LATEST: RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide and ArcheAge Launch Dates Revealed– Plus More!
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carnival 2014 header

It’s that time of year again, folks. The time for balloon popping, glass beads, Alo’s Amazing Popped Corn, adorable pinatas shaped like our favorite bosses, and cool-looking Nebula mounts. It’s Carnival of the Ascended! While the event won’t officially start until 3:30 PM PST later today, yesterday’s patch made this year’s purchasable goodies appear on the RIFT Store as well as plopped a chunk of new achievements for us to chase after (also, check out the RIFT mobile app for the event-themed scratcher mini-game).

From the looks of it, the event itself will be largely unchanged from last year except for a few new items to collect and the new achievements. This preview will go over the new goodies and achievements specifically. If this is your first year taking part in Carnival of the Ascended, feel free to check out our guide from last year as well as our writeup from two years ago for more info about the event itself and what it will consist of.

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fae yule 2013 review header

Ah, Fae Yule. It’s always been one of my favorite RIFT holidays. Ever since last year’s addition of the little sledding mini-game and the IAs, it’s always struck me as one Trion’s better world events. There are plenty of things to do, there are plenty of holiday goodies to stumble across in Telara, and there are adorable boglings in Santa hats running around and plenty of things to get drunk on. What’s not to love?

I also have to admit upfront that I’ve been a little harsh lately regarding Trion’s recent cash shop incentive additions to the game. Mech Week and the like were poorly handled in my opinion, as was Autumn Harvest to some degree. Luckily, Trion seems to have taken our feedback to heart and has given us something much better balanced this time around. ‘Tis the season for Fae Yule and for improved holiday events.

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Ah, Fae Yule. It’s always been one of my favorite RIFT holidays. Ever since last year’s addition of the little sledding mini-game and the IAs, it’s always struck me as one Trion’s better world events. There are plenty of things to do, there are plenty of holiday goodies to stumble across in Telara, and there are adorable boglings in Santa hats running around and plenty of things to get drunk on. What’s not to love?

I also have to admit upfront that I’ve been a little harsh lately regarding Trion’s recent cash shop incentive additions to the game. Mech Week and the like were poorly handled in my opinion, as was Autumn Harvest to some degree. Luckily, Trion seems to have taken our feedback to heart and has given us something much better balanced this time around. ‘Tis the season for Fae Yule and for improved holiday events.

Read my full take on RIFT Junkies. And have a happy 2014, folks!

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fae yule 2013 RJ

Fae Yule will be starting up later this afternoon in RIFT, but we can begin celebrating a little early with all of the new holiday goodies that arrived yesterday after the patch. There are lots of items both new and returning on the RIFT Store and that will be available off the Fae Yule NPCs once they’re live. There are a couple lockboxes, of course, and a menagerie of some friggen’ adorable pets. Oh, and good news for the achievement hounds out there– this year’s Fae Yule has a handful of new achievements to work on finally!

Care for a preview of all the new items? Head on over to Junkies Nation and take a look at our detailed writeup that comes complete with plenty of screenshots. Also, if you’re new to RIFT and this year’s Fae Yule will be your first, make sure to check out our guide from last year to get an idea of what you have to look forward to.

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This year’s winter-flavored RIFT holiday event known as Fae Yule isn’t kicking off until today on live shards, but the RIFT Store was updated yesterday with all of the goodies that will be purchasable off the store itself and off the Unique Snowflake vendor this year. The new achievements for this year’s Fae Yule are also available already. We’re here with a preview of all the new items added for this year’s festivities.

Interestingly enough, it seems there will be a secondary currency this year, much in the same vein as most of the other RIFT holidays. The new currency items are called Dark Icicles, and a large chunk of both the new items and older items that can be purchased without Credits have a Dark Icicle cost as well as a Unique Snowflake cost. Some of the daily quests will presumably award this new currency.

If you haven’t seen our Fae Yule guide from last year and this will be your first year taking part in the event, now’s a good chance to check it out. We’ll make an updated version once the event unfolds on live shards.

Note: Prices listed before are with the Patron bonus in effect.


