1 Dungeons. Healers will consist of Clerics mostly where your best off healer will be a Chlormancer. This does not mean you will not be able to use a Bard or Justicar as an off-healer or a Chloromancer as a main healer.

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Need some assistance through Realm of the Fae? Check out our tutorial videos.

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Realm of the Fae

Deep in the hedge mazes in northern Silverwood, the realm of Fae Lord Twyl is situated. This dungeon is full of satyrs, treants and faeries. Work your way through this dungeon by fighting your way through the four seasons and meet up with their avatars at the very end. See if you have what it takes to hold court with Lord Twyl.

This dungeon is meant for levels 17-19 and is located in the northern part of Silverwood, the first zone for new Guardian characters. There are three quests associated with this dungeon and two are given inside the zone. As with all dungeons, the first quest is the automatic dungeon quest, the second is given to you by an NPC at the entrance and third is given from an NPC in Sanctum.

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Here’s a newbie video we’ve been working on from Beta 3. This one shows you a dungeon run that I did as a Mage. There were several runs in this video, thanks to server crashes, but I got some great footage. First you’ll mostly see me being the party’s main healer. Lock up the Chloromancer soul, full Chloro with some Dominator for CC and the extra points going into Warlock for the life-to-mana (6 pts) ability so you can never run out of mana. The second build is a champ with AOE, which is the Pyromancer. All you need is to grab Fire Storm and combine that with Improved Smoldering Power for awesome mana efficiency and your enemies will burn en masse.

Videos after the break.

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Post Christmas Updates: Videos! Here are some user created Realm of the Fae videos from the Beta 2 Event. Enjoy!

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Check out the Guardian Trailer from GamesCom. We get our first glimpse of a Fire Rift!