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Hosts: Draegan (Jason) DraeganRJ@twitter, Meeo (William) MeeoRJ@twitter, and Ket

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This week on

This week James ‘Elrar’ Nichols, Amanda ‘Amary’ Fry, Erick ‘Zann’ Adams and Cindy ‘Abigale’ Bowens join Arithion and Desikis to talk about their many different playstyles and the adaptability of the soul system as well as the process of creating the podcast.

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Hosts: Draegan (Jason) DraeganRJ@twitter, Meeo (William) MeeoRJ@twitter. Guest Host: Xep, Fires of Heaven (Reclaimer-Defiant)

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[podcast][/podcast]Hosts: Draegan (Jason) DraeganRJ@twitter, Meeo (William) MeeoRJ@twitter

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This week on RiftPodcast they had Trion Developer Adam Gershowitz on to talk about many game elements. They went over the World Events, corrupted soul sources, Tier 2 Dungeon Difficulty and most importantly, class balance. The Gersh touched on each of the four calling in a general sort of way. Keep reading for a quick overview.

  • Warriors are near where they want them to be dps wise. There are some issues with threat and taunting that they have fixed and are still working on. There are some “edge” situations where they want to look at as far as dps goes but you won’t see any drastic changes.
  • Rogues are being looked at now. With Saboteur’s problems that was all the time they devoted to the class for the previous patch. They are looking at them currently and adjust a few things, though they are in the general area of where they need to be. They are definitely looking at Ranged vs. Melee balances as well. Since Sab’s overshadowed all other changes, they will go back and look at dps overall. (Editor’s note: Please don’t nerf us again, and rehaul the Bard Soul! Most boring soul ever.)
  • Clerics will be looked at in terms of tuning Inquisitor and Cabalist dps. Some mention was made of healing, but it doesn’t appear to be any major look. The scewed changes to healing from pre-1.1 prevented them from looking at Cleric healing over all.
  • Mages looks good right now as well as far as damage goes but they are well aware of Ground of Strength and what it tends to do in PVP situations.

In regards to the healing changes in 1.1, they felt they had to much passive raid healing, i.e. Chloro and Bard heals. They wanted to make raid healing a more of an active strategy.

On World Events: Adam touches on this briefly, but the team is happy with how things are working and they have plans for more events with more stages and more complicated objectives. Sounds like great things are in store for the future.

For the whole Podcast, follow this link to Rift

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[podcast][/podcast]Hosts: Draegan (Jason) DraeganRJ@twitter, Meeo (William) MeeoRJ@twitter

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Monday’s Rift Podcast is available. This first part of the podcast contains audio from the Dev Round Table. However more importantly starting at the 38 minute mark:

Stay tuned after the dev chat for a tiny glimpse of the Drunken Podcast

The podcast does contain some profanity, so we’ll have to stick a NSFW label on it.

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Rift Podcast‘s latest episode has Berenger Fish on to discuss the end game content and we get some new insights on what is coming down the line. What we currently know about the end game is that there will be rifts, raid rifts, expert dungeons and instanced raids. With this podcast we find out what raids will be in at release, what comes after, and all the details about raid size and lockout timers.

It was previously announced that raids came in two sizes, 10 man and 20 man. Today it was announced that the 10 man raids have been taken out and there will only be one raid size: 20. This was a tough decision to make for the dev team. Their reasoning was based on technicalities as far as creating different gear power levels, potentially forcing competitive guilds to do both 10 man and 20 man raids in a single lockout and creating a more streamlined design effort when developing encounters.

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Few details on Beta are filtering out. Here is one impression.

From Massively:

RIFT isn’t perfect, and there’s a lot that might feel all-to-familiar, but the rift invasions and the soul system address the two biggest problems in MMOs today: lack of player interaction and the limitations of the holy trinity in groups. Rifts encourage players to band together, include each other, and fight against a common enemy. The soul system encourages five people, regardless of class, to group up and still have the tools to make progress together. If rift invasions are tuned correctly, and if the soul system realizes its potential, RIFT has a real opportunity to breathe new life into the MMO genre.

Here’s one more from Ten Ton Hammer:

Rift is a graphically stunning game that is filled with both beautiful landscapes and horrific monsters. While graphics don’t always make the game, the look of Rift is excellent and thus far runs smoothly even in a beta setting.

Very few games lately have been able to convey so much in their first 20 levels, but with so much depth and such a quick leveling curve Rift has done an excellent job of immersing me in its world. The combination of so many good elements along with a difficulty level that provides a solid challenge without being oppressively difficult has me wanting to see more and anticipating the next 20 levels and beyond.

And a mid-week podcast from Rift

Scott Hartsman – Rift’s Studio General Manager, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer; Alyvian – forum and irc regular, beta tester and Tranquility Guild Leader and Cindy ‘Abigale’ Bowens – Sr. Community Manager for RIFT join Arithion to talk about the following:

* Beta NDA Lift
* Rift system scaling
* Fullscale Invasion of the masses
* Soul choices overhauled
* More than 51 Soul Points
* Beta 3
* Kelari Roll!

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This week Rift Podcast gets to talk with Scott Harsman and Cameron McNeil, Senior System’s Lead.

Both Scott Hartsman – Rift’s Studio General Manager, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer – and Cameron McNeil – Senior System’s Lead – sat down with Ari while she was at Trion. Though their time was limited they did discuss some of, but not limited to, the following:

* PvP vs PvE Gear
* Soul design and Itemization
* PvP Rankings and Achievements
* Email Login
* Testing Process
* Beta

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