Fae Yule Lockboxes

fae yule 2013 grab bag header

As expected, there is a new Fae Yule lockbox in the RIFT Store with a variety of possible cosmetic goodies inside. It’s the Fae Yule Grab Bag and can be picked up for 405 Credits each. Notably, there are some pretty cool cosmetic weapon skins and some adorable pets inside. Most of the items seem to be bind-on-account, though there are a few that are bind-on-pickup. Care for a sampling of the items found within?

From left to right below, we have the pets– Celyn, Slobberjaw, Bowie, Krinkle, and Ol’Frosty.

fae yule 2013 grab bag pets 1

And the final three pets– Snowflake, Broody, and Jack:

fae yule 2013 grab bag pets 2

Dang it, Trion. I need Snowflake to be part of my life. Now.

From left to right below, here’s a sampling of the season-appropriate weapon skins– Ice Sword, Ice Scythe, Ice Dagger, and Snowflake Staff:

fae yule 2013 grab bag weapons

There’s also a second Fae Yule lockbox of sorts, found within the World Event section of the store and presumably on the world event vendors. This one is called the Dark Ice Bell and can be picked up for 360 Credits or 500 Unique Snowflakes. This box can randomly contain any of the Fae Yule holiday mounts (probably not including the achievement mounts, however), Dark Ice essences, and a new 34-slot Coal-Stained Backpack.

The mounts available through store/vendor are the Tawny Fae Yule Vaiyuu, Spotted Festive Fae Yule Vaiyuu, and Grey Festive Fae Yule Vaiyuu. These are the same three that were offered last year via the quest from the looks of it. That quest will presumably be redone this year and will most likely reward Dark Icicles instead, but we’ll see for sure later today!


Other Fae Yule Goodies

fae yule 2013 dimension items etc

As far as other Fae Yule goodies go, there’s a new Angry Snowman Hat this year in the RIFT Store for 360 Credits, previewable to the left. I can’t help but be reminded of Grumpy Cat. There’s also a, uh, way to kind of dress like your favorite cosmic rhinoceros. Kind of.

There are new level 60 necklaces that are upgradable for either 2300 Snowflakes and 30 Icicles or 1890 Credits. The upgrade paths include raid items such as Radiant Infinity Cells. There are planar essences too, of course. The level 60 versions cost either 750 Snowflakes and 30 Icicles or 1152 Credits apiece. The festive hats with stats are also back from last year. These are more designed for newly-dinged level 60 players and can be upgraded by picking up a Spirit of the Season with Snowflakes or Credits.

The 28-slot bag is back, and there are all the pets from previous years that are purchasable separately. The pets found in the Grab Bags are sadly not available in this part of the store, but there are two pretty cute new ones that can be purchased separate. Here are all five separate pets. Some debuted in previous years of Fae Yule.

From left to right below we have Rudy, Oakenoel (new to 2013), Marv (new to 2013), Dasher, and Prancer:

fae yule 2013 store pets

There are also brand new companion puppets for Fae Yule. There are five total: Tasuil, Faceless Man, Fae Yule Spirit Singer, Dacia, and Fae Yule Caroler. For those who are still missing some of the puppet pets from previous holidays, you can still grab the Random Discarded Puppet: Fae and Random Discarded Puppet: Nobles boxes. Each of these cost 450 Credits.

For dimensioneers, there is a new dimension! The Key to Dimension: Icewatch Outpost will set you back 750 Snowflakes and 30 Icicles or 1485 Credits. There are also a handful of dimension-building kits including the Fae Yule Kit: Fae Yule Tree, Fae Yule Kit: Lights, Fae Yule Kit: Snow, Fae Yule Kit: Gift Boxes, and Fae Yule Kit: Decorations. The kits range in prices from between 900 Snowflakes to 1250 and 450 Credits to 900. The Commemorative Greatfather Frost Statue is also back from last year for 1000 Snowflakes or 769 Credits. You can take a look at it to the right. That’s some statue.

Finally, there’s a new Fae Yule Reveler’s Bundle purchasable for 765 Credits, which is a simple bundle of the Fae Yule Reveler’s outfit offered in previous years. The illusion stones, giant candy cane weapon skins, and odd little food items are all still around from previous years.


