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By on Oct 17, 2014 at 7:52 am, in FFXIV, MMORPG, News  |  Comments: No comments yet

It is finally here and it’s what fans have been waiting for– the first official trailer for the upcoming patch in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Patch 2.4: Dreams Of Ice, was released only 5 hours ago and does it deliver! The trailer itself does a great job at showcasing the new features that are coming to the game such as the Shiva primal, the Rogue and Ninja classes, the Final Coil of Bahamut, and much more. But don’t take my word for it– take a look at the trailer for yourself:

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Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who attended this past weekend’s Tokyo Game Show were treated to a preview of the upcoming patch content coming to live servers. Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida, showed the eager fans the first trailer for the patch as well as some in-game footage of the new dungeon coming. On top of that, he also showed off the upcoming Rogue and Ninja class as well as the arena players will enter when facing off against

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While there is little to no narration to some of these videos, the trailer is only in Japanese which still makes these videos quite accessible if you don’t know the language. So let’s go ahead and take a look as to what we have in store for the upcoming changes in Patch 2.4: Dreams Of Ice!

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marksman rogue dps guide header

This is a guide for the 61 Marksman spec that’s suitable for most types of gameplay in RIFT including leveling, raiding, and all types of endgame group activities. It’s a pure ranged Rogue spec and features fantastic mobility, solid utility, and a rotation that’s fairly simple to learn. It won’t do quite as much DPS as most melee Rogue specs, but as a ranged spec it performs solidly.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Originally posted by Ailion (Source)

Just a heads up, some Bladedancer and Ranger changes are already up on PTS. Patch notes haven’t been posted yet.

  1. Bladedancer: Dauntless Strike: No longer increases the Critical Hit chance of group members. It now applies a debuff to the target, increasing the target’s chance to be critically hit by 5%.
  2. Bladedancer: Blade Hustle: An additional effect has been added. You now gain Blade Hustle every 3s, increasing the damage of your next Quick Strike or Precision Strike 3-9%. Stacks up to 10 times.
  3. Bladedancer: Disengage: Can now be used anytime. Now on GCD.
  4. Bladedancer: Dancing Steel, Hundred Blades: Now on a 30s cooldown, down from 60s.
  5. Ranger: New ability added to the Blood Raptor. The Blood Raptor can now charge at the enemy, dealing physical damage.
  6. Ranger: Escape Artist: Cooldown has been reduced to 1 min, down from 2 min.
  7. Ranger: Fleeting Instinct: Effect can now be applied both in and out of combat.
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RJ Dev Tracker

Over the weekend, Trion posted a few updates on the forums for Clerics, Warriors, and Rogues. Among the updates, there were notes of current bugs impacting Fiery Spike and Expose Weakness for Rogues, Reckless Strike for Warriors, and Light of Redemption for Clerics. Light of Redemption, the Sentinel ability, has actually been temporarily disabled as of late Saturday. Here are the three dev tracker posts, starting with the Cleric update:

Originally posted by Pithos (Source)

Hello everyone,

We’ve had to disable the 61 point Sentinel ability, Light of Redemption, due to a bug.

Thank you to everyone who reported it, and we hope to have it active again soon.

Keep reading to see the others.

By on Oct 6, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT, Rogue Corner  |  Comments: 2 comments

Storm Legion’s first closed beta weekend event may be under NDA wraps, but thanks to yesterday’s Rogue reveal live stream, we can now share some new information about the Tactician– the Storm Legion Rogue soul. Ever want to use a flamethrower in RIFT? Now’s your chance. Tacticians come complete with a fully-stocked arsenal of technological gadgets including the flamethrower, mechanical cores, engines, and if paired up with the Saboteur soul– even a Molotov Cocktail or two.

The Tactician’s style of gameplay shares a few things in common with both the Tempest Warrior soul and the Harbinger Mage soul. Trion wanted to throw some new, cool stuff into the soul, along with aspects that synergize well with other souls and help fill any sort of gap in the current souls to choose from. The Tactician is bit of a hybrid soul, combining AoE damage and AoE healing power along with a wide assortment of utilities and support abilities that synergize well with many Rogue souls, including Bard, Saboteur, and Nightblade. Ability wise, the soul carries lots of fire power– flame tech and magical tech specifically.

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By now we’ve all heard that Friday, October 5th is the Storm Legion Rogue soul reveal live stream, which happens to be revealing, of course, the Tactician. It will take place at 2:30 PM PST on Trion’s TwitchTV page, and will also be available after the show for viewing. The team at Trion started the official thread yesterday asking for questions from the playerbase that the team will answer during the stream.

Rogue players, get your questions ready! As always, Rift Junkies will be providing highlights and screenshots for the live stream later in the weekend.

Keep reading to see the full announcement.

By on Sep 28, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, News, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

The Storm Legion Rogue reveal (Tactician!) live stream has been confirmed by Elrar to take place next Friday, October 5th. In that same forum reply, Elrar also gave us another bit of exciting news. Here’s the full reply, which starts off with an answer regarding the date of the Rogue reveal:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

It will indeed be next Friday, October 5th!

Getting all the ducks in a row and we should announce Monday – and if our plans work out you’ll be seeing at least one live stream a week up through launch starting in October as we explore all that Storm Legion has to offer, full steam ahead!

One live stream a week? Yeah, I’d say that’s full steam ahead. Live streams are a great way to show off all the features (and souls!) waiting for us in the expansion, and if this plan succeeds, Trion will undoubtedly create a charged-up cloud of excitement. No, wait. Storm of excitement. There we go. Stormy metaphors to the max.

In other news, Trion also released some more information about the new Hunt Rifts coming to Storm Legion in a short blog post.

By on Sep 21, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

The next Storm Legion new soul reveal Live Stream headed our way will feature the Tactician, our new Rogue soul. A couple weeks ago, Elrar confirmed that we wouldn’t have to wait a whole month before getting to steal a glimpse of the Tactician in action. This came as a relief to many players who are anxious to find out about their favorite soul.

A couple days ago, a more specific timetable was announced on Trion’s Twitter feed, shown to the left. It seems Rogue fans will have to wait at least another week for their reveal. And yep, before anyone asks, the first part of that Tweet is indeed a “rouge” joke.

As we begin our final countdown toward the time remaining until Storm Legion’s launch, it definitely appears the folks at Trion have their hands full. October promises to be a busy month with the Rogue reveal, Cleric reveal, the announcement of Storm Legion’s open beta, and RIFT Patch 1.11 somewhere in there.

By on Aug 13, 2012 at 9:43 am, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

Re: Aillion is too busy fixing rogue energy to post, lets hope..:3

Aillion is super busy making rogues even more fun and amazing in the expac.

Also, last time I played under the 2.0 ruleset, my rogue didn’t have any energy issues.

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