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By on Jul 2, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

RJ Dev Tracker

There’s no doubt that a large amount of RIFT players, both new and veteran, were enjoying taking down zone event baddies in Freemarch and Silverwood these last few days since the addition of Trion’s mini siege event that let participants collect extra special RIFT Store items and bonus at-level currency. Zone events have always been more fun in large numbers, and mentoring is kind of perfect for events like this. Unfortunately, the event came to an early close for some yesterday evening when issues started arising with rewards granted. The achievement items, especially, were not always being rewarded.

Trion wasn’t able to fix the issue, but they will be bringing down the shards today for a hotfix that will hopefully fix it. If so, we may just see a reprisal of the event in order to let players grab those last few achievement items.

Here’s the latest bit of info from the forums:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

We’re updating tomorrow [Ed. note: 7/2/13] instead of Wednesday to give us an additional work day between the Hot Fix and the Holiday weekend.

Taking a look to see if there’s anything we can do to get it running again – but we’re on the shorter time-table this week & it might not be possible.

As I said above, we’ll be doing this again soon and take some extra time to make it shine.

Events like these that seem kind of last minute (and thus fairly simple to code) but encourage players to explore areas they may not visit much anymore are actually kind of cool in a game like RIFT, since they bring dynamic content back to the forefront. For those of you also playing Defiance, this event seemed quite similar to the episodic content updates in that game. Definitely not a bad way to mix up the gameplay options.

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In this week’s earlier hotfix, the Trion RIFT team updated some of the ways in which new players will experience questing in Freemarch and Silverwood. Players will be able to take part in Carnage quests which will give them a little preview of what’s in store for them in Storm Legion. When a few players on the forums questioned whether they were able to go back and see these Carnage additions for themselves, Tacitus specified that players who have completed the original content will not be able to go back and complete the new Carnage quests.

He also had a few things to add. Keep reading to take a look.

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Silverwood Mining Guide

A quick reference map for those who wish to get a head start on mining today. Click on the image for a full size map.

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Freemarch Foraging Guide Freemarch Mining Guide Gloamwood Foraging and Mining Guide Silverwood Foraging Guide Stonefield Mining and Foraging Guide

Our crack team of researchers has put together some maps for anyone interested in starting up Foraging and Mining for both the first two areas of the Defiant and Guardian factions. Zones included are Silverwood, Freemarch, Gloamwood and Stonefield.

You can find them all cataloged in our Guides Section.
Research courtesy of Laughingskull.

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Silverwood Map and Locations

The following is a map of Silverwood and it’s principle locations.

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Here’s a newbie video we’ve been working on from Beta 3. This one shows you a dungeon run that I did as a Mage. There were several runs in this video, thanks to server crashes, but I got some great footage. First you’ll mostly see me being the party’s main healer. Lock up the Chloromancer soul, full Chloro with some Dominator for CC and the extra points going into Warlock for the life-to-mana (6 pts) ability so you can never run out of mana. The second build is a champ with AOE, which is the Pyromancer. All you need is to grab Fire Storm and combine that with Improved Smoldering Power for awesome mana efficiency and your enemies will burn en masse.

Videos after the break.

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Just passing on a cool video for everyone to watch from the Beta 2 event. This one is a large boss encounter from a spawned Rift Invasion in Silverwood. Remember everyone here is level 20 or under!

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“The beauty of Silverwood belies the lethality of its inhabitants.”

By on Jul 7, 2010 at 1:22 pm, in RIFT, Screenshots  |  Comments: No comments yet

“A tear is discovered in Silverwood!”

My opinion? Looks like an Inquisitor or some other Cleric calling by the look of that mace. The tears really do appear anywhere. Looks like it’s forming up on a hill out of the way; tucked in a corner.