New Achievements

fae yule 2013 achievements header

Finally, Trion got around to adding in more Fae Yule achievements this year. There is a new achievement to collect all of the pets that are new to 2013′s Fae Yule. The new pets include all of the unique ones from the Fae Yule Grab Bag as well as the two new pets offered individually in the store. As a reward, you’ll pick up the Snow Ki Rin, which looks pretty cool indeed:

fae yule 2013 snow ki rin

For puppet collectors, there’s another achievement to collect all of the Fae Yule puppet companions. This one rewards the Grandfather Frost puppet, shown below. There’s also an achievement to collect all of the Fae Yule puppets, all of the Noble puppets, and all of the Fae puppets. This rewards a nifty little item (the tooltip is shown below next to Grandfather Frost) that should be good for downtime during raids.

fae yule 2013 puppet head

Remember the snowmen from previous years of Fae Yule? They’ve finally made their way into the achievement section of RIFT, and there’s an achievement for collecting and using all four of the snowmen: Satyr Snowman, Holiday Snowman, Bogling Snowman, and Snowman. There will also be a new item called the Light of Yule that will presumably be collected in the random gift bags and whatnot similar to the snowmen. For collecting all four Lights of Yule, you’ll get a fifth one, which is a companion pet.

To encourage players to get into the spirit of gift-giving, there’s also a new achievement to gift an item through the RIFT Store. This one doesn’t have achievement points connected to it, but it does grant an… interesting looking pet– the Yulebot 9000! You can take a look at her on the right.

The alternate warfront PvP Fae Yule achievements are back again this year, naturally. Dimensioneers have an achievement of their own as well for opening all five Fae Yule dimension kits.

Finally, for collecting all of the Fae Yule puppets, all of the Snowmen, opening all of the dimension kits, and collecting all of the Lights of Yule, players will receive the grand Fae Yule achievement prize– the Nightbringer mount:

fae yule 2013 nightbringer

Happy Fae Yule, folks! Enjoy the snowballs and sledding.

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World events in MMORPGs that aren’t related to real life holidays and the ever-accompanying candy canes, Santa hats, and teeny ghosts are pretty difficult to pull off. They’re also, arguably, a drain on developer resources since they will only happen one time for a period of a few weeks or so. Repeatable events are more cost-efficient which is generally the reason we get stuck with Santa hats and hovering bats year after year. They’re also a little more recognizable and thus easier (sometimes a little too easy) for developers to create content for.

In the games that do feature non-repeatable events, these events often get saved for huge storyline shifts such as pre-expansion content and even post-patch content. One of the most successful non-holiday world events and also one of the most controversial has been World of Warcraft‘s pre-WotLK plague event. See, it’s cool to change the world up, but it’s also a fine line. Change the world too much and folks are caught off-guard, but change and world not enough, and boredom settles in. RIFT‘s recent “world events” that celebrate the in-game cash shop are the perfect example. There’s a certain amount of visible new content and changes that should make up a world event. Otherwise, why call it a world event at all?

And then we have Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s Lightning Strikes event that came to an end this morning. In a way, the event wasn’t too unlike an F2P game’s cash shop promotion. Players were given a handful of quests to complete, some cosmetic goodies to collect, and a high dose of marketing. “Hey, we know you like Final Fantasy,” Lightning seemed to whisper. “We also know you like Final Fantasy in your Final Fantasy. How about picking up a new Final Fantasy XIII sequel?” The event was obviously a promotion for Lightning Returns, but Square Enix gave the whole disguise-a-promotion-as-an-event gig a fair try.

ffxiv lightning strikes and misses clones

There were a few things SE got right with the event in FFXIV: ARR. The phasing of the event was actually quite cool, especially since it let players catch up if they fell behind but gave players who were playing from the start something to look forward to. The new “phases” were ridiculously small, of course, but the expanded cutscenes were a nice touch. For as much of a story-based game FFXIV is, the world/holiday event cutscenes are quite welcome. Seeing Lightning’s Odin summon was also awesome.

The cosmetic goodies were pretty neat, and as always, Sqaure Enix’s art department added some cool animations to the event-exclusive weapons, but without a true cosmetic/wardrobe system, vanity goodies like this honestly fall flat. We’ll be getting a wardrobe-type system in 2.2 from the sounds of it, but releasing all kinds of fun costumes before we can really make much use of them outside of socializing and swimsuit WP/AK runs just, well, because– it kind of seems like putting the cart before the horse. We’ll all be pretty happy when we do get that cosmetic system, however.

