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Introducing Conquest – Test the latest in RIFT PvP on Thursday, 5/17

Three faction PvP and the essence of open world combat will soon storm upon the shores of the Public Test Shard!

Welcome to Conquest – choose your side and square off in a no-holds-barred, interdimensional battle royal on Thursday, 5/17 @ 4:00PM PDT (11:00PM GMT). This is the first massive test of this brand new feature!

Conquest at a Glance

  • Engage in massive, cross-shard battles capturing the excitement of Open World PvP at its best!
  • Align with one of three new factions, the biggest difference is their philosophy. (You will be able to change factions.)
  • Earn rewards and bonuses for your team – or supercharge yourself with bonuses that can be used outside of Conquest!
  • Everyone can contribute – crafters play a vital role in every Conquest battle.
  • This is a brand new feature, details and specifics will likely change based on your feedback and play tests. For the latest info keep an eye on the PTS Forums!
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