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By on Feb 26, 2013 at 4:17 pm, in TERA  |  Comments: No comments yet


Hey everyone, many of you might be familiar with the full Junkies Nation network where we attempt to create fansites from every MMOG out there. As our network grows, so do my responsibilities. Because of this we have begun our very own Affiliate Operator program.

To break it down simply, Junkies Nation is looking for people who have the desire to run, operate and create content for Defiance Junkies. This means Defiance Junkies is your site to run as you see fit under our guidelines. In turn you get web development, hosting, developer access (Hi Lance!), promotional support that includes cross-platform with our sites as well as outside sources of promotion.

As the Senior Editor of Junkies Nation, I can’t be across our network every day, all the time and we’re looking for a bright, creative and hard working person to run Defiance Junkies for us. In return for all your hardwork, you then begin to share in the site’s profits earning up to 60% of the revenue generated on the site.

If you are interested in finding out more about this program, along with the details, please contact me at

Thanks everyone!