LATEST: RIFT: New Expansion Information Revealed at PAX
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By on Feb 20, 2013 at 9:58 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

RJ Patch Notes

* Raid-dropped and Raid merchant gear has gotten a boost.
* You can now use the Ascend-a-Friend Summon Friend ability to summon between Mathosia and Storm Legion zones.
* Endless Eclipse: Matriarch of Pestilence: Reduced the duration of the Necrotic Spores effect to better match it up to the VFX.
* Golem Foundry: Expert: Corrected the notoriety rewards for dungeon completion.
* Ashora Onslaughts: Melee mobs should now properly engage Turrets and Lifesprings.
* Changed the character name length for invites to Dimensions or Weddings to give more room for @shardname cross-shard invites.

* Rewards (Experience, Favor, Prestige, coin, Notoriety, Conquest Power, and Freelancer’s Marks of Conquest) are now suppressed if you spend more than a minute in the starting areas of Warfronts or Conquest. By leaving the starting area for a few moments, you will no longer incur a penalty. During the course of legitimate play, this should be a highly rare occurrence.
* Reduced the amount of Valor available on PvP set gear.
* Reduced healing received in PvP combat at level 60.

* Notoriety rewards for Storm Legion Expert dungeons have been increased to 500 from 250.
* Instant Adventure in Steppes of Infinity now grants 200 Notoriety as a base, up from 150.
* Instant Adventure in Ashora now grants 200 Notoriety as a base amount.
* Most Storm Legion endgame Daily quests that previously granted Notoriety now give 300.
* Increased some Lycini Notoriety payouts for kills and quests.
* Storm Legion Daily quests and group Daily quests now grant additional coin rewards.
* Infinity Stone payouts have been updated for certain endgame activities.
* Daily quests that grant Infinity Stones now give 4 instead of 2.
* Onslaught Dailies that grant Infinity Stones now give 3 instead of 2.
* Instant Adventure chests are now slightly more common and can give 1-3 Infinity Stones.