My major gripe with the event was the fact that it included the one part of the game that really doesn’t add a whole lot to the attempt at making Lightning Strikes a part of the FFXIV world itself– the FATE system. I’ve complained about the game’s FATE system before and I’ve complained about it even more in my review of the game’s re-release, but adding event content through the FATE system and not in the actual game world itself just seems… lazy. There’s nothing wrong in seeing some event-exclusive FATE content. The later FATEs involving the FFXIII-specific enemies were neat since they did look unique, but again– a world event should encompass the whole world, not just a tiny little circle of a zone where a FATE can spawn.

The real problem was with how the FATEs were constructed. A world event should encourage players to travel around the world and not stand in one spot and wait for X FATE to spawn. The second that anything becomes predictable to the point where players have to literally stand in one spot and AFK until something happens is the moment when the words “dynamic” and “dynamism” don’t belong anywhere near that spot.

The FATE system isn’t nearly as dynamic as it could be by itself. Limiting it even further by making particular FATEs spawn in particular spots of particular zones did nothing but cause players to either farm in huge groups during the first few days of the event or complete the FATE once, get bored, and move on to greener pastures after those first few days were over.

It would have better if the FATEs had a random chance of appearing anywhere, in any normal FATE, or at least in certain zones but in any FATE. That would have at least encouraged movement. Square Enix could have even utilized the Guild Leve or dungeon system here, too. It would have been nice to see content that lasted a little longer and encouraged players to actually travel together, group together, or play out the event’s story together. We’re already seeing a phenomenon on most servers where players level via FATE farming in particular zones while ignoring the rest of the zones, leaving multiple zones quite desolate except for the random new player leveling their first class. World events should add life to the world, not add to its stillness.

As a whole, Lightning Strikes just kind of well, missed the mark completely. I suppose we shouldn’t expect too much as it was obviously an event centered strongly on promotion for Lightning Returns, but I think it’s definitely safe to say that players were hoping for more. I guess we’ll get Miqo’te outfits (previewable below) if we do pick up Lightning Returns. That might count for something, depending on who you ask.

ffxiv lightning strikes and misses costume

Personally, I’d much rather have world events that concentrated on the game I’m currently playing and completed two goals– changed the world, and impacted the world. I’d also much rather see world events that are less frequent but well-developed instead of the opposite. Quality over quantity, I suppose. Maybe 2.1 will have our answer coming up here shortly. In the meantime, we can amuse ourselves with Lightning clones, Snow clones, swimsuits, and ghoul suits.

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RIFT‘s latest holiday event Autumn Harvest hits live shards today, October 17th, and in case you haven’t checked out our first preview showcasing many of the items being added to the RIFT Store for the occasion, there are a good number of goodies headed our way. Most of them were added to the live store yesterday, in fact, which gave us the perfect opportunity to check out many of the additional items that weren’t previewable on the PTS earlier in the week.

Before we show off the new items, we should also note that there were a number of changes made to the items that appeared on the PTS earlier in the week. The level 60 epic rings were brought in line with the Summerfest rings and have +65 hit now instead of +53. The overall stats on them as well as the stats on the level 60 planar essences have also been upped.

There have been price reductions on many of the items in the RIFT Store as well. The level 60 rings and planar essences are now 10 Signets and 1300 Ambersap, and the Discarded Puppets are now 1 Signet and 225 Ambersap apiece. The illusion serums are also down to 3 Signets and 163 Ambersap apiece. The random packs of potions also have their final prices listed: 81 Ambersap for the 10-pack, 130 for the 25-pack, and 585 for the 100-pack. These prices are overall much more reasonable.


New RIFT Store Goodies

autumn harvest round 2 store goodies

There are a handful of new Halloween-inspired costumes in the RIFT Store in addition to everything that was previewed earlier in the week as well as two new types of grab bag/supply crates– the Autumn Harvest Grab Bag and Crucia’s Reaper Supply Crate.

The Autumn Harvest Grab Bag costs 405 Credits or 3 Autumn Harvest Signets and 45 Ambersap apiece and contains one random Autumn Harvest mask or weapon. These masks are needed for a new achievement (see below) that unlocks the Armored Reaper mount, which is one of the super cool mount models added for this year’s Autumn Harvest.

