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By on Feb 14, 2013 at 7:34 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

RJ Patch Notes

= Festival of Mariel-Taun =
* The Festival of Mariel-Taun approaches; a celebration of love in Telara!
* Telarans everywhere are being smitten by the Love Bug, a completely harmless disease resulting in such symptoms as ‘butterflies in the tummy’.
* Those suffering from this joyful affliction are infectious, capable of transmitting the Love Bug to up to three additional Telarans.
* Just in time for the celebration, a new Dimension Item merchant has set up shop in Tempest Bay selling wedding-themed decor! This merchant is a permanent addition and its appearance – and items – are not limited to the duration of the Festival.

* You can remove the Love Bug effect from yourself by right-clicking the effect. While you have it, you cannot receive it again.
* After infecting 3 people with the Love Bug, you are immune to re-infection for an hour.
* The Love Bug will begin spreading among the playerbase sometime on Thursday, February 14th in local server time, initially by the use of mysterious love letters sent to a random selection of active characters. Check your in-game mail to see if you have a delivery!
* For Newsletter subscribers, also check your newsletters for a code to obtain a selection of the new Wedding-themed Dimension items!