The possible items found within the Autumn Harvest Grab Bag include the Corgi Mask, Doom Mask, Smiling Cowl, Glowing Cowl, Staff of the Pumpkin, Spiked Smasher, Mallard Mask, Unicorn Mask, Horse Mask, Burning Pumpkin, Mace of the Harvest, Missing Head, Stalker Cowl, and Metallic Cowl. These masks and weapons are only obtainable in the RIFT Store within these grab bags. They may, however, also be obtainable from the Autumn Harvest Quartermaster when it goes live.

Crucia’s Reaper Supply Crates, on the other hand, cost 585 Credits, are not purchasable with Autumn Harvest currency in any fashion, and can contain a variety of store items including The Reaper mount that was previewed during a Trion live stream a while back. The mount is fairly rare, of course, and at the moment is bugged and appears invisible (although this has been acknowledged and will be fixed ASAP).

Possible items found within the Crucia’s Reaper Supply Crate can include a Transcendent Token Tablet, Transcendent Experience Vial, Transfiguration Bauble, Planar Essence Removal Device, Nugget, The Reaper, Myrmidon’s Marks, Frozen Eclipse Stones, Gil, The Dire Blade, and Verdamt Archbow. These items are much more random as you can tell.

There are also some new costume items and bundles perfect for Halloween on the RIFT Store now. From left to right below are the Reaper’s Bundle, Cape of Webs, and Executioner’s Mask:

autumn harvest round 2 costumes

The Reaper’s Bundle contains Dark Reaper’s Garb and Dark Reaper’s Helm and costs 765 Credits. The Cape of Webs is just the cloak item and costs 360 Credits. The Executioner Mask is just the mask and costs 360 Credits.


New Achievements and More

autumn harvest round 2 reaping what you sow

There is a new achievement under the main Autumn Harvest achievement section that requires you to equip all of the new masks that were added this year. This includes both the Jack o’ Lantern masks that are purchasable separately in the RIFT Store and the masks that are found within the Autumn Harvest Grab Bags. The Autumn Harvest Grab Bag masks are BoE until they are used/equipped. This means that you can trade masks around or buy them off the AH if you so choose. The Jack o’ Lantern masks are BoP since they can be purchased separately.

The reward for this achievement is The Armored Reaper mount.

Also, one other thing to make note of– the Discarded Puppets that are part of another Autumn Harvest achievement we talked about last time are also BoE. This should make collecting all of your favorite bobble-headed characters a lot easier.

You probably noticed that upon logging in and claiming your daily/daily Patron gift that the daily RIFT Store gifts have been upgraded to Autumn Harvest daily gifts. These contain Autumn Harvest Ambersap as well as normal daily login goodies.

Now, since we weren’t able to preview the event itself on the Public Test Shard this year, we’re not completely sure how this year’s Autumn Harvest will differ from last year’s. We know that the Spectral mounts will be returning, and we also know that we’ll be able to collect all the shinies a.k.a. artifacts our bags can possibly hold thanks to the Realm of the Autumn Harvest and Potions of the Autumn Eyes. Thanks to a recent post from Tacitus, we also know that the artifact tables for the shiniespalooza (BRB, trademarking that) have been updated to include all of the Storm Legion artifact sets.

Black Garden Monster Mash is also returning, of course, and it seems we may get a few Halloween-inspired rifts as well. The Autumn Harvest daily quests and pumpkin patch/Ambersap Fungus collections from last year will be presumably returning, as the currency needed for many of this year’s items seems comparable with the rate players acquired currency a year ago. We’ll see soon enough! For now, if you’d like to check out our writeup from last year, feel free. We’ll do our best to publish an updated guide once the event rolls out in full swing later today.

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blood and madness

Get your candy buckets ready, Guild Wars 2 fans. October’s here, and you know what that means– it’s time to slay those odd-looking candy corn critters, climb the creepy clock tower, and marvel at the cute, little charr kittens running around in costume. It’s time for this year’s Guild Wars 2 Halloween holiday event– Blood and Madness!

ArenaNet released a summary of the changes we’ll be seeing in this year’s event along with a new teaser video that the team published just yesterday. We’ll be getting all the fun activities from last year, of course, but we’ll also be seeing a whole bunch of new stuff including new rewards, new achievements, new encounters inside the labyrinth, and a new opponent to fight– the Bloody Prince Edrick.

For more details, check out our writeup on Junkies Nation, our brand new sister site that’s dedicated to MMORPGs, console games, TV shows, comics, and all sorts of geeky things.

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Fall-flavored MMORPG events are beginning to burn full swing as the days grow shorter and Halloween nears its pumpkin-y scented arrival (or should that be pumpkin spice-y scented?). There are a lot of Halloween-inspired events to take part in this year. World of Warcraft, of course, has its usual goodies. RIFT has a bunch of new stuff in store for players this year. Final Fantasy XIV is even getting into the spirit. But we can’t talk about October world events without talking about Guild Wars 2‘s Blood and Madness event that begins today.

Last year’s Shadow of the Mad King Halloween-themed event was Guild Wars 2‘s first big holiday event. ArenaNet created an event that most players remembered fondly. The one-encounter dungeon, scavenger hunts, labyrinth, challenging clock tower jumping puzzle, and plenty of goodies to collect made the event one that provided a solid amount of immersion and some fun adventures. This year, ArenaNet is upping the stakes considerably and adding in new goodies aside from everything that’s returning from last year.

A new video was just released yesterday with a sneak peek of what’s to come during the event. Take a look:

Yep– it looks like the Mad King won’t be the only spook we’ll have to beware this year! The Bloody Prince Edrick has to settle a score, it seems. He’ll be taking over an area of the Mad King’s Realm, which is the labyrinth from last year’s event. There will be new encounters to fight within the labyrinth as well as familiar fights and encounters from last year.

The haunted doors will be returning this year along with the infamous clock tower jumping puzzle, of course. There are plenty of new rewards to grab this year including new achievements, two new companion minis, new crafted weapon skins, a new mask, and a Halloween candy pail. There’s also a new PvP mini-event called the Lunatic Inquisition to take part in.

Check out all the fun in-game starting today. ArenaNet also released an information page with additional details regarding the event as well as the accompanying update that will be adding in a few extras including the first WvW season, some balance updates, and a few quality-of-life and tooltip improvements.

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Halloween’s quickly approaching, and this year Trion is pulling out all the stops with RIFT‘s fall-inspired Autumn Harvest holiday and world event. RIFT fans are going to be seeing some major changes from last year’s event including new activities to take part in, new rewards, a new dimension, new mounts, achievements, pets, dimension items, consumables, and masks. For now, some of these goodies are available for testing on the Public Test Server, and we have a preview for you.

If you’ll recall from an official live stream a little ago, we’re going to be getting a very cool Reaper mount and a collection of unique Halloween masks for Autumn Harvest this year. Neither are on the PTS just yet (except for the pumpkin masks), but many of the other new Autumn Harvest items including new pets, achievements, novelty items, fun consumables, and dimension items are.

Note: As always, all information, items, and prices found on the PTS are subject to change at any time.


Masks, Pets, and Fun Illusions

There are four new pumpkin masks. Pictured below from left to right are the Foolish Jack o’ Lantern Mask, Devious Jack o’ Lantern Mask, Smiling Jack o’ Lantern Mask, and Goofy Jack o’ Lantern Mask:

pumpkin masks

Each mask costs either 3 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 100 Autumn Harvest Ambersap or 504 Credits.

The Farmer’s Hat is back this year with an alternative Credit cost of 360 Credits. There is also a new one-handed sword skin that will send all the Architects running for their sand-covered hills with one, brief look at the terrifying glance of a… flyswatter (previewed to the right). Yep. They can even be dual-wielded for twice the Architect-smashing goodness!

These Sand-Worn Architect Terminators (yes, that’s its real name) will set you back 200 Ambersap or 113 Credits apiece.

There are six new serums and potions that can be used be used to temporarily turn your character into a spooky illusion. These illusions last 5 minutes, have a 15-minute cooldown, and do not break upon entering combat (they do break upon using Soul Recall or a porticulum, however). The potions only grant one use while the serums are permanent items that can be used once every 15 minutes.

The serums cost 705 Credits or 2 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 250 Ambersap apiece. The potions come in random packs of 10, 25, or 100 on the RIFT Store. The Credit prices for the potion packs still seem to be in flux, but as far as currency goes, the packs start at 100 Ambersap for the 10-pack, 200 Ambersap for the 25-pack, and 900 Ambersap for the 100-pack.

The potions/serums come in six different varieties: Green Thumb, Mutated, Goblin Goo, Witch’s, Ghoulish, and Cleanly. What each of these does is kind of easy to figure out, but we also have a few screenshots of them in action to share!

From left to right below, Green Thumb Potion/Serum, Mutated Potion/Serum, and Goblin Goo Potion/Serum:

autumn harvest illusions 1

And from left to right below, Witch’s Potion/Serum, Ghoulish Potion/Serum (this one has a very cool hovering animation when running, by the way), and Cleanly Potion/Serum:

autumn harvest illusions 2

The Spectral mounts from last year are now on the RIFT Store and can be purchased with either 20 Autumn Harvest Signets and 500 Ambersap or 810 Credits.

For pet lovers, there are some pretty cool pets coming this year– puppets! Very similar to the puppet models that perform during the fun Hailol shows, these puppet companions feature oversize heads and come in two different varieties– Fae and Nobles. You can purchase a random box for each variety that will contain one random companion. These boxes cost 450 Credits or 2 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 125 Ambersap. There are six possible puppets from each set that are obtainable from the boxes, equaling 12 possibilities altogether.

Here are a couple screenshots from the ones I was able to check out:

Puppets from the Fae set: Dazzle, Hylas, and Atrophinius (isn’t he adorable?):

autumn harvest puppets fae

Puppets from the Nobles set: Juna the Mutant, Hanlin, and Murtagh:

autumn harvest puppets nobles

If you have any screenshots of the ones not shown, feel free to share below in the comments section.


Dimension Goodies

For dimension lovers, so far there are a couple of kits that are full of Halloween and Autumn Harvest-themed goodies. The Pumpkin Patch Kit contains all of the following items:

3 Piles of Small Pumpkins, 5 Pumpkins, 3 Piles of Leaves, a Mound of Leaves with Rake:

autumn harvest dimension 1

A Sly Jack o’ Lantern, a Devious Jack o’ Lantern, a Covered Haystack, 2 Haystacks:

autumn harvest dimension 2

A Small Cart of Hay, a Pile of Pumpkins in Fog, 5 Round Pumpkins, 5 Small Pumpkins:

autumn harvest dimension 3

2 Mounds of Leaves, a Cheshire Jack o’ Lantern, an Angry Jack o’ Lantern, a Goofy Jack o’ Lantern:

autumn harvest dimension 4

And finally, a Scarecrow and an Ornate Wood Fence Carral:

autumn harvest dimension 5

This kit costs 90 Credits or 2 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 100 Ambersap.

The other dimension-themed box of goodies is the Spider’s Den Kit, which costs 90 Credits or 2 Autumn Harvest Signets and 200 Ambersap. Presumably, this kit will be full of creepy spider nests, cocooned adventurers, and all sorts of gooey, web-covered items.

If you’re having trouble finding the dimension items, try selecting all four callings under the Autumn Harvest section of the World Event page of the RIFT Store. For some reason these items or the mounts don’t always appear unless this is done. This will most likely be fixed shortly.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, we’re going to be getting a new dimension for Autumn Harvest as well. It’s set in Gloamwood, of course, which is the perfect setting for a haunted pumpkin patch, wouldn’t you say? Check out Kiwi’s preview of the dimension for more details.


Rings and Planar Essences

There are seven new epic level 60 rings that feature +53 hit. They can be purchased for either 10 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 2000 Ambersap or 1152 Credits apiece. Here are the names and stats on each:

autumn harvest rings 1

autumn harvest rings 2

Unsurprisingly, there are also seven new level 60 lesser planar essences. These cost the same exact price of the rings above:

autumn harvest essences 1

autumn harvest essences 2



autumn harvest 2013 achievements

We’ll have more achievements to go after this Autumn Harvest. There are three previewing on the PTS so far. One is to collect all six of the Fae Puppets and another is to collect all six of the Noble Puppets. Each of these reward an additional puppet upon completion: Twyl for the Fae collection, and Salvarola for the Nobles set. There is also an achievement to equip all four Jack o’ Lantern masks. This achievement grants 10 Random Autumn Harvest Potions upon completion.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more goodies and details as Autumn Harvest nears its arrival on live shards.

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